These habits of children are inseparable from parents with a pattern.

These habits of children are inseparable from parents with a pattern.
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Liang Qichao said:

A person's life often depends on the education he received when he was young.

Family is the harbor, the destination, and the closest place in one's life.

people who are good at education tend to cultivate their children's good habits when they are young.

Zeng Guofan said that in educating children, attention should be paid to the character of getting up early, studious, and decent.


get up early

Zeng Guofan said:

"diligent word kung fu, the first expensive to get up early."

the early bird catches the worm, and the early riser can walk earlier, faster and farther than others.

people's talent is limited, but effort is unlimited.

No matter what the child's qualifications are, getting up early and working hard will certainly do more good than harm.

Lu Xun was talented and studied with teacher Shou Jingwu in Sanwei Book House since he was a child.

when he was 13 years old, because of the decline of his family, Lu Xun had to constantly sell his family property and cure his father.

once he got up late, went to the pawnshop and hurried to school when he was already late.

the teacher reprimanded

later, Lu Xun engraved the word "morning" on his desk to warn himself.

throughout his life, Mr. Lu Xun cherished his time and refused to waste a minute.

the great basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, the secret of success is "have you ever seen Los Angeles at 4: 00 in the morning?"

getting up early can turn ordinary people into geniuses and make talented people more outstanding.


eager to learn

Zeng Guofan said:

A person's life is inseparable from learning. If you cultivate the habit of being eager to learn from an early age, you will achieve more than half of your life.

Song Lian was a very outstanding scholar in the Ming Dynasty.

when he was a child, his family was poor and could not afford to buy books, so he went to someone who had books to borrow them and copy them.

when he grew up, in order to learn more knowledge, Song Lian traveled hundreds of miles to visit a famous teacher for advice.

the children of the rich family who live with him have excellent food and clothing, which he ignores and devotes himself to his study.

it was because Song Lian worked tirelessly to acquire knowledge that he later became a great scholar.

from ancient times to the present, no one who has made achievements in any field is not a studious person.

Genius accounts for only a small part of the world, and most people are half qualified.

A genius who breaks through is actually just a person who uses the skill of drinking coffee to study.


keep a straight face

Zeng Guofan said:

the ancients often said that "both ability and political integrity", and "virtue" is often ranked before "talent".

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Di Zi Gui talks about educating children, first of all, to teach filial piety, trustworthiness and other moral character and morality. only when these foundations are laid can they learn knowledge.

only by controlling talents with virtue can we benefit the society. Without virtue and talent, it will harm others and harm themselves.

in the calligraphy family of the Song Dynasty, the "Su Huang Mi Tsai" ranked first.

among them, "Cai" is said to be Cai Jing.

Cai Jing's calligraphy skills are both vigorous and dexterous, and even everyone in calligraphy is willing to be outdone.

however, no matter how clever his calligraphy is, he can't cover up his insidious, venomous, gang-building and selfish behavior.

the demise of the Northern Song Dynasty, he was a sinner through the ages and was reviled by thousands of people.

ability is outstanding, can only play a role in the moment, life and work, to the end, the fight is the character.

grades in subjects such as mathematics, science and chemistry are important, but don't put them before your character.

because only those with good character can bring the excellent into full play.

to educate children, it is easier said than said.

good habits are often more useful than knowledge itself.

cultivate a child's good habits, which will surely last his whole life.

as long as children are diligent and studious and have good character, they will become great in the future.