Thorns | "words for girls"

Thorns | "words for girls"
Zhang Jingshi: "the Old text and the New push"

"when does your girlfriend feel like you want to protect her for life?"

the answer to Mr. Xie Panda, whom I follow, is as follows:

small, quiet, weak, sometimes cute, with dimples and tiger teeth, such a little girl looks likeable. it's also easy for people to have a desire to protect. But this desire to protect tends to fade quickly after the freshness has passed. What really makes me want to protect for the rest of my life is not the performance of a moment, but the women who are kind, wise, independent and strong in their long-term relationships. Because this person will be with me for decades, she must be a good friend who can support me when I am down. Because this person will give birth to and educate children with me, she must have the potential to be a great mother. Because in case I go first, this person will be my most important connection with the world, and my possessions, careers, and unfinished wishes will depend on this good partner to continue to take care of. A good friend, a great mother, a reliable companion, this is the person worth my whole life to protect.

I think he's right, but in my opinion, many girls just want to be a cute little girl. I hope that all my boyfriend's temper can stand it, and at the same time, all my boyfriend's temper is regarded as a sign that he doesn't love him. I have a friend who is liked by many people, but she has a bad temper when she falls in love. When she used to talk to me, she often talked about her love situation, how she lost her temper, and how well the man treated her, and the result was that they broke up again. She kept me thinking about a question: "if a girl doesn't get good grades, can't dance or play the piano, why should she let others put up with her bad temper just because she's beautiful?"

I asked my male compatriots this question, and they all jokingly told me that this was the case, as long as she was beautiful enough, they would go through fire and water for her. But this is not the case. After being hit by the goddess several times in a row, they will retreat in the face of difficulties and recognize the reality. And that beautiful but bad-tempered girl slowly reined in her temper, because she found that no one had an obligation to put up with those unreasonable troubles except her family.

I also have a friend who enjoys being chased by others, even if that person is not the one she likes. She had a boyfriend during the summer vacation, but she came to me and told me that she didn't like the boy very much. I asked him, "then why did you say yes?" She dared not look me in the eye, looked at the ceiling and said, "because I like the way he treats me." I was stunned, but luckily I was not her boyfriend, otherwise I thought I would have broken up right away. I asked her to make it clear to others as soon as possible, because it would hurt too much. Her answer ruined my values. "I told him at the beginning, and he said it didn't matter, as long as he was good to her all the time," she said. " Although this sentence sounds very moving, it makes me think that it is just a love affair of a primary school student. An adult woman, in the face of suitors, can determine a relationship based solely on the "kindness" of others to her. I have to say that her mind is still in the underage stage. I don't know how she measures whether others treat her well or not, but what I can be sure of is that there is no good for no reason, and there is no good way to go black. If you don't get a real return for what you give all the time (such as a woman's true love rather than dependence), then most people will choose to stop giving at some point.

at that time, I think the girl who agreed to others' pursuit because of "good" will say, "you don't love me anymore!" Because you're not as nice to me as you used to be! " In my circle of friends, about 6 out of every ten are sent by female classmates, all kinds of food, all kinds of selfies, but I always feel that something is missing. It was not until a classmate sent out her book list that I suddenly realized that there was a lack of wisdom. Let me give you a piece of advice. instead of being busy having an affair with the spare tire, it's better to watch more books and movies and expand your knowledge, so that you can argue with him when you meet the man in your heart, and then angrily force him to invite you to dinner. isn't that more interesting? and in my opinion, smart girls are the most attractive.

although every man likes bare thighs, most of them know that even if some teachers show up around them, they will not pursue them because they are not the right person at all. Although stupid, but there is still a little bit of reason, no one just because of appearance to protect her for a lifetime.

at the end of the article, let's discuss another question: "wouldn't it be boring if I spent my whole life with him /her?" I've been thinking about it for a long time, and I'm worried about it. Until one day, I saw on the Internet that other people described "freshness" as such.

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it has always been believed that the so-called novelty is not to do the same thing with unknown people, but to experience unknown life with known people