What is the real pattern? Don't bother yourself, don't complain, don't force.

What is the real pattern? Don't bother yourself, don't complain, don't force.
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Wensu Yamamoto said:

most of the time, our lives are the result of our own choices.

you will have what kind of life you choose to face life with.

the best mentality for adults is not to worry, complain or force.


Don't worry about yourself, don't worry about it

Lu Xiangxian of the Tang Dynasty once said, "there is nothing in the world."

indeed, most of the time we think about things more complicated because of our own state of mind, and there are naturally more problems.

Fan Deng told a story when he explained that he was troubled by others, and he was very touched after listening to it.

there is a woman who found that her husband's credit card last Wednesday had a record of hotel spending. She asked her husband what he was up to last Wednesday, and the husband said he had gone to work.

she wondered whether her husband was disloyal to her and whether she had not done well enough. She cries to her best friend every day and wants a divorce.

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after struggling for a month, she planned to have a showdown with her husband, so she asked her husband again what he had done that Wednesday.

the husband felt a little unreasonable because he did go to work. So the woman showed him the hotel spending record of the credit card and asked him to accompany him to check the spending place of the credit card. The results found out

make people feel sad. It turned out that the husband went to the gas station to refuel, where the pose machine broke down, so he used the machine in the nearby hotel.

this woman's overthinking not only made her suffer in vain because of a trivial matter, but even almost got divorced.

as Fan Deng said:

some things are not complicated, what is complicated may be our thinking.

if there are too many little things, it will become a big thing. Entanglement, will only be the more upset.

when you encounter something that you can't figure out for a while, you might as well think about it from a different perspective instead of preconceived.

maybe you won't get yourself into pain or cause trouble to others.

Life is not easy, don't think too much about everything, don't worry about yourself, let yourself go, and let others go.


Don't complain, be content

in the movie Lord of the Rings: the Lord of the Rings, there is a classic line:

even if life is not easy, you still choose not to complain. In the end, you will get the gift of fate.

during this period of time, Huang Guoping, a PhD in engineering from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

he was born in a remote mountain village in Nanchong, Sichuan Province. On rainy days, bamboo shoots should be sewn with shell plugs to prevent leakage.

barefoot in hot days and thin clothes in cold days. At the age when he was supposed to concentrate on his studies, he was often interviewed by the teacher because he could not afford the tuition fee.

the suffering of life is much more than that. Mother, father and grandmother left one by one before he was 18.

however, he does not complain, only his enthusiasm for the future. There is no light in his world, but he lives as his own light.

raising piglets and catching rice field eel at night, he tried to feed himself with both hands. Reading at night in exchange for awards on the wall.

finally, he walked out of the mountain from Southwest University in Chongqing to the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, achieving his goal and contributing to the society.

he said: "because of these bits and pieces, I have the courage and patience to face any difficulties and challenges."

only an optimistic person can regard the sufferings of life as fertilizer for his own growth.

one netizen's comment was highly praised: "although life is so hard, there is no complaint, just grateful for the kindness and kindness conveyed by others."

faced with the same half-glass of water, contented people think about half a glass of water, while complainers think about how to have only half a glass of water.

when you want to complain about life, try to look at the difficulties of others around you, and you will find that you already have a lot.

not complaining and knowing how to be content will bring us closer and closer to a happy life.


No pressure, no gains and losses

everyone is working hard in order to live the life they want.

it's just that nine times out of ten things go wrong in life, and there are times when things go against their wishes.

Miura Ziyuan once said: "as long as you work hard, you will certainly succeed, in fact, it is a kind of arrogance."

the compulsive mindset will make us worry about gains and losses and fail to do the present thing well.

the life of Wang Yangming, a master of psychology, can be called a legend, which is inseparable from his mentality of "not worrying about loss and not enjoying it".

when he was young, he failed in the Jinshi exam for the first time. His family felt sorry for him, but he was not affected by his failure, and the people around him thought he was heartless.

he failed again in the second exam, and he still looked calm.

when Jinshi was in the exam for the third time, his family was excited to hold a feast for him. He just said calmly, "what is there to celebrate?"

later, Wang Yangming was demoted to Longchang in Guizhou under difficult conditions for impeaching an official.

instead of being depressed and frustrated by this, he settled down every day to think about the laws of heaven and earth, created a study of mind that has influenced to this day, and became one of the four saints of Confucianism.

there is a good saying: "if you work hard, you will go with fate."

do not insist, it does not mean to do things with an indifferent attitude, but to be able to face life with a more open-minded attitude.

Light gains and losses, focus on the process, and get things done in a down-to-earth manner. God has his own plan.

if you are in full bloom and the butterfly comes, you don't need to chase the butterfly.


very muchHuan Jia Pingwa wrote a sentence:

when it is not what you want, do not disturb yourself, you can have peace of mind.

when you go through hardships, you can only find a way out without complaining.

when you go all out, you don't have to force it before you can win or lose.

the best mindset to live is not to disturb yourself, not to complain, not to demand, to accept the present and to live in the sun.

in this way, life will be richer and more beautiful.