Uzi saved League of Legends

Uzi saved League of Legends
An article that is long overdue.

even during prime time on weekends, you no longer need to queue up to log in to the server. Whether in the first district or in the suburbs, the red dots that symbolize server congestion no longer exist.

for this game, which has been with a generation for eight years, many people joked with emotion: "it's going to be cold."

the Akali mystery store, which buys hero skin at a discount, has been opened five times, and the average discount has all dropped below 50%. In addition, there are various activities such as lucky summoners and recalling old players, such as unspoiled concubines who are left out in the cold, studying how to use gaudy tricks to regain popularity every day.

"Please come back soon, I will give you anything."

May 2018 gave too many surprises to Chinese players.

on May 20, the RNG team won the world championship by beating KZ, the strongest team in the South Korean division, at 3:1 in this year's msi finals.

but miraculously, less than ten days after the end of the game, players in LOL China went backwards like crazy.

when people talk about the firing speed of the Uzi and its mad dog, they are no longer talking about the submachine gun, but the ADC of the RNG team.

but isn't this GIF really hacking Uzi?

all he did was save himself and realize his dream of winning a six-year championship. On the other hand, on the same front, we just pin our hopes on the hero Kasha chosen by Uzi.

because we have been waiting for this day for too long.

S3 finals, the royal family played SKT1 and was eliminated by 0: 30.

as a result, it was worn out by SKT1's plane + barrel poke, and he retreated layer by layer, unable to fight with all his strength until the economic gap widened and finally lost the game.

the royalty played wild insec Penson 6 grade down the road, and was successfully squatted by the middle field of SSW.

15-minute group battle, due to the awkward position of the transmission eye point on the royal family, the formation was divided and destroyed directly.

objectively speaking, was the royal family strong then? It is strong enough to be ranked second in the world.

teams below the championship fight to the death, but they can be easily pinched to death by the South Korean team.

there are different understandings of tactics, BP, vision, support, hero pool, play, and mentality.

nevertheless, these two world runners-up have really ignited League of Legends's popularity in China.

it is not a dream for professional players to retire and start a live broadcast with millions of heat per minute, playing games, selling cakes, and earning millions a month. Business tycoons also began to invest in LOL to form clubs and teams. Gone are the days when e-sports players were poor. Even a local city tournament held by an ordinary Internet bar can attract a large amount of investment and sponsorship.

originally those 16-and 17-year-old e-sports teenagers were just like Cai Xukun today. Some people went to the airport to pick them up at the competition, and there were female fans to express their love when they went live broadcast. If they won the competition, they said, "husband, I will give you monkeys." if you lose, you are not your pot.

this situation has virtually pushed all the teams in the LPL division into a quagmire-

on the field, they are unwilling to rush and do not want to start the group, and they only hope that there is no fault if they do not pursue success. after all, as long as they do not carry the big pot, fans will still be very fond of the players.

the players of the team are changing so fast that the professional arena has become a gilded place. It is enough to come up and walk around and go back to make a lot of money.

in my opinion, two of them are factory director and Uzi.

since the dissolution of the old we, the factory director has been working hard for six years, being held and hacked and given up, and he is also staring at the championship trophy, refusing to say the word retirement, and trying every means to pick the next championship trophy from South Korea.

at that time, people were also happy, but after three calls of congratulations, it seemed that nothing had happened, making life calmer.

the one who kills Faker is Pawn, the explosion output is Zhongdan and AD in Deft--EDG, and the two C bits are all Korean aid.

No one wants to spit it out too quickly. Hold it all, hold it for a while longer.

Big Brother Gogoing on the order, strong C in the single without state, and the first Uzi on the way down, these three tiger-like characters appear on the same team, and they are naturally placed with endless expectations and are called the most hopeful team to get into the S5.

so Uzi was replaced by Xiao Bei, and that year's OMG didn't even get a ticket to the S finals, so he left the team because of internal discord.

the reason why Uzi is called "crazy puppy", in addition to its own temper, it is more fierce and radical in alignment style, and in order to ensure radical output, it also needs a lot of resources and human head economic support.

very hungry and bitter, not to mention the championship trophy, most of the time I don't even have a chance to play.

at that time, Uzi pulled the coach and begged: "can you do it for four people, even four dozen five?" , just want to get a ticket to the S World Series, even if the chance of winning is only 1%.

Last year's Uzi returned to the newly formed royal all-Chinese class, called RNG.

the age of 20 is the turning point for Jane's pride to truly move towards the adult world.

this is the way he can give full play to his value.

S7 World Championship is held in China, the popularity of the event is unprecedented. In the semi-finals, 380 grandstand tickets were sold to 2000 yuan by scalpers, but some people still flew from all over the country to Shanghai one after another.Witnessed the landmark scene.

RNG met his old rival SKT,BO5 at 2: 2 this time, the atmosphere in the venue was burning to the extreme, the audience held the support card high, and every time gank succeeded, there was an amazing cheer. When the group battle lost, everyone's sigh was enough to make the mood low to the bottom.

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the whole audience burst into tears.

RNG everyone's eyes were red.

A year later, Uzi, sitting in the Zenith Stadium in Paris, will recall how many times he missed the world championship trophy, which is less than 10 meters in front of him.

and the audience knows what the five-star red flag dared to be printed on RNG uniforms means.

the wild mlxg, which played like a tiger all the way against KZ,RNG in the finals, was replaced, and at the top was the substitute Karsa, who had not played much recently, a move that wasted all the previous efforts of the KZ team, which had thoroughly studied the core mlxg of the opposing team and the Hero Pool before the game.

the rookie letme, facing the world's first order Khan of KZ, played steadily and steadily without being taken advantage of.

Ming is one of the countless helpers that best matches Uzi, and the other party even needs to leave the ban bit to her Kalma.

△, Kasha, is the MVP who uses R and flashes the limit to escape when playing KZ in the group stage, and is also the hero of all teams who dare not give it to Uzi in the second half of the schedule. At the same time, it is also the operation in the above GIF to keep the dog firmly in the position of "the number one ADC in the world".

before the last wave of regiment war broke out, Uzi calculated that the mercury tie of the opponent's ad was still cooling (both men in the Shangbo regiment battle had driven mercury at the same time), and provided information to his teammates. Tiger flashed in time for big control, and letme Orne took the other team's two c positions in one set.

these 5 seconds determine that the KZ championship trophy is destined to be taken away by RNG.

I always remember that when RNG lost to SKT last year, many people complained about why Faker should get Gallio for the last one.

S6, letme will only play tank orders, can not deal with SKT to get Jess, so every game will be ban.

on the one hand, because the hero pool is too shallow, on the other hand, after four games against Garrio, RNG thought he had found a way to deal with it and figured out a strategy, so he still chose to release Garrio at the match point.

Last year's RNG, just like the KZ this time, not only considered RNG's vampires, Orne, Kalma and other fear points, but also thought of the corresponding strategy when Kasha was released--

but did not expect that this time the RNG changed its life against heaven and reversed the script, not only was not suppressed, but firmly occupied a small advantage. On the other hand, through several waves of linkage, the emperor turned the world's first singles into autism, defusing the pressure of the mid-term regiment war.

so I dare say that this championship of RNG is by no means lucky and well-deserved.

it proves that LPL and LCK, China and South Korea have reached the top level in the LOL World Championships, and we are even better, ending years of South Korean rule.

the cheers and roars of the boys' dormitory exploded through the sky, while graduates struggled to control their emotions on the crowded subway.

this time, it has nothing to do with the official operational strategy.

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