Those who have failed in the college entrance examination

Those who have failed in the college entrance examination
I don't want you to fall, but you must learn how to get back on your feet.


how long do you think a year is?

in the memory of the third year of senior high school, the sky is white for thousands of years, and the sun seems to be particularly lazy. Forty minutes of a class is always stretched long, and the cicadas outside the window are singing together.

Life is still the same, and time is like knowing that you are on pins and needles, deliberately naughty.

the days are full of endless examination papers, white manuscript paper and endless coffee. I still remember the divided PE class, the whistles on the playground and the 800-meter race, the countdown board glowing red every day, and the head teacher who automatically took on the work of telling the time.

the longer you wait, the more nervous and numb you are.

when there are only single digits left on the sign, the sun is covered by several days of heavy rain, the regular lesson is simply replaced by answering questions, and the cicadas shut up. In those days, my mantra changed to "how nice it would be if I opened my eyes tomorrow and saw the sun on June 9."

it turns out that waiting is the hardest in the long year.


I don't remember how I said goodbye to my parents, how I walked into the examination room, and how I trembled my hands to answer the ensembles that I was not good at.

I only remember the moment when I put down my pen after finishing the last English exam, when the sun suddenly broke through a thick cumulus cloud shining on my admission card. Waiting for more than ten minutes to hand in the paper, all the pictures of the year were turned upside down into my mind.

I think that no matter what the final outcome, this long wait is finally over.

I thought the full stop was over, but for some people, this is just the beginning.


before the college entrance examination, everyone thought everything was ready and just waited for the wind to come. But when the east wind came, we panicked. The scene that has been rehearsed ten thousand times in the brain is still in a hurry in reality, leaving a messy battlefield. The winner held high the flag and cheered, and the defeated soldiers gave up their guns and went back to their hometown.

on the day of scoring, several families were happy and several were sad. If you do well in the exam, you will have a jubilant thank-teacher banquet, and everyone will talk about the proposition trend of this year's college entrance examination; if you fail in the exam, you will carefully avoid familiar faces, and turn off your cell phone and turn off Wechat for fear of phone calls from relatives and friends.

they failed in the examination, as if they had evaporated in this world.

only half of the class gatherings, large and small, were held that summer vacation. Because many people could not get in touch with each other throughout the holiday, I only heard that Su Zi broke up with his girlfriend before the college entrance examination, and the score of the college entrance examination was nearly 100 points lower than that of a model. I locked myself at home all day to play lol;. I heard that I didn't finish the Erying Li comprehensive paper, passed by the first volunteer and dropped to the second choice. I also heard that the monitor committed acute enteritis the day before the exam and entered the examination room with a hanging bottle, which did not show his real strength at all.

when they failed in the college entrance examination, they built high walls and put on the hats of "losers" for themselves. before they could say goodbye to their old friends who fought side by side, they hastily ended the long wait and took away the report card that was ashamed to see others.

Erying told me the day before she repeated that every drop of sweat she had shed for the college entrance examination was water in her head at that time. It seems that every hardship that has been paid has turned into a sarcastic slap after failure.

she always asks, "everyone else can do well in the exam, but why can't I?"


May is coming, and it has been nearly a year since our college entrance examination.

until recently, it was not mentioned that Su Zi is repeating her studies and is going to take the college entrance examination as a new graduate this year; Erying is going to study abroad at the end of this year; the emaciated monitor is still the monitor at the university, organizing activities large and small, and finding a beautiful girlfriend. The silent faces in the class group began to speak again, and the names that had not been heard for a long time were also active.

A few weeks ago, the monitor began to organize a class party again. This time, everyone signed up except Su Zi, who was re-read.

through the topic of classmate reunion, I had a long-lost chat with the monitor on Wechat.

he showed me a picture of his girlfriend and said jokingly, 'this is my girl friend, who has acute gastritis before the college entrance examination, entered the examination room with quick-acting heart-saving pills, and is a pair I really made for it.'

I asked him about the missing summer vacation in his third year of high school. He sent two good-bye expressions. I was annoyed that I shouldn't have mentioned which pot, but he said it on his own.

