Why did we choose "against the current" as the theme of this TEDxXichenglou conference?

Why did we choose "against the current" as the theme of this TEDxXichenglou conference?
Why should we choose a theme that looks rebellious?

number of ◤ participants

◤ theme: countercurrent

\ "countercurrent" aims to explore more possibilities for the development of things by encouraging people to trace the development process of things, reflect on the problems at the bottom of society, and fully realize the real social value.

Oba is the PM of this TEDxXichenglou conference. If I remember correctly, the theme of "countercurrent" came to mind when we were running around the school. Autumn comes very slowly in Dongguan, and we brainstorm on the school road wearing short-sleeved shorts, constantly coming up with new ideas.

keep putting forward, vetoing and explaining.

until we were about to run into the dormitory area, people around us rushed in the direction of the canteen, and we passed countless classmates.

he stopped and said, "Let's use the countercurrent."

the image of Oba

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Wen, Oba.

asked a lot of people, and when they hear the word countercurrent for the first time, they probably think of things that move backwards in the current. Many people say that your purpose of talking about countercurrent is not a little inspirational. Indeed, every TEDx speech hopes to convey a relatively positive and fair point of view.

in the previous push, it is not difficult to see that our interpretation of the theme of countercurrent is somewhat narrow. we limit this countercurrent to the countercurrent of time. When you go back to freshman year from senior year, how different universities you will experience and how different you will be. Which leads to, if time goes against the current, what would you want to change?

it is true that our interpretation is narrow, but the thinking we hope to make is:


if you can have the opportunity to re-examine yourself

maybe you will choose a different life


if you use the word "countercurrent" in Baidu, it is not difficult to find that there is a writer in Baidu encyclopedia who has a note on the word countercurrent in the novel of the same name, which is basically similar to the final theme we want to convey.

there is a passage in

that "countercurrent" goes against the current because "Shun" represents the behavior and views of a larger group or this group, and such a group or behavior or view is usually recognized and praised, while "countercurrent" is a very small part of the group or behavior or view. Although these things are not understood and approved by "smooth" things, they are not contrary to human nature, so they have to be called "inverse".

We talk about countercurrent, which refers to an act or thought that can adhere to oneself in the mainstream and not blindly follow the mainstream.

that is to say, countercurrent is only a figurative expression, and its ultimate goal is to be closer to the truth. Whether it is the countercurrent on the timeline, or the countercurrent in mainstream thought or behavior, they all share a common purpose. And this is what we want to convey at this conference.

countercurrent is not only to move forward, but also to stick to it.

if we want to explain this point of view from a realistic point of view, we can conceive such a picture:

during the rush hour, a subway full of people crowded with each other, the subway arrives at a transit station, and many people have to transfer at this station, so many people get off, thus forming the so-called great stream.

the person who had three plans not to get off at this station

A was squeezed off by the rush of people, but he soon realized that getting off at this station could actually get to his destination faster, so his sadness did not haunt him for long, then turned to smile and followed the flow of people.

B was squeezed out of the car by a flood of people, but he was not as lucky as A. He hadn't figured out which station he was going to take next and was pushed by the stream. He just thought that following people would always find the way, so although he was confused, he also followed the crowd.

C was squeezed by the rush of people, but because he grasped the pull ring in his hand from the moment he got on the bus, the crowd could not push him out of the car. C stayed in the car when the door closed again.

in this picture, C's behavior is a countercurrent.

he does not go in the opposite direction of the mainstream, because most of the time only one door is open, so you can only choose to stay in the car or get off to follow the flow of people. And C grasps the pull ring, we will take this moral as true, because C knows what he wants, so even in the continuous progress, he still holds on to himself.

in this story, both An and C passively or actively choose a path that suits them, no matter whether it is downstream or countercurrent, they will eventually reach the finish line, while B may take a few more detours because of this temporary confusion, or may not reach the finish line.

when we talk about countercurrent today, we do not completely deny the mainstream. After all, the so-called conformance depends only on the number of people who agree with this view over a period of time and the guidance of some public opinion. And as long as this downstream is suitable for their own heart, it is good.

several guests of this countercurrent conference, some of them are doing something different from the mainstream development in their personal development, and some hold slightly different views from the mainstream status quo. some, as a so-called countercurrent group, hope to occupy their own place in the current, and hope to be understood by the current and seek common ground while reserving differences. They will show us a wonderful thing in the other direction.

at the same time, we have also designed more behavioral experiences and workshops, hoping to show the brilliance of this other direction.

at the same time, we hope to see you then.

I just don't know if this is you, A, already, or C who grabs the zipper.