When I was a student, I didn't know the value of my labor.

When I was a student, I didn't know the value of my labor.
Maybe everyone used to think of themselves as cheap labor.


because of disorganization, I know a lot of writers on official accounts. Sometimes we do resource sharing in private, throwing out some requests that we don't have time to write, and see if anyone is willing to take over. If you come and go, everyone will know where the other person's writing ability is.

one of them, A Kang, worked as an intern at an advertising company in Guangzhou during the summer vacation. Although the company was not very famous, I felt that his heart was full of expectation and enthusiasm when he told me.

I asked him, "how do you calculate your intern's salary?"

he first sent me three periods, and then said, "actually, I don't know. I came in with a learning mentality. I didn't think too much about money, and the director hasn't talked to me about it yet."

I suggest he ask, because the question of money still has to be made clear, otherwise there will only be disputes over money in the future.

he said, "how am I supposed to talk about it? I never thought about it. And I don't dare to talk about it at all. I think I'm a busboy now. I can only help my colleagues. It's good that they are willing to give me this opportunity to learn. "

sometimes I really think idealism kills people, but since the other person doesn't mind it, I don't have to worry about him. So I can see him live his internship life in my moments every day, sometimes he has company dinners, and sometimes he complains when he works overtime. Although I like it, I still don't like it.

slowly, he updated less and less frequently, until I clicked into his circle of friends again and found that all his moments about the company had been deleted.

that is to say, he left his job.

I tentatively asked him: "resigned?"

he replied to me several paragraphs in succession, saying:

"it's actually because of the money." I asked the director more than once about his salary, but each time he immediately turned to the question of my own growth. He told me that all interns are paid very low at first, but as long as I am willing to do it, they will not treat me badly in the future. And everything I learn here will be mine.

at that time, I thought he was right. I worked overtime until ten o'clock in the evening. I would blame myself for all the manuscripts they didn't want to write, and sometimes I was so tired that I sent myself a circle of friends to beat me with chicken blood.

but you know, I didn't know until the moment I was paid that they calculated my salary according to the number of articles they sent, and they only gave me 50 yuan per article. At first I thought they had made a mistake, so I took the payroll and asked our director.

after listening to me, the director said, 'your salary is right. It's 50 yuan each, and I've tried my best to fight for it for you, because your article is actually mediocre, but I think you have the potential to do a good job.'

it was 05:30 in the afternoon, and the director was ready to leave with his bag. When he got to the door, he seemed to remember something. He turned to me and said, 'Today's tweet is for you, too. Give me a preview before 8 o'clock.'

really, my heart went cold at that moment. I silently deleted all the moments about the company. After deleting it, I sent a text message to the director, which probably means: I'm leaving my job. I want to go somewhere else. Thank you for your training during this time. "

I asked Ah Kang if his director had kept him, and he told me that this was the saddest part for him.

because the director not only didn't ask him to stay, but also made him look bad. The director said: "if you choose to leave because of your salary, then we will not keep you, because we provide more than just money."

A Kang realized at that moment that he was nothing but a low-level porter everywhere for the company, and he was not qualified to be retained at all.

A Kang told me that he didn't want much, but for 50 yuan a piece, it would be better not to give him any money. Because once he collects dozens of "50 yuan", it means that his work is only worth 50 yuan, and he feels that it is insulting the 8 or even 10 hours he spent on it.

he would rather post money than his time is worth only 50 yuan.


in fact, like Ah Kang, I used to feel that I didn't know anything, not to mention bargaining power, and didn't even know how much my work was worth. A year ago, when I was asked to quote, my heart trembled when I knocked down "80 yuan", because primary school students could figure it out, 80 yuan per article, 30 articles a month, that is, 2400 yuan. For me at that time, it was a sky-high price.

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I remember once meeting a man who replied to me after my offer: "Sorry, I'm a little straight, but is your article really worth 80 yuan?"

I feel exposed on this side of the computer. I can't wait to shrink into the corner and finally say to each other, "how about 60 yuan a piece?"

the other person said, "all right, let's try to work together."

I remember that article. It took me a whole day to write it, and every time I sent it to the other party, it was returned and revised, and I changed it back and forth almost five times before the other party felt that I had barely passed. When I received WeChat red packet, who was worth 50 yuan, his comment was: "it's good, but it can be better."

I held my phone, looked at the two numbers, and thought for a long time.

"it turns out that my day is only worth 60 yuan. "

that's my conclusion. I can't even afford a decent meal.

maybe I felt the same way the day A Kang resigned. We understood the difference between idealism and reality at the age when we had the strongest desire.How far away is it? we find that if we want to live by writing, we have to become more powerful.

We have learned to be aggrieved, not only for ourselves, but also for our works.

maybe what you need to change from a student to a social person is this kind of "indignation". We begin to know how to enhance our value and improve our bargaining power with speech skills. To understand the price of this market, we will also set a bottom line for ourselves. The standard of this bottom line has nothing to do with the length of working hours, but is determined by the value of the work itself.

We are beginning to understand what "what we can do" and what "value for money" means.

I think of a senior sister who said to me, "if you can't live a good life, it's impossible to work well, so no matter how low my salary is, I still have to give myself a certain degree of living security." Otherwise, it will only fall into an endless cycle. And when you understand this truth, you will make your job worthy of your salary.

similarly, you will make your salary worthy of your job. "


finally, people always grow up.

yesterday I went out for a drink with Ah Kang. He told me that he was going to finish the noodles at the Blue label this Friday, and that he should be an intern there during the summer vacation. I also told him about my current situation and talked about what we used to do at work.

he said that the previous company had basically changed a group of people. According to former colleagues, it was because the boss was too stingy to hire regular employees, and he always recruited a lot of junior and senior interns. Their monthly salary is very low, but it also means that they are incompetent. They always ask us old employees to wipe their buttocks, and as time goes by, they hate that company.

he asked me how the chaos is now, and the fee must be much higher.

I smiled and said to him, "80 yuan used to buy us an article, but now we just have to write well and appreciate it to 200 yuan, don't you think?"

he smiled and said, "things are different now."

I punched him and said, not yet.

maybe to grow up is to learn to recognize the value of your labor.

"work hard &  play hard"