To parents: don't expect your child to be conscious during the holiday (read it no matter how busy it is)

To parents: don't expect your child to be conscious during the holiday (read it no matter how busy it is)
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in the twinkling of an eye, the summer vacation that the children have been waiting for for a long time has passed.

I still remember that last year, the child "streaked" at home for four months of study, dillydally, reluctantly, and his grades plummeted.

Holiday is the time for children to rest, but rest is not equal to indulgence, it does not mean that you can completely put aside your study and have fun!

there is a good saying: "on the way of education, do not expect children to be self-conscious."

this summer vacation, it is easy to cultivate an excellent child, please give him the right discipline!


every wasted holiday

is a slide to a mediocre life

many children grow up and ask themselves again and again: how do we move towards mediocrity step by step?

the correct answer is very gripping: there is no self-discipline.

at school, there are teachers in charge, but parents don't have time to control when they get home.

when they were young, children cheered every time they escaped the supervision of their parents, and only when they were adults did they taste the consequences of not working hard.

No wonder people say that the quickest way to get rid of a child is to let him spend his holiday as he pleases.

when a child has no bottom line freedom, he will indulge himself without a bottom line.

if freedom is over, the limits of life will continue to sink and get out of control.

many years ago, researchers in the United States found that

if children do not study during the holidays, there will be a serious retrogression in grades.

lost about one month's learning achievement;

reading level fell back for 2 months;

the whole month after the beginning of school, they were all making up for this decline.

however, when the teacher repeatedly stressed that children's holiday is not equal to indulgence, parents must do a good job of supervision and discipline, parents complained:

"I also want my child to be self-conscious, but he is naturally lazy and can't control it."

or say directly to the child:

"you should study consciously and don't always ask me to urge you."

parents must understand that the reason why a child is a child is that he likes to play, is lazy and doesn't like to study.

A child is born without self-discipline and persistence. The more you let him study, the more he wants to play. The more you blame him for not liking to study, the more he wants to escape.

"self-discipline" comes from "heteronomy". Children's self-consciousness comes not from preaching, but from discipline.

parents manage education and guidance correctly so that their children can understand what self-discipline is and how to exercise self-discipline.


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behind every excellent self-disciplined child

stand strict parents

there is a school in China, Hengshui Middle School, which has trained batch after batch of self-disciplined and excellent children.

however, many parents find the education in Hengshui Middle School too oppressive, tense and breathless.

I have seen a program called "the Secret of Kao Ba" and invited a number of graduates from Hengshui Middle School to talk about their experience of studying in Hengzhong.

they feel that the rhythm of Hengzhong is very normal and substantial, and it is exactly the rhythm they want.

struggle with a group of students who share the same belief in Hengzhong, they have gained great spiritual strength, and now they miss it very much.

the monitor of Hengzhong, who once shouted "get one more point, kill your predecessors", is now a diplomat in the permanent mission to the United Nations, recalling the feeling that

all the excellence stems from self-discipline.

and this copy of self-discipline engraved into the bones is not so much the restraint of the school as the discipline of parents from childhood to childhood.

in early 2021, COVID-19 counterattacked. Many schools in Hebei required students to study at home, and Hengzhong was no exception.

some parents posted screenshots of their chat in the group of parents. At 5: 41 in the morning, they had already woke their children up to start a new day of study.

even at home, even on weekends, the class schedule is full every day, and parents will take the initiative to urge their children to attend classes and take tests.

Real education should wear a hoop spell, use rules and upbringing, and get rid of willfulness and sloppiness in nature.

any "conscious" child can not do without the long-term companionship, correct discipline and strict supervision of his parents.

and those parents who don't care about their children blame their children for not being self-conscious and their teachers for assigning too much homework.

what kind of parents will teach what kind of children, every self-disciplined child, there are strict parents standing behind.


every self-discipline holiday

is a good time for "corner overtaking"

on the way of education, parents can never just expect their children to become self-conscious and self-disciplined.

if you don't teach him, he will never learn, self-consciousness and self-discipline have never been "created out of nothing".

if you see a "conscious" child, it must be the result of parents' long-term companionship, correct supervision and strict discipline.

the education method of Hengshui Middle School makes us understand that

Children are not afraid of high standards, but they are afraid of not having specific help.

when a child has not yet formed consciousness, we should give him specific guidance in study and life, and guide him to form habits hand in hand.

Education with distinct rewards and punishments, leniency and strictness is healthy.

too strict control is not good, too loose control is not good, we must understand children, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and find the most suitable education method for children.

1. Supervise children's study

do not allow children to be lazy, do not allow themselves to be lazy, parents should regularly urge their children to study every day.

delay fullTo satisfy the child's wishes and desires, encourage him to do the task at hand first and prioritize it.

2. Pay close attention to the habits of children

once it is found that children have bad habits, they should be checked and corrected immediately and replace bad habits with good habits.

parents should first set an example and set a good example for their children.

third, strictly control children's mobile phones

do not allow children to play with mobile phones, do not allow children to have excessive entertainment, and guide children to do more useful things.

it is best to make rules for children, set three chapters, and teach children to manage themselves through rules.

A teacher once said: one holiday = half a year's learning effect, and every holiday is a good time for "corner overtaking"!

at the end of the article, let's start from today, from now on, to cultivate children's self-discipline and move on firmly.

Ten years later, we will also get a better and better child.