To enrich oneself is better than to please others

To enrich oneself is better than to please others
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

how to live so that this life is not in vain?

Tu Youyou said: "never chase a horse, use the time to chase a horse to recommend."

Chen Ji said, "Don't catch up with the tide or take any boat. You should have your own sea."

Audrey Hepburn said, "Don't try to pick the moon, let the moon come to me."

indeed, the most important thing in life is never to please others, but to enrich yourself, cherish yourself, and take care of yourself.

in your own rhythm, broaden your horizons, improve your skills, enrich your life, and develop your pattern.

in this way, we can go to the world to have a surprise feast and see the beauty of the world.


enrich your horizons

someone on the Internet asked

"does the gap between people really depend on the degree of effort?"

there is a highly praised answer:

"it lies in the horizon. The so-called effort is actually the result of having the vision in place."

the reason why McDonald's can become the giant of the world's fast food industry is due to the vision of one person.

his name is Ray Crocker. He has had a rough life, but he has always had an insight into everything around him, maintained a keen sense of business, and has never given up any chance to turn the market.

once, when Crocker was flipping through a business report, a car restaurant called McDonald's caught his attention.

he found that with the acceleration of the pace of life, fast food restaurants like McDonald's will be favored more and more.

so he immediately approached the McDonald's brothers, the restaurant owner, and asked to do business together.

as a sign of his determination, he also used his house as a mortgage and invested in McDonald's.

after joining the fast food restaurant, he studied and improved at the same time, and his business sure enough went up another level.

but Crocker is not satisfied. He feels that if he wants to achieve greater success, he must adopt more advanced business methods and even open more franchise stores.

at this time, the McDonald's brothers disapproved, thinking that it would be good to have a steady annual income of $250000.

after many unsuccessful persuasions, Crocker resolutely bought McDonald's and decided to do it alone.

the McDonald's brothers got a lot of cash and were happy.

I just didn't expect that many years later, "McDonald's" unexpectedly opened all over the world, and its income-generating benefits could not be compared with each other.

there is a tunnel vision effect in marketing, which goes like this:

if a person is in a tunnel, all he sees is a very narrow field of vision before and after.

if a person lives in such a tunnel for a long time, he is like a frog in a well, thinking that the world he sees above his head is the world.

so, your vision determines your world.

A person can only get rid of the fate in the well and really own the world only if he stands higher, sees farther and has a richer vision.

and Crocker is just like this. instead of being bound by the immediate interests, he keeps learning, enriches his horizons, looks at the present from the future, and unswervingly implements it.

it only takes a long time for people like this to succeed.


enrich skills

there is a saying in "Flower in the Mirror":

in many cases, having a skill is not only the foundation of a person, but also the key to winning respect.

Peng Yuyan is like this. In the past, he was a handsome guy, but now he is an actor.

the reason why his transformation is so successful is that he has created vivid characters in the process of unlocking various skills.

two days ago, the Tropical past was released, and Peng Yuyan became a hot search again because he was extremely thin.

it is his extreme thinness that makes us see a vivid air conditioner repairman in the movie.

in order to play this role well, Peng Yuyan specially found an air conditioning repair technician who has been engaged in air conditioning repair for most of his life, not only studying his appearance, but also carefully learning relevant skills, reading drawings, measuring dimensions, and carrying gas cylinders.

this skill improvement also makes his characters more storytelling.

before, in order to do a good job in "roll!" Ashin "carries on 10 hours of intensive training every day to learn the gymnastic movements with the highest degree of difficulty, so that the physical fitness is completely comparable to that of real gymnasts."

and in order to do a good job in Dolphin Love Cat, Peng Yuyan passed the formal examination of the dolphin trainer, making Xu Wei, who is delicate in mind and full of musical talent, jump on the screen.

while filming Guild Wars, he learned integrated combat, Muay Thai, Brazilian jujitsu, locking skills, etc.

it seems that every time he plays a role, he becomes the character itself.

and it is precisely because of this spirit of continuous progress and rich skills that makes him stand out and endure among a group of small students in the same period.

