True love has a physiological response.

True love has a physiological response.
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"when a person has a crush on you, his body subconsciously presents all kinds of signals."

the classic quotation in the book Great body language expresses the instinct of love.

Love cannot be hidden when it is true. Even if the mouth does not say, as long as two people are close, it will be accompanied by the secretion of love hormones, causing a series of physiological reactions.

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the deeper the love is, the more obvious the four physiological reactions are.


eyes: eyes full of you

Love a person, even if you cover your mouth, love will run out of the eyes.

the most direct physiological reaction of people who really love you is to look at you all the time, your every word and deed, your frown and smile, your every move, and every moment you want to have a panoramic view and keep in mind.

even if you do not speak quietly and gaze with your eyes, you will feel at ease and contented, heartbeat and beautiful.

when he stares at you, there is light in his eyes, sometimes tenderness, sometimes a smile, firm and sincere eyes. This means that his feelings for you are deeply affectionate and sincere.

as Duras said:

"A person loves you, there will be love in his eyes, if not, there is only desire."

when he doesn't want to look at you again, or his eyes become cold, sometimes dodge, or even his eyes are full of disgust, it means he no longer loves you.

the eyes are the windows of the soul, and you can peep into a person's heart through his eyes.

when you love someone, his eyes are affectionate and focused, always notice the places you don't pay attention to, and come to you immediately when you need it, making you feel warm and secure.


ears: listen to it and remember it in your heart

when you really love and care about someone, you don't need to be reminded. He will listen to everything you say and keep it in mind.

he will always pay more attention to you than to himself, as if he has a pair of ears, he can receive your broken thoughts and careless words, and then give you warmth and surprise at the right time.

he will buy you dessert that he inadvertently praises; he will quietly and generously buy a dress that he wants but is unwilling to buy; he will actively correct a casual complaint about him.

whenever he hears something about you, he always pays close attention to it.

when you hear a friend say that you are sick, he put down everything to accompany you to see a doctor;

when he hears that you are unhappy, he tries to make you laugh;

when he hears other people praise you, he can't help laughing;

when he hears that others say you are bad, he can't help defending for you.

I remember that the writer Qi Pansy year said:

"True love is not sweet words or vows of love, but warm care hidden in details."

you can clearly feel his love for you through listening to the concern of all sides and the joy of loving each other.


hands: holding hands are all tender feelings.

when interacting with both sexes, the warmth and romance within reach are holding hands and hugging. A thousand words can not bring the heart closer to the heart than the lingering of the body.

people who love you, whether they take a walk, go shopping, or go on a long trip, will subconsciously hold your hands and hold you in their arms. This is not only a habit that can't help but want to get close to you, but also a kind of treasure and sweetness from the heart.

just like in a variety show, the model couple pianists Lang Lang and Genna, as long as they are in the same frame, they can always be seen sticking together like Siamese twins.

either clasping hands, hugging each other, or kissing affectionately, touching the head, snuggling up to each other and inseparable.

Let us know that sweet love is held in the palm of the hand and held in the bosom.

is like a lyrics in "Ten fingers clasped":

"everyone knows how gentle this belief is when you clasp your hands together."

with the touch of palm temperature, it is the most authentic, the richest texture and the most stable sense of well-being and sense of security.

A person who has you in his heart will use his generous hands to hold you, protect you, hold you, hold hands and grow old together.


Heart: the love of the heart, the feeling of constant love

, among thousands of people, it is fortunate to meet.

when I meet love, I will think of her all the time. I will be inexplicably happy and excited when I see her, my heart is pounding, and I don't know what to do.

that's true.

when you fall in love with someone, it seems that you suddenly have a weakness in your heart. You want to take care of your beloved, relieve her of your worries, solve her difficulties, even if you help her do some small things as much as you can. My heart is also happy, willing, with no regrets.

just as emotional mentor Tu Lei said:

"if one person really loves another person, there will be a lot of worries inside." Afraid of each other hungry, afraid of each other cold, afraid of each other unhappy, afraid that she is in trouble. In his heart, he only wants each other to be nice, so he always misses her. "

A person who really loves you will always remember you in his heart and will tolerate you everywhere.

take practical actions to care about your mood, take care of your health, feel sorry for your efforts, and be willing to spend time and thought for you.

it is the right time to meet each other, but you need to cherish it with your heart. May you meet such a man to make your heart move and make you feel at ease.

if you really love someone, you don't have to be shy, you don't need to test too much, and you don't have to obey intuitive feelings and physiological reactions. That's the truest answer.

for a long time, may you find someone with physiological reaction to spend the rest of your life, give you a vigorous and joyful experience, and accompany you to count the light life.