There is no satisfactory life, only an open life.

There is no satisfactory life, only an open life.
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born in the world of mortals, I come into contact with all kinds of people every day. Some people wear masks, frontal respect, and hypocrisy behind; some reasons, the wise see wisdom, benevolence see benevolence; some roads, stumble, perseverance, can cross the road gully; some things, do not clean up is messy, look down on the light, can be relieved. Because the bustling world, crowded people, there is no satisfactory life, only open life.

as the saying goes: the heart is not bitter because it is lost and delusional too much; the heart is not tired because it can not let go too much. Therefore, learn to be bearish, know how to open up, everything goes with fate, not fettered by gains and losses, in this way, life will be less worried.

you know, the road of life is not smooth, in the slow journey of life, everyone will encounter ups and downs, only to maintain their own dignity, strong in the face of life, so that the day is full of sunshine, and contentment, such a life, will live happily, less unnecessary trouble.

all my life, I will always encounter some unforeseeable torrential rains and winds, and it is inevitable to suffer difficulties. Even in ordinary daily life, I will inevitably encounter some things that I do not want to see happen. The key depends on how you face it. As long as you calmly accept the reality, do not complain about the injustice of fate, and actively look for ways and ways to solve the problem, in this way, you can have a bright future.

as someone said: you are drunk when you look at the flowers, you laugh at the world with a cold eye, and your attitude determines your situation. All thoughts are born in the heart, restless, calm and calm. Only light treatment of everything, open, who's head has a Wang blue sky, see light, who has a sea of flowers in the heart.

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because the world is peaceful because of tolerance, society is harmonious because of tolerance, and life is wonderful because of tolerance. No matter gain or loss or success or failure, if you look down, let go, put down what should be put down, and have a good state of mind, then everything will be all right, and life will naturally be spring. To live is to be healthy, safe and at ease!

as long as you learn to live an easy life with a willing attitude, live a simple, clean and happy life, let yourself not be blind, not pessimistic, everything goes with fate, and everything can deal with every challenge in life with the belief that you will win. There will be fewer regrets in this life.

in a word, there is no satisfactory life, only an open life. Only in ordinary, ordinary, for themselves, for the family, for the community to bear the obligations and responsibilities, calmly live every day of life, try our best to do every thing in life, so that life in every moment exudes the due positive energy, in this way, we can be regarded as a pure person, this is the artistic conception of ordinary life!

Let us do and cherish the past, do not bemoan the past, because it can never go back; improve the present wisely, because the present is the most cherished; only with an attitude without worry and fear, live the present life well, do things seriously, be a down-to-earth person, and be worthy of everything. This is the best life!