A person who is constantly enriching his skills is not only improving his problem-solving ability, but also practicing his concentration and willpower.

how can such a person not have a good life?

there is an old saying:

"good knowledge and good skills are the easiest to have good luck."


enrich your life

speaking of Huang Yali, do you think of that little fool in the summer of 2005?

or the song "by the Butterfly Spring" that floats in my childhood memory?

or a little-known out-of-date Supergirl?

maybe she is nothing, she is just a simple family.

some time ago# Huang Yali picked up garbage bottles to make star lanterns # got a hot search.

I didn't know until I clicked in that Huang Yali started a self-driving trip on the Xinzang line this summer.

in her Vlog, we see the music, the beauty, and the love of life from the bottom of our hearts.

by the side of Qinghai Lake, she used the garbage bottles she picked up to build herself a star lantern, which was not only environmentally friendly, but also romantic.

before, her rented house was unexpectedly exposed at a variety show.

in a small single-family house on the outskirts of Beijing, Huang Yali created a paradise for herself, with music, pottery, painting, flowers and a small vegetable garden.

and all this is made by herself.

every singer probably has a concert dream.

but the market did not give Huang Yali much good luck, and she was not discouraged. She brought in a group of friends, transformed a stage with old trucks, and staged a "loan plan" in 798.

although the stage is not big, it really carries the singing she wants.

think of this sentence:

A person's life can be made into firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, or piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops.

your temperament hides your pursuit and choice.

there are nine times out of ten unsatisfactory things in one's life.

but people with inner pursuits can always be invincible to time, to the world, and always live a steaming life with a boiling heart.

perhaps, a rich life reflects your rich soul.

you may not be a rose, but you must be fragrant, you may not be ambitious, but you must be your own light.


Rich pattern

in the table tennis mixed doubles final at the Tokyo Olympic Games, which ended not long ago, Liu Shiwen and Xu Xin lost to Ito Meicheng and Mizunya Falcon and missed the gold medal with the result of 4:3.

many people regret it, and many people regret it.

some people even cut off the memes that Ito disdained to express their indignation.

but Xu Xin showed a real great power's elegant demeanor in the interview afterwards.

when asked about the state of the game, Xu Xin said:

when asked about her opponent, Xu Xin also generously praised:

first of all, I think Ito is a world-class player among female players. After a lot of fights, she also slowly got used to some of my balls.

she is an athlete who dares to fight against men, especially in the fight, she is really bolder and braver.

this speech not only shows an athlete's understanding of the Olympic spirit, but also shows the pattern of a Chinese in the face of gains and losses.

you know, before the competition, Liu Guoliang said frankly:

this is undoubtedly a lot more difficult for a runner like Xu Xin.

and the video of Shuigu Falcon suspected of blowing the ball also made many people question the fairness of the game.

but Xu Xin's mentality of "getting calmly, losing calmly, striving for necessity, and letting nature take its course" is even more worthy of our cheering.

after all, the skills and patterns that a person strives for and develops for him are more worthy of our appreciation than the medals he actually won.

everything can't go well in one's life.

National soldiers sometimes lose gold medals, not to mention each and every one of us.

Here are the absolute best choice to make you shine!

how to learn to reflect from failure, how to see the gap from anger, and how to make progress from helplessness is the view that each of us should learn to enrich.

after all: "small victories depend on wisdom, and great victories depend on virtue."


it is better to enrich oneself than to please others

the title page of "silent confession" reads:

indeed, in this life, it is better to be quiet and enrich yourself than to please others.

use abundant souls to carry all things of time;

use full skills to break through each journey;

use colorful life to feel the beauty of life;

use a broad pattern to explore the inner universe.

May you be your own star here, both angular and sparkling.

Love what you love, do what you do, and don't ask anything.