There are some things you should let go.

There are some things you should let go.
What kind of experience is it to really put it down?

"what kind of experience is it to really let go? "

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you told me\ "put it down\". I don't know if I can tell you that I really put it down.

because I still remember, remember you.

We have all loved and hated.

you have changed your habit of going to bed early for so-and-so, waiting for a "good night", preparing gifts for an anniversary, speculating repeatedly for an ambiguous sentence, and changing the type of tea for other people's tastes. In the end, you and so-and-so will inevitably become friends from lovers, but you still haven't cancelled the reminder of the cell phone anniversary countdown, haven't forgotten the sweet words, haven't changed the habit of drinking black tea, haven't forgotten his gray coat, even the color of his dial.

others laugh at you for being infatuated, but you just say nostalgia.

you see the latest Christmas special edition water cups on the shelf in the coffee shop, there are two lovely couples in Christmas costumes, and you recall the Christmas crystal ball that was broken after a trivial argument last Christmas. There are also two couple dolls inside, but when the crystal ball is broken, they also fall out. You stop and want to buy the same series of cups and find that there is no original meaning. You shake your head and feel as if you don't care so much and are not so unforgettable.

after a long time, the skyline of the city has been refreshed twice. One day you go back to the record and find that it has been so long, you ask yourself,\ "Let it go." huh?\ "you know you have a new story to happen to another so-and-so, but you still keep the habits you formed when you were with him, and you made yourself look like him. Even if you have a new someone.

have you put it down? You have a new so-and-so.

have you put it down? You remember when you were together.

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see a question on Zhihu called "what kind of experience is it to really let go?"

I have been thinking about this topic for a long time, thinking of several people who were once very important, including my former good friends, people I used to like, and people I fought with.

but there is no way to write down their stories.

We don't spend another half an hour in the bathroom, pouring out those puzzles and spelling out what we think they look like in the mirror.

We don't have to wipe our hands in the shower and then go to see Wechat.

We don't have to listen to the concert. I called an unnamed phone number.

We no longer have to be in a daze at chocolate on some day of the month.

the first thing we do when we open our eyes in the morning is no longer squinting to unlock the lock screen to see if anyone is texting us in the middle of the night.

because there is no need to do so.

maybe this is what you call putting it down?

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A friend told me that when he was young and ignorant, he just got into a girl in the next class in the morning, went on a date hand in hand in the afternoon and took someone else's first kiss, and broke up in the evening when he was on the phone.

the girl cried so hard on the other end of the phone that the boy softened his heart. He said he was just joking. The girl stopped crying and asked him if it was true.

he said yes.

when I went to school the next day, although my eyes were swollen with tears, did the girl feel a little unhappy.

it happened to be Christmas, and the boy bought a bar of chocolate to apologize to the girl, saying he shouldn't joke like that.

the girl pushed her hand away and said, "No need."

the boy was puzzled and asked her, "Why?"

the girl said, "I cried because I found that the boy I liked was just messing with me." I don't cry because you don't even bother to make up a lie that is not so easy to expose. You are really cheap, so I don't think I need to cry. I hate you. "

when a boy saw this look for the first time in such a long time, he was scared and ran away. He found that the hate in the movie didn't go away at all, but the look in the girl's eyes was called hate.

forgot to mention that it was in junior high school. After what happened, the boys always felt that they should apologize to each other, but every time they were scared by the eyes of the girls. It took them three days, from strangers to lovers, and then from lovers to enemies, by leaps and bounds.

he is really not a man, I commented on him at that time.

there was nothing I could do about it. Until I graduated from junior high school, his apology didn't come into each other's ears.


# the best time limit for an apology is within 48 hours #

this is the QQ's personal signature after his incident, you know, the personal signature of two years ago is as important as the Wechat avatar now.

when they graduated from high school, they held a junior high school classmate reunion. Needless to say, the girl appeared at their junior high school classmate reunion just like the plot in the TV series.

he thought about that girl for years and thought it was time to be a man.

he patted her on the shoulder, and she looked back at him. He had fantasized about countless scenes. Maybe the girls had forgotten him long ago, or maybe they had forgiven him a long time ago. Who cares about these little things?

but her first sentence was: "is it you?"

he: "Uh. It's me. "

she: "I haven't forgiven you yet."

he: "I can see that, but I was young and ignorant at that time."

she: "mm-hmm.""

he: "I'm sorry."

she said to him for a long time, as in the movie:

"I liked you so much that I would say I hate you." At first I wanted to ignore you every time I saw you, but I couldn't, so I had to put on what I thought was the fiercest expression. Because I am afraid that you will lie to me again with those lies that will be exposed by me, do you know that will really make me feel very lost? But you didn't say "I'm sorry" to me until graduation, so I didn't have a chance to say to you what I had planned for a long time:'I forgive you, buy me dinner tonight.'

I am not reconciled, not because you don't like me, but because if I forgive you, you will forget me. "

in the end, none of them let go, but no one in the world mentioned it except me.


A lot of times I get questions like "what if I can't let him go" backstage.

in fact, most of them "can't let go", just "not reconciled to it".

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