The two things I regret most in life: being lazy while studying and being pretentious when making money

The two things I regret most in life: being lazy while studying and being pretentious when making money
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there is a topic on Zhihu: "what is your biggest regret in life when you grow up?"

there are a variety of answers. Some people regret not having a good relationship when they are young, while others regret realizing their parents' dreams and losing their own.

among the thousands of answers, the most common answer I see is: regret not studying hard and working hard to make money.

A person's life is like a tree, which has its own process when it grows, when it develops, when it blossoms, when it bears fruit, and when it withered.

at every stage, we all have things we have to go through and face. If you don't work hard at that time, once you miss the growth period, you may never be able to wait for the result.


slacking off while studying

after the college entrance examination, a Henan father's monologue became popular.

the father's son took the college entrance examination this year and scored 9 points above the line of an ordinary university.

it was originally a good thing for my son to come ashore smoothly.

but when he applied for a volunteer, the father found that his son could not get good grades in an ordinary university at all, let alone a good major.

the father fell into anxiety. When he tried to communicate with his son, he found that his son was playing a game.

seeing that his son didn't care what college he went to, the father went back to his room in tears, red eyes, and made a video for his son.

facing the camera, he recalled that he had suffered and shed tears because he did not study hard and was not admitted to college. The father was filled with emotion.

take part in rural labor, grow vegetables in the scorching sun of more than 30 degrees, and the whole clothes are soaked with sweat.

in winter, the fields need to be fertilized and have no money to buy chemical fertilizer. He has been looking forward to his son's good study and admission to a good university.

but every time he urged his son to study, the son turned a deaf ear and even replied,

"you didn't go to college, so you don't have any qualifications to ask me to go to college."

at the end of the video, the father choked up and said, "in the next life, you will be the father and I will be the son."

only those who have been taught a lesson by life really know the meaning of reading.

whether reading is hard or not, it must be bitter, but it is only temporary.

if you can't stand this temporary suffering, you have to endure it for the rest of your life.

recently, I saw such a video posted by a blogger on the short video platform.

the video shows seven or eight workers sleeping in a dirty and messy dormitory.

through the photos, you can clearly see that the workers are sleeping on beds made of boards, and the room is in a mess.

more ironically, there are two comparative photos of students in class in the video.

one shows students sleeping on their desks, and the other shows students bowing their heads under their desks and secretly playing with their mobile phones.

the blogger who filmed the video said that if you don't study hard and still want to be lazy when you go to school, this is likely to be your place after graduation.

who would want to survive in such an environment if it were not for helplessness?

there is a good saying: when you study hard for a while, do not study hard for a lifetime.

if you slack off while reading, you will only get humble and lowly all your life.


some people divide the first half of life into two stages:

ignorant stage, do not understand the importance of reading, choose to slack off to live a comfortable life;

frivolous stage, will be very hypocritical that money is not important, not interested in making money.

Zhihu netizen @ Jie told a story.

Brother Jay has a female friend who works as a clerk in a small company. His job is easy, he doesn't earn much, and he has plenty of time.

after work, I go to the shop and get together with friends. I have a good life.

she has no interest in making money. She always thinks that life is more important than work and that she can spend enough money.

but then her mother suddenly detected cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, and taking medicine, which cost more than NT $100,000 in the first half of the year.

all the savings of the whole family are not enough, and they owe more than 30,000 to their relatives.

the house was overcast and rainy. On the day her mother was discharged from the hospital, she borrowed a friend's car to pick up her mother.

when I went back to return the car, I was not careful and knocked down an old man in his eighties.

the old man's children gathered her around the hospital, and she cobbled together 20,000 yuan to pay the medical expenses.

fortunately, my uncle was not badly hurt, and her family didn't mislead her, so in the end, I spent 20,000 yuan on it.

afterwards, she wrote on her moments:

"earning 4,000 a month is enough, but can you guarantee that you and your loved ones will not get sick or have any accidents for the rest of your life?

the risk resistance of the poor is too low, like a fragile broken leaf, you will lose your soul at the slightest move. "

since then, she began to make and save money in order to have a sense of security.

there are always people who are pretentious in making money, either thinking that face is the most important, or that it is enough to spend.

that's because you haven't really experienced a major change in your life yet, and you can understand how important it is to make good money when you are in urgent need of money.

money is the strength to live in the world. It can give you freedom, dignity and sense of security.

there is a good saying:

Don't be hypocritical when you make money. Life will not be gentle to you because you cry, but you can live with boundless splendor through hard work.

nothing less hypocritical, free to make more money, this is the best way of life for adults.


Reading and making money are eternal

some people say that there are two kinds of pain in life:

the first kind of suffering is called growing up, which is active change, hard study in a cold window, hard struggle, and loneliness.

the second is called the bitterness of life, which is secular trivia, toil, sarcasm, and being harvested.

you must always choose one of these two kinds of suffering.

if you can't eat the bitterness of reading, you have to eat the bitterness of life; if you eat the bitterness of reading, you can eat less of the bitterness of life.

A person's greatest self-discipline is to work hard when it is time to work hard and bear hardships when it is time to bear hardships.

I have seen such a story.

her name is Ah Xiu. She is in her fifties. She is quick with her hands and feet. She is a famous "desperate San Niang" in the vegetable market.

when A Xiu was young, he worked as a waiter in a hotel. His daily job was to clean and tidy his room.

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at that time, all A Xiu wanted was an easy job and a comfortable life.

A Xiu recalled: "at that time, when I was young, I was afraid of enduring hardships. I felt that the job of a waiter was the most suitable. I didn't have to be in public, nor did I have to be exposed to the sun and rain, and I had a decent income."

in fact, at that time, A Xiu had the opportunity to go out and fight. Several sisters around her took advantage of the business boom in the 1990s to do business. Some went to Guangdong, some went to Beijing, and some went to Yiwu.

the sisters called Ah Xiu together, but A Xiu felt that it was too hard to go out to do business, and she was willing to stay in her hometown because she didn't want to bear hardships.

later, when the hotel closed down, Ah Xiu went to the mall to work as a teller. He didn't get much salary, but his job was easy.

later on, when I got older, the burden on the family became heavy, and the meagre salary was not enough to support the family, so I had to go to the vegetable market to sell vegetables.

I didn't expect that when I was young, A Xiu, who was most afraid of suffering, became the one who could bear hardships the most when he reached middle age.

Sisters who went out to do business in the early years, some bought shops in other places, others went back to their hometown to build factories, and each of them lived a good life.

A Xiu said: I can't escape the hardships I didn't want to eat in the past, and I even have to double the hardships.

if I had known that I would live like this, I would have fought hard instead of living my life.

Yes, the laws of society are so cruel.

when you feel difficult every day now, the next year will be easier;

when you feel easy every day now, the next year will be more difficult.

in this life, reading, studying and working hard to make money is the eternal content of life.

Yu Minhong says that growth is a life-long process of hard work, hardship, and progress.

you know, the world is a pyramid. The lower you go, the fiercer the competition is, and the harder the day is.

as you go up, there are fewer people, more choices, and better scenery.

not everyone is born at the top of the pyramid. All the great things have to be exchanged for hard work.

only by doing your best to do something valuable and something to look forward to in life, can you deserve a high-end life.