When you are middle-aged, don't show off these things in your moments. They seem to be sought after by others, but they are actually annoying.

When you are middle-aged, don't show off these things in your moments. They seem to be sought after by others, but they are actually annoying.
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show off one's wealth

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there is an old saying: "customers do not leave goods, wealth does not show off."

is intended to exhort people to keep their money and not to reveal it to outsiders at will.

but I don't know when the trend of "keeping up with the comparison" began to prevail in moments.

if you show a big three-bedroom house, I must show luxurious decoration;

if you show your daily salary, I must post a rich year-end bonus;

if you take your child on a domestic tour, I must take my child on a trip abroad.

it seems that the more rich you are, the more you can be superior.

but a person's strength has never been achieved by "showing off his wealth".

as teacher Huang Jing said in the program if you are the one:

people who really achieve something are generally very low-key in life.

like Guo Jingjing, who married into a wealthy family, she never shows off her wealth. She usually buys a leather rope with one yuan, and a bag can carry it for four or five years.

but no one has ever doubted her strength.

full ears of wheat bow their heads toward the earth most of the time.

when one day, you can let go of the so-called face and vanity and no longer rely on a brief sense of superiority to be satisfied, your life will really begin.


showing off one's happiness

there is a saying on the Internet: "Modern people often confuse sharing with showing off."

I think so.

nowadays, many people record their "happy life" in their moments:

how many big-name gifts my husband bought for his birthday yesterday;

Today's anniversary, which high-end restaurants you went to with your wife;

tomorrow is not here yet, and you are already planning where to travel.

No one knows that showing off is not equal to sharing.

sharing is a sign of love for life, and deliberately showing off will only make others think how vain you are.

people who are really happy never need to prove it by showing love.

one of my classmates, after she was with her boyfriend, they seldom mentioned each other in the moments.

when my friends thought they were going to be unable to walk, they suddenly received an invitation to get married.

later, I asked her curiously, "you have such a good relationship, how come you never post it in your moments?"

students say

words happily, sober and self-aware.

Happiness is like drinking water, knowing whether it is warm or cold.

the last thing we need is to live in the eyes of others, wring ourselves and hating others.

after all, true happiness is never in the eyes of others, but in your own heart.


people who are really capable tend to be silent, act calmly, and do things naturally;

on the contrary, those who make noises all day long mostly don't have much in their bellies.

I have heard a story.

Wang Guowei, a famous master of Sinology in China, once invited Puyi to his home.

during the

period, he showed Puyi his half-lifetime collection of antique calligraphy and painting, gold, stone and jade with great interest, and wanted to take this opportunity to show off his talent in front of Puyi.

who would have thought that Puyi didn't have much interest in it at all.

even pointed to one of them and said, "this one of yours is a fake."

Wang Guowei was surprised that these were all treasures he had carefully selected. His cultural attainments were so profound that he could not be mistaken.

so after Puyi left, he immediately found a friend to identify it, and it was really a fake.

from then on, Wang Guowei threw himself to the ground that the last emperor admired.

but Puyi said carelessly:

there are people outside the people, there are days outside the sky.

never show off your knowledge to others, because it is likely to become a lesson.

only keeping a humble heart at all times is the best way to protect yourself.


show off your contacts

what is a network?

Wanqing, a writer, once said:

if you don't have hard power, no matter who you know, networking will be a joke.

my friend Dapeng used to be the sales manager of a company. Because of the needs of the business, he got to know a lot of bosses and awesome people in the industry.

in his circle of friends, he is either taking a photo with a gathering of an industry elite or a screenshot of chatting with a celebrity.

in the eyes of outsiders, Dapeng is a powerful figure with a wide range of contacts.

once, when a friend asked him for help, Dapeng complacently agreed, thinking that with his connections, he would be able to do these little things in minutes.

who knows, when he really called, the other party just had a few perfunctory words with him and hung up the phone.

on the other hand, my friend thought that Dapeng didn't want to help him, so he complained about him.

long after the incident, Dapeng talked to another friend about it, and the friend said to him, "you are just too smug." You are just a sales manager. Why should anyone help you? The previous promise was only to deal with the platform behind you, not because of you. "

only then did Dapeng realize that he mistakenly regarded the strength of the platform as his own strength, and even mistook the politeness of others for his own popularity.

as the saying goes: no diamond, no porcelain work.

No matter how many people you know, don't easily take on what you can't do.

if you rely solely on knowing more people, you will take responsibility for everything, and the more things you do in the end, the more people will offend you.

Life is often achieved in moderation, defeated in excess, and mistakenly in loss.

keep a low profile and you will naturally have less trouble.

Zeng Guofan once said: "he who is fond of defeating others will have no place to defeat others. He who can defeat others will not win."

showing off is a human instinct, which is understandable.

but boasting and showing off regardless of occasion and reality is just a matter of inner vanity and competitive heart.

especially when people reach middle age, if they still fail to achieve self-knowledge and self-control, and act willfully in the circle of friends, they will not only not add glory to themselves, but will be annoying and annoying.

people who are really capable never talk loudly.

they are well aware that some achievements do not have to be spoken out, and some strengths do not necessarily have to be shown.

speak appropriately and leave room for doing things in order to live a more meaningful life.