Why is college different from what I imagined?

Why is college different from what I imagined?
Fantasy is always so plump.

I originally thought that the campus environment and life of the university would be like those on-screen youth films, with boulevards, perfect hardware facilities, dedicated professors, an all-night library and a warm dormitory for four. Originally, I thought that the student union was an organization that gained more cohesion than work results. I originally thought that the school would serve the students in a practical way. However, it turns out that these are all what I thought.

the original is different from the original.

for example, in the university, I encountered seemingly "threats". The interview with the student union of the university not long ago went smoothly because of some sudden and inevitable personal reasons during the internship. I confessed to my brother and sister that I wanted to quit, although I finally withdrew, but what I couldn't understand most in the process of negotiation and what I was most afraid of afterwards was a sister's words that seemed to threaten intentionally or unintentionally. "I don't mean to scare you," she said. "it may be a little inconvenient for you to do what you do now." Is there a term "blacklist" in the student union? Quit. Why do you seem to offend someone?

for example, my classmate applied for a job in the attendance center, and there were obvious materials to prove that she needed such resources, but the other day she told me that she had been brushed down without even being qualified for an interview. Then today, I saw the boy working in the library management position in the library using iPhone6.

for example, in college, I met a kind of "undedicated" teacher. For the whole two classes, he did not speak for more than 15 minutes. For the rest of the time, he put a "teaching video" with picture quality and no subtitles. Even the first two rows of students in the class fell down, but the teacher didn't seem to see it. Later, I learned from another teacher that the teachers in the university all assess the status of the industry according to the results of scientific research, and teaching alone has no utilitarian effect on them. Am I the only one who can't accept a teacher who doesn't give a good lecture?

my good friend W is studying in other provinces. He is holding a sports meeting these two days. There is no atmosphere for the sports meeting at the university. Everyone can come if they want, but they won't come if they don't want to. There is no audience at all in the auditorium, only the staff in red and blue work vests with "Student Union" work cards hanging around their necks. She said, "well, during the two days of the sports meeting, people in our school all chose to take the school bus to the city to play.

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before the university, a sports meeting was enough for us to have a party half a month before the opening, or at least prepare for the party. The sports meeting in the university was unexpectedly deserted.

I asked two trusted friends, "in your imagination, what college would be like"

Q said: "at least not like this

" before I went to college, I thought college would be better than high school, but now, except for a little less time for homework, I don't even know what I want, and I can feel that a lot of people around me are like this. I'm sure I'm not the only one. " "maybe I am more extreme, at least I think in colleges and universities, the school will consider the practical interests of students more, how to train students, rather than spend hundreds of millions of dollars verbally to build this school into a first-class university in many years. I originally thought that free time could do what college students really wanted to do, and the school had corresponding support. but why is my free time often used indiscriminately to blackmail us into attending lectures that we are not interested in or have no nutrition for our major? " "I thought I would have a lot of free time in college and I could finally do whatever I like and continue to paint and learn piano, but I found that this was not the case," Y said. "the things of the class student union and the club make me feel very difficult to position myself. I often have to think about how not to appear purposeful before every sentence I often say, and whether there is a plan in what others say. I feel so tired."

that sentence is true: "you think the university is an ivory tower, but in fact it is a small society." Many things, "original" and "original" are not the same.

therefore, we must have low expectations of what others call "good".

this is just my disappointment. What about you in college? why don't you tell me in the comments