Today we spent a thousand yuan to buy a rain

Today we spent a thousand yuan to buy a rain
Drink a bottle of Vitasoy and cheer up

Wen /eel whale, Tong c

there is a very direct form of loss in the world: "I am too hungry to talk, but I am no longer in the mood to cook."

Today's "I'm not like you" activity in Dongguan campus was just a whim one day last week. I never knew who put forward a sentence, "Let's take advantage of Girls' Day to enhance our influence." for a week in a row, we began to contact busy venues and busy materials, group chats before going to bed at night were meetings, group chats when we got up in the morning were also meetings, and sometimes we even came out of the hallway in the middle of class to have meetings. However, this is what we think of as the "heart", but in exchange for a rain, and a loss, that is to say, a naked failure.

after I finished working in the conference room last night, I was in the same car with eel whale and thorn. The eel whale suddenly asked me, "have you ever thought about what we can get when the event is over?"

from that sentence, I was worried, because this question really came to the point, and I was speechless. As I said to a former colleague yesterday, "I asked myself to run every week, read books and watch movies." I put it into practice, but I look full, don't I, but I have no idea what I'm doing this for, I have no purpose, the more I try. The more bottomless I am. "

it turns out that we have really gained a lot, such as the lessons of failure and full of frustration.

later, the eel whale and I sat on the iron shelf behind the poster that was supposed to have people coming and going. our face was dejected. the editor came over and looked at us and said, "I don't know my boyfriend today. I'm not happy." The eel whale said, "none of them received a Girls' Day gift and was unhappy."

in fact, we all know that behind the excuses, we can't bear to say, "I don't feel good about the activity."

after the event, we rolled out posters and sat on the lawn for a meeting to reflect on why hydrogen balloons were tangled, why the band was not effective enough, and why there was something wrong with the way cards were distributed. This is our analysis after our failure. I began to think that the sentence that elders used to laugh at children was correct, "you are too young." Because, since you have chosen to do something, you should anticipate the problems that may arise in advance.

I listened to the thorns and they analyzed the reason. I don't know why I wanted to turn around and cover my face at that moment. I turned my back to the past and leaned my face against the eel whale's shoulder. I listened to their voices, "Why is the name wrong" and "only 5% transformation at most". I remembered what I said to the eel whale the other day, "I feel like I've accomplished nothing lately." "

watching the weather forecast on the bus in the morning, the probability of rain was 10%, so I took a screenshot and told them that it would not rain. As a result, 20 minutes before the official start of the event, rain began to fall, until I went home tonight. I was not in the mood to turn on the stereo and lie down on Jay Chou's sunny day." I tried to hold your hand on a windy day, but the rain was so heavy that I didn't see you. " I finally understood for the first time what the word "unluckily" means, that is, you are worried that you are the 10% and at the same time you are lucky that you should be the 90%, that is, the worst you expected.

Thank you most for the loss you don't want to face. We remember every one of you who came to take a group photo to sign Vitasoy. Really, we promise you that it will be better next time, and, most importantly, see you next time.

@ eel whale

We put the big poster of the background wall on the grass of the playground to summarize the activities. They carefully wrote down the details of their mistakes. Tong c put it on my shoulder and sighed. She said she was lost. We pointed to that poster three days ago and exclaimed, "I'm going to chase that designer!"

when I came back, I was holding the crazy flowers I saw for the first time. It was the best gift for Girls' Day. The car passed through the tunnel and the warm yellow light hit me in the face. I asked myself: is it really a failure?

my frustration does not come from the fact that the activity is not as good as expected, not from the rain, not from the sudden knots in balloons, but from whether the reader is disappointed when he comes running excitedly.

in fact, I believe that it is just a farewell phobia. Every time I say goodbye to important friends, I feel low and annoyed. I haven't done something just now, or it hasn't been done as expected for a long time. You can tell the difference between failure and failure.

when I was approaching school, I contacted a few friends and only said, "are you free? come on out." people who are usually called day-to-day people are present. They don't talk about emotions, but only talk about happy things. Suddenly someone asked me, "have you been busy lately?" my roommate went back to my dorm and asked me, "you're finally done." My mother called and asked, "what are you so busy that you are too busy to see a doctor with a fever?" I thought I would begin to doubt the meaning of what I spent so much time doing, but I smiled and pointed out to them that I was in the first disorganized offline activity!

nothing is meaningless, only you who are inefficient.

Nothing can stand to be compared with elegant wedding wear for over 40. Our unique selections would be the best gift.

fortunately, when you fall, you can get up and sweep the dust on your knees. Without saying a word of nonsense, you can move on. When you are tired, you can meet your friends and go to sleep. When you wake up, you can sweep the haze without asking about the past.

it is only because I am still young that I look around every day and wonder if I am good at nothing, just because I am young. We were going to put off all our work, take a shower, sleep, and put everything behind us, but someone jumped out and told me, "tired, what should be done."We still have to do it. " I stood in the hallway, opened my cell phone memo, and wrote down a pile of words that I could not understand. I turned my head to face an empty stomach that had not eaten for a day, cold medicine ordered by my friends on the table, and a cold bath after a little too much cold water.