Why are we so excited to see snow?

Why are we so excited to see snow?
I don't care if it's graupel or snow.

Wen /Zhang Jingshi


some people don't understand why all southerners in moments are so excited today. Isn't it just a light snow? some even rush out to give us popular science, pointing to the small videos and saying:

"that's graupel, not snow."

to be honest, we know that it is not snow, it is a mixture of ice and Rain Water, they do not fall, but faster than Rain Water, like pebbles falling to the ground. But no one cares if it is snow, ice or graupel.

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because the message we all want to convey is very simple, with only one sentence: "look, this is our winter."

if you stay in Dongguan all year as I do, you will know that Dongguan has failed in winter five times. Watching the students in the north show how thick their down is, we are still wearing short-sleeved shorts, and our long-sleeved coats are still in the wardrobe when others are busy buying thicker clothes.

so winter is actually very important to every southerner, because it is always fleeting. But no matter how short the duration of winter is, only when we really feel its existence do we want to believe that we have reached the end of the year.

otherwise, why do so many people run outside on the coldest day, when the sky is still sleet (ice), stretch out their palms to welcome the arrival of winter, and take small videos to share with you.


in the past 2015, I have been to Hunan twice, and apart from that, I have never left Guangdong Province.

so if you are like me (of course I don't want you to be like me, because it's miserable), you know how sacred snow is to us.

Snow means reunion.

my mother told me that when it snowed heavily when I was a child, adults did not want to go out to work, but the whole family nestled by the stove and stretched out their hands to keep warm. At that time, on the contrary, it was the most popular time of the year, and everyone had no other thoughts. They just wanted everyone to talk about things at home, and even the children took out cards to play, and every adult hid behind to guide them, cheering when they won, and not sad when they lost, because they were all defused by sun-dried peanuts or laughter.

when I listened to my mother talking about that, I realized that I hadn't sat down and chatted with her for a long time.

and it is precisely because the weather is too cold that I am willing to sit by the sofa and watch TV with her, she is banging on melon seeds, I am playing with my cell phone, and I am talking about her childhood sentence by sentence.

Snow means to face up to difficulties.

in movies and TV dramas in the north, there is always a scene in which the protagonists and heroines hug each other in the snow, then say love words and lament the purity and perfection of snow.

I don't know what northerners think, but among the southerners I know, they are all looking forward to such a scene and looking forward to leaving such a picture in their lifetime.

the composition of the Trichotomy, and then there is the figure of herself and her relying on each other in the large white snow.

in fact, there is such a principle in love, which is called "obstacle principle". In other words, every relationship will encounter obstacles that belong to them, perhaps in a different place, maybe because of different values, or because parents of both sides disagree. If you cross that obstacle, your emotional quality will rise to another level.

so why do we want to travel with our partner? because tourism itself is an obstacle. When we are separated from the interference of all external factors (parents, work), we get along day and night and face all the problems, including which hotel to book, so that we can know more about the other half standing next to us.

on the other hand, snowy days visualize the obstacles. Two people who have experienced such extreme weather will comfort themselves: "We have overcome another difficulty." To deepen the relationship between the two sides.

I don't know if you have ever heard of this sentence:

when it snows, be sure to ask your favorite person out for a walk. Because you are not careful, you will go white together.


whether the snow indicates a bumper year or the extremely bad weather, even if I am considered to be following the trend when I send a short video to my moments, I don't want to miss the first snow that belongs to us in 2016. And it is said that the last time it snowed in Dongguan was in the 18th year of Guang Xu, that is, 124 years ago. Of course, I wouldn't say that it took us 124 years to wait for such a snow. I just want to say I'm lucky to be able to meet it in my lifetime.

and in fact, what people expect is not how much the temperature will drop to negative degrees, but the spring after the snow melts.

that means that the new year is coming, and it is spring and hope.

pay attention to keep warm, in fact, sometimes mobile phones and computers are not as good as the rain and snow that you look up.

"when we met, it happened to be the weirdest time in my life."

"you met me at a very strange time in my life"