There are too many smart people, but life needs to be dull.

There are too many smart people, but life needs to be dull.
"one day, we went to have a meal together."

Last Sunday, we chose the address of the meeting in the foolish Coffee in Dongcheng, Dongguan, where the above picture of koi was taken. It has a large indoor goldfish pond with five tables next to it. I said to my girlfriend, "it would be interesting if we could sit by the fish pond one afternoon and drink coffee, even if we didn't say anything."

she laughed at me: "Damn it, you stupid dog."

Hmm, so we have an extra plate of chicken wings on our table, 20 yuan and 2 pairs (straightforward enough). It is different from New Orleans in KFC, because the lemons laid on it are not decorations, and the whole chicken wings are a little sour, neutralizing its greasy feeling.

the eel whale and Tong C shouted that it was not enough to eat a plate of chicken wings, so we had another waffle. I don't remember the price, about 25. But now, unlike other coffee shops, everything in stupid coffee is freshly cooked. I once ate waffles baked for more than 30 minutes. It was similar to eating "ventilated" potato chips with no taste at all.

although this waffle is not amazing to me, as part of the afternoon tea, I think the price /performance ratio has exceeded my expectations.

actually, I don't like coffee, not because they don't taste good, but because I can't sleep after drinking it, so I ordered a cup of frozen milk tea in stupid coffee. I think of the authentic Hot Tea, HK Style I drank at the Wu Tea Restaurant in Guangzhou a year ago. I found that I didn't really like the so-called "authentic". Because "authentic" means that it has a standard of judgment, sweetness or bitterness will be regarded as "unauthentic".

there is no such thing as "authentic" or "unauthentic". Just like my girlfriend likes me, if you must force her to tell you her criteria for choosing a mate, she can only tell you "I like it".

like me, I like the cup of frozen milk tea I drank that day, perhaps because it is too sweet, or because I like its unique coaster.

Tong c was already more than half an hour early when we went. She said that she had been sitting on a wooden bench next to the fish pond watching koi for more than half an hour. We asked her why she could look at fish for so long.

she giggled and said, "I don't know why, but I just think it's pretty."

and these fish are very "stupid". When you approach the fish pond, it thinks you are going to feed and gather in the direction where you are standing. Then you put your hand into the water, and they will come up and suck your hand. If you have a chance to go to stupid coffee, you might as well try feeding them, and you will know why we watched it together for half an hour after Tong C watched it for half an hour.

in the past month or two, chaos has often fallen into a bottleneck. No matter whether it is recruitment, team operation, or internal core training, many things have been shelved by us in the itinerary, and new problems need to be solved constantly. So every time the members come out to meet and have a meeting, everyone looks distressed, and after discussing everything, they still can't find a specific plan.

but that day is a little different. We had an appointment to arrive at stupid coffee at 12:00, but the teacher suddenly asked me to get close to 12:00 before leaving school, so the eel whale waited for me and watched the three buses we were going to take pass by her eyes. By the time everyone arrived at the stupid coffee, it was 01:30 in the afternoon.

the funniest thing is that everyone deliberately skipped breakfast that day in order to have more lunch.

but after we were all at the table, we got one reminder after another from our aunt.

"our stupid coffee is made right now. If you order spaghetti, you should think carefully. It will take at least 40 minutes."

"this may take a long time. Why don't you order some snacks first? It will be faster if you are hungry. "

"We even make our own sauces, so it's like this."

this makes us efficiency pursuers lose their temper and have no choice but to wait. But in the process of waiting, it gives us the opportunity to do a lot of things that can't be done in other cafes.

before we come here, we don't want to know about the hot spring egg in cream spaghetti, which is exactly pinched to 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Before coming here, I was still wondering that usually drinking lemon tea can always get a strong chemical flavor. I don't know because most people use perfume and lemon. Before I came here, I didn't dare to order coffee with sugar and milk. I didn't dare to use the word "bitter" when I talked about coffee. Only then did I know that a truly educated barista would sit down and teach you to drink coffee instead of despising you for not knowing coffee.

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even if I am interested in knowing how the hot spring egg next to ramen is made, I will never go into the kitchen to consult the cook, let alone ask for advice. I am not even willing to spend more than ten seconds on my phone to pick up Baidu. I always feel that a lot of things are taken for granted. Hot spring eggs should be delicious if they are delicious, and coffee should be bitter if they are bitter. The idea of being too "taken for granted" once made me lose my curiosity about everything. I am not curious about how ceramics changed from mounds to handicrafts. I don't wonder why goldfish swim back and forth in a pool of water. Because from small to big, they are the truth, delicious food is delicious, who cares about it spent a few hours, the fierce person is fierce, who cares that he has been silent for several years.

Today's young people are so impatient that they tend to ignore the word "steady". It was probably that I had accumulated negative emotions for more than a week before the entrance that day, anxious and irritable, but when you sat on this unique wooden platform, surrounded by ceramic handicrafts, and next door was a large indoor fish pond, a little girl carefully put the fish into the pond, coupled with the sandalwood you smelled from the door, it was hard not to calm down and think about some things.

like all the food of stupid coffee, even if you sit down a horsePlace an order, it will not be like the average teahouse restaurant to order all your dishes within 15 minutes, because they insist on "ready-to-order", is to keep you waiting, let you away from the impetuous outside, just like this plate of cranberries Deep-Fried Glutinous Rice Cake Stuffed with Bean Paste, the staff has reminded us to wait for 40 minutes when placing the order, which is not a short time, but its soft, warm and waxy taste and the sweet and sour taste of cranberries let you know. In stupid coffee, food needs to wait, and the wait is worth it.

during a conversation with barista PD, I asked him, "what songs do you usually listen to?"

"most of them are light music. A barista will try his best to keep his mood happy, because we believe that water is a conductor and it can convey mood." If I had been in a bad mood that day, my coffee probably wouldn't have tasted any better. "

for baristas, water is their conductor, and writing is the same truth. A pen and a keyboard can be conductors. When you are too anxious, it is difficult to write good things. I have a strange habit of moving my computer to a coffee shop when writing or writing in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep, because I know where to settle down quickly, which has nothing to do with pretending.

"drinking coffee in the gallery."

this sentence can't be more accurate in summing up the store.

I still don't know what I will do when I don't know what I can do, but now I know that when I don't know where I can go, I will come here.

because it is stable and, of course, delicious.

if you are also interested.

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