These 20 words unlock the hearts of countless people.

These 20 words unlock the hearts of countless people.
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I often hear a saying: the most beautiful scenery in life is the calmness and calmness of the heart.

when you are alive, you always have to experience some joys and sorrows, and human feelings are cold and warm.

No matter it is the regret that cannot be made up for, or the affection that cannot be given up, or the burden that cannot be unloaded, instead of being entangled in the heart, it is better to try to look down on it and take it lightly.

the following 20 sentences are shared with you, hoping that in unhappy days, it will suddenly enlighten you and free you from your troubles.


when I cried that I had no shoes, I found that someone had no feet.

what others have may be what we dream of;

what we have may be unmatched by others.

while you envy others, they also envy you.

Don't always focus on your own bad cards, and not all the cards in other people's hands are good cards.


even if life gives you chicken feathers, you should try to tie it into a beautiful feather duster.

there is only one life, no matter how you spend it, there is not enough time.

Don't invite too many unpleasant people and things into your life.

throw away the things you don't like, and block the people you hate.

pick up the mood and make life bright. Only then will life become bright.


if you eat only three loaves of bread, then all your efforts for the fourth bread are stupid.

We feel unhappy and unfree, often because we have too many desires and too much burden.

people's ability is limited, no matter what they do, do not exceed their ability.

if you want to be relaxed and free, you must know how to break up and learn to subtract from an overloaded life.


Don't take yourself too seriously. The earth will go round without you.

in the adult world, everyone is busy with his own business and has no time to pay attention to the details of others.

the coldest thing in the world is the hearts of the people. don't overestimate your position in the hearts of others.

guard against arrogance and rashness, neither humble nor arrogant is the best way to live in life.


people are double-standard, tolerant to the strong and harsh to the weak.

when you are weak, anyone can step on you; only when you become strong, others will not underestimate you.

Don't complain about injustice. It is the norm in this society to flatter the high and trample on the low.

No one will admire a weak person. If you want to survive better, you have to make yourself strong step by step.


rather than saying that others cause you pain, it is better to say that you are not cultured enough.

the more you care about the pain in life, the more insignificant it is.

it's like a handful of salt in your hand. Putting it in a small bowl full of water is different from putting it in a large pot full of water.

the larger the container, the smaller the salinity; the smaller the container, the greater the salinity.


No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.

those who care about you are not willing to make you cry at all; those who are willing to make you cry may not care about you at all.

your tears are precious. You'd rather raise your head and let them flow back than waste it on someone who isn't worth it.


people who understand you will understand, but if they don't, let them go. You can't satisfy everyone.

people living in different circles naturally have different cognition.

Don't try to please everyone, let alone frame your life by other people's standards.

Life is your own, don't get lost in other people's mouths, try your best to be yourself, that's enough!


there were two people looking out through the bars. One saw mud all over the ground, the other saw stars all over the sky.

the so-called context is born from the mind, the same thing, different perspectives will have different results.

for example, when the sun sets in the west, some people see the sun set, while others see the stars rise.

there is never an absolute failure in life. If you think about it from another angle, it may be a turn for the better.


there is nothing that can't be solved by sleep. If there is, it is sleep again.

A good sleep is the cure for life.

as Turgenev said: sleep is like a cool spray that cleans up everything in your mind.

if life is too difficult, get a good night's sleep, forgive everything before going to bed, and wake up without asking about the past.


if you are bitten by a mad dog, do you have to lie down and bite it?

there is right and wrong every day, regardless of nature, for those who have no quality, smile and stay away from them.

different ways do not conspire against each other, and not everyone deserves to be your opponent.

Don't be like "garbage", otherwise you won't know who is "garbage" at the end of the day.


anger will rebound, one hurting the body and the other hurting the emotion.

the loss outweighs the gain by punishing yourself for other people's mistakes.

I am so angry that I suffer; if I hurt my feelings, I bear it by myself.

if you love yourself, don't mess with yourself.

learn to be patient and give way to everything first, which not only protects yourself, but also shows magnanimity, and everyone is happy.


whether you are in a good or bad mood, you can'tTo change what has happened.

the past has happened, no matter what, there is no way to go back.

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the only thing we need to do is not to let bad emotions influence the rest of our lives.

sad is a day, happiness is also a day, do not embarrass yourself, will have a good life.


the bad thing is never marriage, but people.

it is said that marriage is the grave of love, but in fact, it is just marriage that makes us see each other clearly.

the so-called wrong marriage is just loving the wrong person, or maybe it was a mistake in the first place.

it is up to you to decide whether to make do in the marriage or stop the loss in time.


if the one who loves you never shows up, keep waiting, because waiting is a part of love.

emotional problems, the most afraid to be achieved overnight, do not choose to make do because of the urging of others.

you have to believe that the one who really loves you will show up sooner or later, maybe he will be late, but he will not be absent.

for him, after a long wait, what is it?


other people lend you money, return it or not, it is a good thing, return, let you have the happiness of regaining; do not return, just let you know a person clearly.

some people say that borrowing money is the best way to test a relationship.

if you have already lent the money, don't rush to ask for it.

if you want to pay you back, you will pay it back sooner or later; if you don't want to return it, you will do everything possible to do so.

instead of struggling, wait slowly, for time will tell you everything.


if you feel pain in educating your child, it must be the wrong way.

each child is unique. Don't put the child in the educational template.

applies to other people's children, not yours.

the meaning of education is not to teach our children what we want them to be, but to make them live the way we want them to be.


at night, the darker it is, the closer it is to dawn.

just before dawn, the starlight in the sky disappeared, and it was the darkest moment of the night.

however, after this moment has passed, it is the dawn of dawn.

the same is true of life. As long as you get through the darkness before dawn, everything will be all right.