There is a lifetime of feng shui hidden in your temper.

There is a lifetime of feng shui hidden in your temper.
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"Cai Gentan" said: "do not get angry, do not give up lightly."

temper is the pass to walk on the human road, and if we manage it well, we will have control over our lives; on the contrary, if it is not tamed, our lives will be like wild horses out of reins, full of unknown dangers.

to put it simply, what kind of temper a person has, what kind of fate he will have.


has a bad temper and hurts the body

traditional Chinese medicine believes that "all diseases arise from qi" and "anger injures the liver".

Modern medicine has also found that when people get angry, there will be a series of physiological changes, such as:

heartbeat, shortness of breath, increase in bile, and even some people will tremble all over the body, get angry and crack their canthus.

thus it can be seen that what we often say, "my lungs explode with anger" and "make me tremble with anger", is not only literary rhetoric, it has a medical basis, and it will really happen.

there was such a piece of news on the Internet.

two old gentlemen were playing chess on the side of the road, and a passer-by came forward to watch.

when passers-by see that the old man is not good at chess, they say "guidance". Who knows, the old man didn't buy it and didn't listen at all.

passers-by are very anxious and angry, but they have no choice but to hold their breath and continue to watch chess.

later, the old man lost another game, and passers-by couldn't hold it any longer. Once again, who knew the old man still ignored him.

now he was almost so angry that he vomited blood, looked ugly and had muscle spasms. Then, with a tilt of his head, he fell to the ground and lost his breath.

youdao is: "watching chess without talking is a real gentleman."

this onlooker, because the sense of participation is too strong, the heart is too "warm", at the same time, the emotional grasp is not in place, he gave his life alive, which is alarming.

some people say:

the best way to save one's life is not to keep one's health, but to manage one's emotions. "

the ancients had their own ways of dispelling emotions.

for example, Li Yu, a writer in the Qing Dynasty, when he encountered something unhappy, he practiced his calligraphy:

"you have no other fetish, but to write books." Worry can be dispelled, anger can be relieved. "

Zheng Banqiao, who is "rarely confused", painted bamboo when he was depressed. When the painting was finished, his mood became clear.

temper is "negative energy", which is very destructive to the body.

if you are rational and calm enough, you can have less temper, be less angry, and be healthier.


has a bad temper and destroys feelings

Annie Baby said in the Spring Banquet:

"higher feelings eventually form spirit and consciousness, while lower feelings can only be reduced to temper and emotion."

people with a bad temper often get angry from the heart and become daring because of trivials. once they are unable to brake, they will damage the innocent, destroy the feelings between people, and, in serious cases, destroy the lives of others.

in April this year, there was a hot search on the news that a husband forgot to buy a chicken leg and was stabbed to death by his wife.

on the night of the incident, the man Wu went out to socialize, and his wife Luo told him to buy drumsticks.

after Wu returned home from the party, he found that he had forgotten his wife's instructions and was empty-handed.

the couple had a dispute, and then the contradiction intensified, the two wrestled together, and then Luo took out a fruit knife and stabbed Wu to death.

in an interview afterwards, Wu's cousin said that Luo is very strong in life and has a bad temper, such as:

when her husband has a party but does not take her with her, she will have a big fight;

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when her husband fails to do a good job, she slaps him in the face, even if the husband does not fight back.

but Wu's tolerance and doting did not calm his wife Luo's temper, but made her more and more "bottomless".

when Wu picked up his mother who brought him up to live with him, Luo let his mother-in-law live in the underground storeroom. This time, Wu did not compromise.

of course, the two also quarreled many times because of this incident, and the family conflict reached a white-hot state until it became a tragedy this time.

Zhou Guoping once said:

"it is instinct to be critical of those close to you, but it is a kind of upbringing to overcome your instinct and not to be critical of those close to you."

obviously, Luo in the news did not restrain his instincts, only magnified his selfishness in his temper, and only considered his own comfort;

when her husband disobeyed, he lost his temper endlessly and quarreled endlessly. This must have chilled her husband's heart.

it is said that husband and wife are the closest people in the world, but Luo personally turned her husband Wu into the farthest person. It's pathetic.

people always give the worst temper to those who are closest to them. How stupid.


has a bad temper, affecting his career

Mr. Nan Huaijin wrote in the Analects of Confucius:

"the superior people have the ability but not the temper, the middle people have the ability and the temper, and the inferior people have the ability to have the temper."

later generations evolved this sentence into: first-class people have ability but no temper, second-class people have ability and temper, third-class people have no ability and temper, fourth-class people have no ability and temper.

it is true that no matter how powerful he is, if he cannot control his emotions, the road ahead will be full of waves.

but if he has the ability and a good temper to get to the bottom, then, in his career, it will certainly be like God's help.

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister of the late Qing Dynasty, was also very bad-tempered in his early years, and often had disputes with others, so that many people were so afraid of him that they saw him walking around, let alone having dinner with him.

this unusual situation made him reflect on himself:

"I was an official, but I didn't agree with the public, which led to the office."Things hit a brick wall everywhere. In the final analysis, he has a bad temper and is too impersonal.

remember this as a cautionary tale. "

later, he completely changed his bad temper, like a different person.

in July of the eighth year of Xianfeng, the Qing government ordered him to rejoin the army in Jiangxi.

in the face of his change, his good friend Guo Songtao very much appreciated that "Zeng Sima came out again, and the committee was rather comprehensive." Hu Linyi also commented that he was "becoming more sophisticated and did not have the air of Fugang."

in this way, with the help of patience and peace of mind, Zeng Guofan finally reached the pinnacle of his life.