Wu Yifan's case was spread online that involved a new type of drugs and lost consciousness in 5 minutes

Wu Yifan's case was spread online that involved a new type of drugs and lost consciousness in 5 minutes
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recently, the incident of "Wu Yifan was criminally detained on suspicion of rape" has attracted public attention, which has been continuously reported by all major state media.

among them, many netizens found that China Drug Control, the official Wechat platform of the office of the National Drug Control Commission, also posted the incident.

many netizens smell something unusual:

is it really, as netizens say, that the "Wu Yifan case" is involved in drugs?

whether it is true or not, we will not comment on it until the official announcement is made.

just yesterday morning, Wu Yifan's account was blocked by the entire online platform, and "the third generation of drugs mixed with drinks" was also searched on Weibo.

I really hope that all girls and parents can pay attention to "new drugs" and "third-generation drugs".


after drinking more than half a glass of orange juice and eating a piece of chicken nuggets, I felt sleepy for a minute and completely lost consciousness for about five minutes.

this is not a movie segment, this is the true case of a recent criminal verdict.

on April 27th, people's Daily online posted such a Weibo with a headline that makes people's hair stand on end.

this is not a case.

two years ago, Li, a "Mercedes-Benz man" in Shanghai, began to "hunt" beautiful women online, pick each other up in a Mercedes-Benz on a date, and rape them by injecting "LSD" into their drinks.

after that, Li also filmed a video and sent it to dealers selling obscene drugs, because "if you do so, you can get a discount next time."

by stunning each other and then sexually assaulting, Li has assaulted a total of 4 women.

he was caught on the spot by the police when he was ready to commit violence on a woman who drank LSD for the last time.

in April this year, "Mercedes-Benz man" Li was sentenced to 14 years in prison for rape.

did these girls who were raped by him really feel nothing at that time?

one of the victims, Zhang, a Shanghai girl, described the details as follows:

at that time, I felt that the can of beer tasted a little strange, and it became more and more bitter. After drinking it, I felt a little dizzy, and then I lost consciousness after a few drinks.

when I woke up, I was a little confused, staggered home and fell asleep.

when I recall the situation of that night, I don't know the details at all. I don't remember anything. She was even assaulted, and her boyfriend found it when she was changing her underwear.

the following case with a picture will make you feel more impacted.

Having difficulty making the right choice in a variety of homecoming suits for ladies in online stores? Pefect for formal affairs or an informal ceremonies.

in 2018, the surveillance footage of a Japanese restaurant in Shanghai captured a shocking scene.

A couple-like man and woman are having a meal. While the girl bows her head to play the game, the boy quietly pours the prepared "obedient water" into the girl's drink.

the girl was unaware of it and then drank up the drink in the cup.

before long, the girl showed signs of dizziness, and the boy took the weak girl in his arms and pretended to be very close.

next, the boys will take girls who are a little confused and walk unsteadily to a pre-booked hotel for rape.

according to the boy's own confession, he has been premeditating for assaulting girls for a long time and has long bought "obedient water" online.

and this girl may have no idea that her gentle "friend" is an animal who violates her clothes.

the most terrible thing is that such news is found in a pile:

Yangzi Evening News: in 2018, a man in Suzhou mixed roofies in milk and raped female netizens.

thepaper.cn: in 2017, a female college student in Nanjing was sexually raped by three men at a party.

legal Evening News: in 2017, a pair of cousins singled out female classmates or friends around them, put drugs into drinks or alcohol, not only raped, but also took photos and videos.

in front of a case, we have to face up to the answer:

misty drugs do exist.

if someone wants to harm you with ecstasy, it's as simple as eating and drinking water.

what on earth is a drug? Where does the drug come from? Who is handing knives to these criminals?

to be honest, before I wrote this article, I only heard about "ecstasy" from some news on the Internet. When I really face this problem squarely and study it carefully, I only feel that my back is cold and shocking.


