Tolerate words, tolerate things, tolerate people (good in depth)

Tolerate words, tolerate things, tolerate people (good in depth)
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the parrot is the most unprincipled parrot.

the sparrow says that the eagle aims high, but the motive is not pure.

in everyone's heart, the perception of a person is different.

but remember that you are not the real you in the eyes of others.

Why bother?

accept the voices of grievances of others and the remarks of others. What we should value is not what others say, but what we do.

people who are broad-minded know well and will not argue about right or wrong, because right and wrong can be seen from heaven;

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those who are wise enough will not expose them after seeing through them, because they are not fellow travelers from then on.

Don't waste your time on people who are not worth it.

sometimes, we choose not to argue with others, not because of reason or cowardice, but as an expression of wisdom.

Don't argue, be yourself; Don't argue, laugh it off. Because it's not worth it.

No explanation, I go my way, you cross your bridge, we have no intersection after each other.

tolerance, is a kind of open-minded, but also a kind of pattern, but also a kind of practice.


Don't worry about it.

Why do you live so hard in this life?

not because life is not good enough, but because the heart is not wide enough.

everything cares too much and thinks too much, so I live tired;

everyone cares about what they think, and they are too nervous, so they are upset.

people, why think so much? Why are you always nervous about who? Why bother with life?

what should be let go, what should be bearish should be bearish, and what should be faced should be faced!

there is a sentence in Bi Shumin's "May you embrace this World warmly": any mature heart must go through the baptism of loneliness and the training of loneliness.

there are differences in joys and sorrows between people. Some people understand you, some people don't, some people care about you, some people don't care.

Why are you so upset and tired because of people who don't care about you?

each of us, along the way, there are too many things to go through and too much pressure to bear, so don't mess with yourself.

Don't live like a child and cry when something happens.

Adult world, we should continue to take responsibility, personally smooth the rough road, live without fear, do not think so much.

when you can handle things, you will get things done slowly. State of mind, determine your life.


tolerate others and please yourself

as the ancients said: let people have nothing to lose, and people have nothing to lose.

what's wrong with giving way between people?

treat others a little bit wider, their own road is also wide, do not care about everything, and live a comfortable life.

benefits are given by others, and benefits are given by others.

when we get along with others, we must not care too much about everything. If everything is right or wrong, life will be full of trifles and happiness will be far away from us.

Don't think too much, those who go the same way with you, let him respect him in order to have comfortable communication;

Don't mind too much, those who are strangers to you, let him be far away, you will have a relaxed heart.

Yang Jiang said in her 100th birthday speech:

God will not let all happiness focus on a certain person, get love may not have money, have money may not get happiness; get happiness may not have health, have health may not always get what you want.

when people are alive, everything will not go well.

the sea accepts all rivers, but tolerance is great! Learn to tolerate, we can be happier, learn to be satisfied, we can be happier.

when we are patient, we expand our minds; when we tolerate, we lighten our burden.

everything is more tolerant, more tolerant, more self-serving and more self-interested; don't worry about being a man, don't argue, but get more.