There may never be eternity.

There may never be eternity.
You're standing there.

I told a story the other day. Two people in the story were looking for me on Wechat. I thought that after I had tampered with all the key information in the story, no one would know who I was talking about, including the two of them. But the love story is like this, everyone involved in it has become the protagonist, even after a hundred years, they will not fail to recognize the works they have spent years on.

An asked me, "are so many people commenting on that article because they sympathize with me or feel the same way?"

A likes a girl, call her C. The first thing she said to me that night was also a question: "I don't like him. Am I wrong?"

I didn't answer A because his question is too difficult to answer. As a friend, either one seems to be a hurtful answer. In fact, C is a lovely girl. I always think she is a worthy friend, but judging from A's story, she seems to have become a less positive character.

C said, "didn't you post an article about Luo Shengmen? Do you know why so many people are touched by that song? because there is one more person who likes others in this world, and one more person who is liked by others. "

C began to tell me about her and A, including why they were together and separated.

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the story is simple. C rejects A from beginning to end, but really likes him.

I don't know when I learned not to reply to others at critical moments. Because every time at such a time, the other side of the phone is anxiously waiting for you to agree with him, but you are unmoved, so she talks more and more and begins to analyze her experience and psychology at that time, and analyzing herself is addictive. So C said a lot, a lot of things I hadn't heard before.

in fact, C thought that the two of them were predestined. When we divided the class, all three of us chose science, and both of them happened to be assigned to the class on the first floor, and it was right next door, and I went to the second floor alone. C did like A, which she said to me on Wechat, and not just the kind of "like" she liked because she was "moved".

"if he doesn't send me a message one night in the third year of high school, I won't be happy."

"then why do you keep turning him down?" I couldn't help asking C such a sentence.

the most interesting thing about falling in love is not the long-term relationship after a promise, but the ambiguous stage when you like each other but haven't picked it out yet. C said she was a little selfish, but who is not selfish in such a thing, just afraid to say it.

do you remember the girl we chased together in those years? I went to see it with him in my second year of high school, and he kept tugging at my hand when I was watching. At that time, I could hear him shaking next door. He really kept shaking after the whole movie. It didn't matter how many times he took a deep breath. I pretended not to know about it, and he thought I didn't know. I thought he was going to confess his love again at the end of the show. Who knew he didn't say anything after the end of the show? it was stupid. "

I can't help asking, "what will happen to you if he says it?"

"he says'I like you 'instead of' be my girlfriend 'every time. I really do this every time. I sometimes think he is so obsessed with" those years "that it makes me feel like he doesn't like me. I just like the me who likes you."

and when I asked her why she was separated after being together, she asked me a question:

"if I can change from 'dislike him' to 'like him', then can I? from 'like him' to 'don't like him'?"

I thought about it for a long time and forwarded this question to A.

A says, "Yes."

it's not easy to like someone.

the original sentence can be understood in this way.

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knowing that this is not fate