When your interest becomes a job

When your interest becomes a job
Are you as afraid of work as I am of murdering interest?


when I was just disorganized, I interviewed two brothers who were very good in my eyes to understand why they had become "awesome". But I had already come to my own conclusion before the interview. At that time, I thought that a person who became strong always had something to do with his family environment.

when I really finished talking to those "awesome" brothers, I found that the family's help to them was minimal.

but they also have something in common, that is, behind the "awesome", there is a "sense of security" that they do not know.

they are not afraid of failure and feel that it is an acceptable choice to start all over again. I know it's a little bit like "burning our bridges".

but it has been a whole year since the last interview. Neither of them has yet used the trick of "burning their bridges". On the contrary, they have gone farther and farther along the road they established a year ago, and they have gone more and more smoothly.

their experience has made me realize that making a living by interest does not kill interest.


during the summer vacation of my sophomore year, I worked as an intern in a company, and my main job was to run Subscription account.

but I resigned after working there for half a month.

that half of the month was so painful that I didn't think I knew anything about new media operation at all. One night I was called into the office by my boss. He said that I wouldn't deal with my colleagues. My writing was so boring that I didn't understand the psychology of the students at all.

in fact, I admit that a lot of what he said is right. For example, I've been working for a week. I haven't even added up my colleague's Wechat or memorized the company's rules and regulations. Sometimes I foolishly walked into his office with my notebook and asked his opinion.

he said that the boss should do multiple choice questions, not thinking questions.

at the first meeting after I went in, they told me that Subscription account was targeting junior high school students and asked me to write about topics they were interested in.

I was confused, because before that, I always thought "student" meant "college student", but I thought I could survive by gritting my teeth.

so I began to try to write articles about "military training" and "all schools in Dongguan will unify their uniforms". When you finish it, you hand it in, but you always get a reply:

"you write too long, and students don't like to read long articles."

"you are too gentle. You should be approachable."

I remember very much that I started to write an article at noon and wrote it until 10:00 in the evening, and I was turned back. I began to doubt myself and stop writing after work in the evening. Instead, I found some relaxing movies to watch.

at that time, I was about to give up thinking.

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I know I don't like to write so-called "approachable" words, but I also know that

We can't just do what we like.

but no matter how much you comfort yourself, you will know how much you hate that job. So I told my boss late at night after school that I was going to resign and thank him for his care and teaching over the past half a month.

delving into something you don't like is as painful as delving into your heart.


after I resigned, I complained to one of my seniors, saying, "it was so painful after my interest became a job."

he interrupted me and said to me, "you are wrong. Do you like writing, which means you like all writing?" The content of marketing account is not your interest in itself, it's just that they are divided into the same area as your expertise, and you mistakenly think that it is your interest.

how dare you say you are interested in murder at work when you are still so far from the word 'professional'? "

drink it in the head.

that's when I realized what the problem was.

my level simply does not allow me to rely on this "interest" for a living, which is why I look so embarrassed and timid. I have neither work nor data to prove my theory. Why does my boss believe me?

and in the beginning, I picked the wrong company.

I want to work hard. They need to cast a wide net.

how can we cooperate happily if we have different ideas?

so the first job is very important.

because the atmosphere of that company, as well as the level of expertise, will affect your later career.

the predecessor who slapped me on the head was actually the design director who devoted himself to vision.

We have worked together many times in private and talked to him a lot about work, life and dreams. Every time the eel whale and I feel that we are in a bad state, we will talk to him when we are decadent to death, and then we can get the answer from him every time.

he said:\ "if the world is a great torrent, even if I know that I cannot be the leader of this torrent, I also hope that, as the one who drives the torrent, my descendants can go further ahead of the torrent.\"

I have been to the office of full vision more than once, and what gives me the feeling is freedom. As long as your ideas are good enough, you can do things the way you want.

by the way, one of the brothers I mentioned in the first part went to devote himself to visual work.

I asked him how he felt doing there, and he said, "Let's have a good free." (we are very free here)

so if I were a designer or designer, I think I would send my first resume to him. Because that kind of professionalism, attitude and atmosphere is what many small companies lack.

in our lives, there are countless choices, some of which are forced, but more of which are made by ourselves.

I hope most of your choices will not make you later.Regret.