"I knew I could game over when I entered the examination room with water, but I didn't expect my over to be so thorough after I got a grade." I felt so humiliated that all the vows made before the exam were drifting, dared not face my parents, dared not go back to school, dared not see my classmates, dared not answer the teacher's phone, and accepted the admission notice on my parents' behalf. I think the whole world is pointing fingers and laughing at me, who failed in the college entrance examination. "

"I originally wanted to repeat it. At that time, I wanted to report to the university first. After at least a year of struggle, I had to give myself an explanation. Unexpectedly, on the day of checking in, our counselor stood on the podium and said a word, and I decided not to leave. "

"he said that everyone came to the podium to introduce what they had done in the past 18 years, in addition to the college entrance examination."

"you won't believe it. I was enlightened at that time. I finally got out of the college entrance examination alive, so why did I jump into the pit by myself? Who says nothing will happen if you don't do well in the college entrance examination? I'll take it as the cutest score with all of you. Who's worse than who? "

Proper sky blue dress formal at low price! Find a design that is perfect for you, they will bring a whole new level to your wardrobe.

now, I am modeling with several seniors, ready to take part in the city's mathematical model competition. I even made some money to study stocks. I didn't make much money, which means something, to prepare for starting a business in the future. Now I feel really good, always.If you can arrange your own life, you no longer have to learn the genetics and engineering of those Japanese dogs. "

I looked at the squad leader with a smile around his little girlfriend in the picture, and I really thought he had the potential of a little boss. He said, "I can't tell you anything in the world. If I didn't have acute enteritis, I wouldn't have met my girlfriend, would I?"

it suddenly dawned on me that he was no longer the monitor who had done well in the exam and sighed when he failed in the exam. In that black summer vacation that belongs to him, he weighed the pros and cons and analyzed the gains and losses like an adult for the first time with strange mixed emotions, which really made the college entrance examination an opportunity for him to grow up. Now that he can open his heart to me and talk frankly about his failed college entrance examination, I know that he has completely passed this stage.

finally, I just say, congratulations.

Congratulations on getting rid of the college entrance examination, on getting out of the haze, on finally letting go, on accepting who you were, on moving on, on your satisfactory life now, on growing up.

however, he only regarded me as a blessing for him to get out of the single and replied, "I wish you the right husband as soon as possible."

there is still hustle and bustle in the class group, with some teasing former class pairs with old jokes and others giving out red packets with old stories. Nearly a year after graduation, they gradually came out of the shadow of the college entrance examination and started a new life. Just like after a whole winter dormant, as soon as the spring wind blows, they are reinjected with new blood, with a more confident smile, swagger in front of me.


the older you get, the more you understand that many things don't work hard to succeed.

you can only try to achieve what you can and struggle to reach what you can't. After that, three points are given to luck and seven points are given to the future.

everyone else can do well in the exam, even if you can't, so what.

although they are proud of their success in the college entrance examination now, they will be flattened and bent by reality in the future. But you do not have to wait until the future, the college entrance examination let you understand this truth. You begin to learn to admit that you are not as smart as others and that you are not as hard as others; you begin to accept that you have failed and that even if you do your best, you are still a loser.

you know early on that the world belongs to the strong and that you are not qualified to ask others to pity the weak.

that's cruel and lucky.

others can do well in the exam, so what if you don't do well in the exam?

days go on.

so what on earth is the college entrance examination?

in the first year of the third year of high school, you endured a long wait, burst into unexpected potential, and experienced a sudden end; after the college entrance examination, you left the old people, left the familiar places, and went to your new home alone. After

, some people are still focused on their studies; others are not confined to textbooks; others simply pick up their cameras and travel around the world. Everyone begins to find a new position for a different self, and no one will mention the previous success or failure of the college entrance examination.

if you ask me, the college entrance examination is neither the beginning nor the end.

it's just a platform, improperly in the middle of the road. You happen to pass by when you transfer, pick up a ticket and jump on the next bus. The ticket in your hand determines whether you fly first class or economy class. But no matter where you sit, you are always in the same car and moving at the same speed. Why belittle yourself just for the sake of a ticket?

growth and departure always happen together.

only when you really bid farewell to the past can you look up and look ahead.

I hope you succeed in the college entrance examination

, but don't be too discouraged if you fail

because life is just beginning