There are too many predestinies in the world, but I meet you

There are too many predestinies in the world, but I meet you
For example, every time I will reply to you in a second, really not because I care about you, but because I have the phone.

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I used to hear people say that I went for a run when I was not inspired, but I found that I was still uninspired after running, and I always thought that the shower room was a place where thinkers were born. Probably because I was always alone in the shower, exposing all the original skin, there was a feeling of completely facing myself, so I was always able to think about this and that without worry. And inspiration followed, for me, this is a kind of "can not be found", that is, we often say "fate".

many people think that "fate" is knowing so-and-so, but I want to tell you a story that never meet again is another explanation of "fate".

before the third year of senior high school, math has always been very poor, ranging from 30 to 40 to 70, so in the middle of the winter vacation, I went to the teacher's house every day to study. At that time, there were two students, one was me and the other was Pan Zi. Pan Zi's school is a key high school in our city, and my high school is not better than him at all, so I always have a sense of admiration, but he is as weak as me in math, maybe because of this. There are the same annoying things, we always have a lot in common.

every time we leave the teacher's house and go to the roadside bus stop after tutoring, it takes about five minutes to walk. Many times I hope that the road can be a little longer, because he can always say some interesting things about school that make me happy.

finally one day, the last day, at that time, I didn't even realize that it was the last day of tutorial. When I left the teacher's house, it was five o'clock in the afternoon. Panzi walked with me all the way to the station. I remember that his pace was obviously much slower than before, but I didn't ask, because I didn't react until I got to the station. It was 05:15 on my watch. Pan Zi first said, "Today is the last time I accompany you to take this road. In fact, today is my father to pick me up. He is waiting for me at the McDonald's door over there. I have sent you here. Bye-bye."

good-bye, in fact, Pan Zi is not Pan Zi, because I never asked him his name, and I guess Pan Zi doesn't know my name either. In fact, what is the name is very important? I am sure that every laugh with him at that time is very real, very strange, not the kind of feeling called "like", but I really want to go to cram school every day and chat with him.

so up to now, I still don't know that he has accompanied me to the bus stop for many times. sometimes his No. 3 bus came first, and sometimes my No. 9 bus came first. What's the boy's name?

the sixth sense is really amazing. On June 6, the day before the college entrance examination, I suddenly thought of this person.

nothing happened on June 7th.

on the morning of June 8, Wen Zong, I leaned against the railing of a classroom in No. 1 Middle School and looked at the political outline. A figure floated in front of me. I took a picture of him, and we said in unison, "it's really you, damn it."

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it turns out that we didn't find each other in the same examination room all day. After a hasty greeting, I didn't know his name, and now I don't have any contact information for him. In fact, the city is not big. I don't know why, but I haven't seen him again. Even the people who were studying in his school said, "I don't know this guy."

then I suddenly realized that being able to meet is a kind of fate, and not meeting again is another kind of fate.

or many people will feel that their similarities can be explained as "fate" when they like someone. Before Brother Bao and Qian's girlfriend were together, they found that everyone liked Eason Chan very much, and everyone liked to see Keigo Higo. They all like to eat McDonald's, not KFC, and they all like to bite off the ends of French fries. After the breakup, Brother Bao said to me, "I just knew that when you like someone, the similarities you see are all the so-called 'fate'. In fact, only after you jump out of this relationship can you rationally see that there are so many fates. It's just a coincidence. You see, there are 100 people in this street. I bet you that at least 30 people like to listen to Eason Chan."

for example, someone asks me why I can reply in seconds almost every time, because I really have my cell phone at hand almost all the time. Apart from writing articles to take a shower and sleep, it seems that there is nothing I can't answer in seconds. So don't explain "you like me every time I find you". Coincidence may sometimes be your imaginary "fate".

in fact, I didn't ask how many people on the street would listen to Eason Chan that day, but Brother Bao's words woke me up. You thought you met a theone, but in fact, that's all the reason you want two people to be together. Fate will mostly become an excuse to break up when you finally break up. Otherwise, how can there be "fate in this life", which is completely contrary to the "I find we have a lot of fate" at the beginning?

two very interesting words, "I see you in the crowd" and "I see you in the crowd", just change the order of the text, which is completely able to explain what is meant by fate and what is meant by fate. I believe that behind the excuse of the next time in the distant future, the effort to find the old love will come to nothing, and you can say it is the end of fate, that is,

"No more efforts will be made."

I was sitting on the fake grass chatting with the eel whale one night. I said that the idea I couldn't change was that I should never get in touch with the old people. Even if I did, I must use more polite words than modal words. Since I don't like it, don't say a word from now on. There may be no way not to be ruthless to yourself, otherwise emotional people always think that they have a lot of fate with each other, in fact, it is all a coincidence.

so don't ask the question "clearly believe in fate, but why doesn't it always come to the end?" it has little to do with fate. Meeting is fate, but can it?To be able to grasp it is a problem of your ability. If you have to explain it with fate, you might as well jump out of your familiar area or comfortzone to read some books and movies with different styles and broaden your horizons. As I often say to Ah Hua, "go out more and go to parties, always stay at home, no matter how beautiful the people are, no matter how beautiful the makeup is, no one knows you."

I just want to concentrate on exploring more interesting and novel things, leaving myself 30% of the mystery and making others fresh is the secret to lasting all relationships like a sweet period. after all, fate does not bring you the oath that "every morning you wake up will be with you". Fate brings opportunities, people who can keep opportunities must be curious people who continue to explore.

I have seen fate and missed it, so I can understand the lyrics.

when a ship sinks to the bottom of the sea

when a person becomes a fan

that goodbye was his last "