Win more than 7, it means you are very young! (very accurate)

Win more than 7, it means you are very young! (very accurate)
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what is youth?

Samuel Ullman replied.

Young is not a time in the journey of life, nor is it the vigor of pink cheeks, lips and physique.

it is a state in the heart, an idea in the mind, a creative potential in rational thinking, a vigorous vitality in emotional activities, and a ray of east wind in the depths of the spring of life.

so, do not say that you are old, as long as you think, then you will always be young!

some time ago, People's Daily interviewed thousands of post-50s people in 17 cities in China and found that many of them are 30-40 years old.

A test model made by sociologists in the north, Guangzhou, Guangzhou and Guangzhou. Look at your mentality and see if you are still young.

compare the following 12 items to see how many you meet:

1, have at least one hobby

you love cabbage, I love ginger, you love dancing, I love singing. Hobby is the light of life. So hobbies must not be less.

when people have hobbies, they will be able to open up a spiritual paradise of their own in addition to their daily necessities. Hobbies have nothing to do with fame and fortune, but only about inner joy, so life becomes alive.

there is a maxim: give time to life, not to life.

develop a hobby and do what you want to do. when you are immersed in it and are happy with it, you will meet a better and more open self.

2, adhere to exercise, and really like sports, a day without exercise but uncomfortable

exercise is the most cost-effective investment.

people who keep exercising will have a tighter figure, stronger oxygen uptake capacity and higher basic metabolism.

not only that, studies have found that exercise can improve bad mood, make people happy, and even effectively prevent and treat symptoms such as nervous tension, insomnia, irritability and depression.

all in all, people who maintain exercise habits look younger, more energetic, and more beautiful than their inactive peers.

3. I have become more and more fond of traveling. I feel that travel is a necessity in life, and it has become a habit

some people say: "when one is old, one never begins to travel again." Travel teaches you not to stand still and pursue your dreams. No longer immutable, pack your bags, pack up and set out to change your life.

Travel allows you to embrace the unknown and live with it without fear of the unknown. People who love to travel must have a different attitude towards life.

4, like to play Wechat or QQ, like to use video calls, smartphone is a necessity, like to follow the trend

whether at home or out, day or night, we will pay special attention to Wechat or QQ messages. I will also be overjoyed for a blessing and a like in moments.

when you are free, you can make a video call with your children and send out your voice. Even if you are not around, you can still know the current situation of your children.

5. Try online shopping and start buying things you didn't want to buy before

if you want to say the most popular way of shopping now, it must be online shopping. Therefore, try to go online shopping, to buy some things they are reluctant to buy and want very much, can also add a lot of color to the small life.

people with a young mindset will actively try new things and always learn everything with curiosity.

in them, you may be able to see the wrinkles around the corners of your eyes, but what makes you stare even more is his radiant face and his love of life.

6, consciously create a little romance and hug your partner.

Romance is not exclusive to young people. At our age, we can be romantic once in a while. Make a special dinner for your family, buy yourself a coveted gift, be willing to raise a few pots of green plants, and make some gadgets.

how can people like this have the heart to let them grow old?

7. I still feel uncomfortable when I am called "the old man" by others

Haruki Murakami once said, "I always thought that people grow old slowly, but in fact they are not. People grow old in an instant."

when a person does not mind the address of others and is not enthusiastic about life, that is the beginning of one's real aging. Therefore, people with a young mindset will care what others call themselves.

8, more and more like singing and dancing

now in the streets and alleys of various areas, in the evening, there is always familiar music and square dance. We get together, talk and laugh, sing and dance, and make the ordinary life interesting.

"doing what you like is not wasted." No matter what age you are, it is never too late as long as you want to do what you want to do.

9. Still have an impulse for good-looking clothes

there is an old Chinese saying that "people depend on clothes, horses rely on saddles."

Busylooking for a piece of summer gowns for brides to flaunt your sexuality? Enjoy the combination of simplicity and utility.

when you lower your dress, you also lower your standard of living. If you have been living under your own low standard of living, you will become numb, and one day you will lose your goal.

so no matter what age you are, be sure to dress well so that you can pursue a better life.

10, have a heart that loves beauty, look in the mirror more than once a day, occasionally apply facial mask, and pay attention to appearance

people should be fashionable and attractive. Having a beauty-loving mentality can not only beautify oneself and add spirit, but also beautify the society and become a "sunset scenery".

11, like lively, like the feeling of being with friends and family

No one likesLonely, people who love to laugh tend to love lively.

A study shows that

people with extensive social networks are 50% more likely to live longer than those with fewer friends, and the physical damage of not interacting with people for a long time is equivalent to smoking.

sharing pleasure with friends doubles happiness; sharing hardship halves sorrow; among friends, we get support and maintain healthy habits together.

people who like to be lively will be younger.

12. I don't care about the things that bothered me in the past. People are becoming more and more open-minded and contented

people often benefit from two pills: one is called "contentment" and the other is called "gratitude".

the heart is full of sunshine, and the natural scent of flowers is full of paths.

our hearts are like a container. When there is more trouble, there is less happiness; when there is more desire, there is less satisfaction.

learn to let go so that you can hold new happiness. There is no burden in the heart, but the natural face is young.

13. The most common saying is: state of mind, health is the most important

he is strong, the breeze blows the hills; he crosses him, and the moon shines on the river. Therefore, when you encounter troubles, treat them with a smile, and life will always start today!

14, not so fond of light food, sometimes also want to go out for a big meal

light meal, insipid; occasionally big meal, refreshing and appetizing.

so once a semimonthly, it is also a pleasant and positive experience to put on your favorite clothes, bring your old wife, invite some old friends, go out and enjoy being young and taste foreign food that you have never eaten before.

15. I like to play with children and enjoy the fun of taking care of grandchildren

what people of my age look forward to most is to tease their grandchildren. If you are laughing with your children in the morning, jumping alive in the afternoon, humming a small tune in your mouth and snoring in the evening, it means that your life must be very happy, and full of fun and childish fun.

if the above, you have:

1-6: your mindset is under 55 and has not yet entered the mentality of old age. But you should always update yourself, constantly cultivate your interests and maintain a good state of mind.

6-12: your state of mind is between 30 and 40, full of energy, it is a good time to enjoy your golden life.