There are four noble faces of the blessed, and four bad faces of the unblessed.

There are four noble faces of the blessed, and four bad faces of the unblessed.
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"during the Qingming Festival, there was a drizzle, and the pedestrians on the road were even more depressed. Asking the shepherd boy where there is a restaurant, he pointed to the apricot blossom village in the distance. "

when I read this poem when I was young, I only felt lively.

We often say, "there is no way to happiness and misfortune, but people call themselves."

the ancients used the Book of changes to speculate about misfortune, good fortune and evil, so many hexagrams are related to good fortune. Blessing is a kind of spiritual practice. The more blessed people are, the more they can achieve these four points.


modesty is a sign of honor, arrogance is a sign of decline

the Book of changes has 64 hexagrams, every hexagram has good fortune and evil, only humility is good luck. The hexagram of the modest hexagram is: the mountain is underground. It means: the towering mountains should put down their posture and keep themselves under the flat ground as far as possible. Only in this way can we avoid calamity, and there is no disadvantage. During the warring States period, Yang Zhu passed through the State of Song, and the shop had two concubines, one beautiful and the other ugly. The ugly concubine is particularly favored, but the beautiful concubine is left out in the cold. Yang Zhu was puzzled, so he asked the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper said, "the beautiful is always boasting about his beauty, and I don't feel beautiful over time." The ugly always worries that she is not beautiful, but I don't think she is ugly. After hearing this, Yang Zhu said to his disciples:

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "A humble gentleman is humble and self-pastoral." A true gentleman knows how to maintain a humble attitude wherever he goes. There is no pride in their hearts, their words and deeds will not be presumptuous and rude, and their actions will make people feel like a spring breeze. Such people are welcome wherever they go.


leniency is a noble appearance, and bitterness is a bad phase.

the Book of changes says:

morality is the cornerstone of a person's achievement. Only by virtue and thick, can a person really bear his own fame. When Lu Mengzheng was young in the Song Dynasty, the family conditions were not good and he was looked down upon by many people.

but after he was among the Jinshi, he was deeply appreciated by the emperor and was soon promoted to political affairs.

when he was in the early dynasty one day, someone accused him behind his back that he came from a bad background and was unworthy to participate in politics. LV Mengzheng's colleagues were about to go back and argue with him, but LV Mengzheng ignored it and took his colleagues away. His colleague was puzzled and asked him why he didn't go up to theory. LV Mengzheng replied:

if I knew who this man was, I would be bitter about it. What good would it do?

forget it. A few words have nothing to lose to me. "

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it is precisely because of such tolerance and magnanimity that Lu Mengzheng helped Taizong consolidate the rule of the early Song Dynasty and become a famous figure. The ancients said, "fate is impermanent, and only the virtuous live in it." Fate is unpredictable and unpredictable, but those who are virtuous can always be sheltered by heaven. They are broad-minded, do not haggle, are willing to suffer losses, and are more considerate of others. Such a person can naturally win the respect of others and achieve something.


contentment is a sign of honor, while greed is a sign of decline.

the Book of changes says: "if not, then give out." There is no guilt. "

everyone has desire, which is the premise of human existence. But all desires are not excessive, once excessive, it is greed. Buddhism has three poisons: greed, anger and delusion, and greed comes first. People must know how to control their inner desires in order to live a long life and avoid disasters. During the Spring and Autumn period, the princes fought infighting, and the State of Qin always wanted to annex the State of Shu. But the mountain road of Shu is so rugged that it is difficult for the army to enter. Hearing that the king of Shu was greedy and unbridled, he plundered wealth wantonly in the country, so the State of Qin sent someone to build a stone cow. Let the craftsman fill the back of the stone cow with gold. And then put out the news that the stone cow would buy gold. When the king of Shu saw this, he immediately sent someone to ask for the stone cow. The king of Qin said he was willing to send him off, but he needed the king of Shu to send someone to get it. In order to transport stone cattle into Shu, the king of Shu recruited a large number of migrant workers and built the dangerous path of Shu into a smooth road. As a result, the army of Qin drove straight in and destroyed the kingdom of Shu.


diligence is a sign of honor, while laziness is a sign of decay.

the ancients said:

the way of heaven rewards hard work. As long as you are diligent enough, you will certainly be blessed by God. The "god of sales promotion" Yiping has achieved the myth of the first national performance for 15 years in a row. In a speech at the age of 69, he was asked why he had achieved such an achievement. Yuan Yiping did not answer directly. He took off his shoes and asked the questioner to come on stage and touch the soles of his feet. After touching it, the questioner found that there was a thick callus on the soles of the original flat feet. Yuan Yiping said to the questioner: because I walk more than others and run more frequently than others.

the Book of changes says:

the universe is constantly moving, and people should follow the example of heaven and earth and keep moving forward forever. Nothing in the world is difficult when you work hard. No matter what era, there will always be no pains, no gains. Don't play tricks, don't be lazy. If you look in one direction, you can achieve something sooner or later.

There is often a saying in the Book of changes: "from heaven, there is no disadvantage."

spiritual practice is a flower, and blessing is a fruit. Fix these four points in life, and good luck and good luck will come naturally.