I have heard a lot of rumors about ecstasy before, such as:

the bad guy slaps you on the shoulder and you will obediently follow him;

the bad guy puts a towel over your mouth and nose, and within 10 seconds you will pass out and be pushed around.

however, in known crimes such as rape, we have not seen this kind of criminal modus operandi of "slap and fall" and "faint at one smell".

in more cases of roofies, the perpetrators put drugs in drinks, drinks, or even food, so that the victims really "eat into the stomach", and then make them lose consciousness, and then commit a crime.

there are many kinds of "oral" drugs with a variety of names: "obedient water", "amnesia water", "good water"....

although they have different names, the vast majority of roofies are psychotropic drugs with hypnotic and sedative effects.

according to the analysis of drug composition, no matter which kind of drug it is, it is not separated from the following three ingredients:

triazolam, the king of misty medicine

commonly known as Mongolian sweat medicine, misty medicine, also known as Haileshen, belongs to powerful sedative hypnotic.

Features: colorless and tasteless, any liquid is soluble, once injected into the liquid, it is difficult to detect.

consequence: it can cause people to fall asleep for more than ten minutes.Time varies, and excess can lead to side effects such as delirium, mania, personality change and so on.


commonly known as Smurfs, dating rape drugs, seduction tablets

characteristics: soluble in alcohol, slightly soluble in water.

consequences: light causes temporary amnesia, severe causes stupidity and endangers life.

flunazepam can also make people "fragment". In other words, during the effect, it can interfere with your memory, so that you can not remember anything, which is tantamount to amnesia.

γ-hydroxybutyric acid

commonly known as: good water, amnesia water, obedient water, happy liquid

characteristics: colorless and tasteless liquid, very easy to dissolve in alcohol.

consequences: there will be symptoms of dizziness and muscle weakness, and serious ones will quickly lose consciousness and lose self-control.

"obedient water" is the most common drug, and most criminals use it.

the most powerful thing about this drug is that it works quickly, causes the victim to faint quickly, and can also cause memory loss.

the above scenarios are scary when you think about them.

in theory, most of the above drugs are psychotropic drugs, especially flunazepam, which have been classified as "drugs". How did these criminals buy them?

the fact is: ecstasy is easier to buy than you think.


illegal traders who sell drugs can be said to be all-pervasive. Small advertisements with the banner of "self-defense" are often seen on street walls and telephone poles:

in toilets in public places.

even on the toilet walls of many universities, there are advertisements for buying and selling drugs:

not to mention the Internet is so developed today. Buying drugs online is even more common and common:

there is also customer service online Q & A:

in addition to these various ways to buy drugs, what shocked me most was the unpreventable camouflage of drugs:

aphrodisiac drugs disguised as chewing gum:

some drivers who run black cars are always ready, sometimes pulling some female white-collar workers on a business trip to chat and hand them chewing gum.

enchanted water disguised as a drink:

Hell is empty and demons are on earth.

these people really do whatever it takes to commit a crime!

I can't imagine how many drugs have been sold and how many innocent girls have been violated.


every living case tells us what kind of dark life people who have been sexually assaulted will usher in next, and some people will never get out of the shadow of being assaulted.

A survey shows that people who have been sexually assaulted are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression, 6 times more likely to have stress disorders, and 4 times more likely to commit suicide.

there are girls who want to commit suicide after being raped:

in recent years, there are more and more cases of committing crimes and being hurt by being raped. And gradually have a "younger age" trend:

and even be abducted and killed after committing assault.

therefore, we should not only protect ourselves, but also teach our children to protect themselves from these dirty and dirty activities!

Please remember: in any case, please raise your awareness of self-security.

friends are not familiar friends, so don't go to the appointment alone, especially minors. Don't take a black car, don't go to an appointment, even if you have company.

do not easily eat drinks and food given by others, especially those that have been opened, not even from good friends!

when you are out alone, be sure to eat only your own food, drink only your own water, and concentrate on eating. Don't be Phubber to play with your cell phone, even if you are in the seat, don't take your eyes off the drink! If you leave your seat while eating out, don't easily eat the food on the plate or the drink in the beverage cup when you come back!

Foreign netizens have made a video

whether you are leaving your seat

turning your head

when chatting with others

it only takes a few seconds to complete

if you are in the car, try to sit in the back seat and leave a window gap regardless of the wind and rain.

set up the most reliable person who can help you with the quick call on your cell phone. You can make some contact codes with your family and friends in case of emergency.

always remember your bottom line: do not harm others, guard against others, especially girls.

the world is beautiful, but there is always a dark side that the sun can't shine on.

although we can't completely erase the darkness, we can always remind ourselves: run with the sun, walk in the brightest place, and let the gray and dirty water never splash on us.