Years do not forgive people, forgetfulness is a master! (classic)

Years do not forgive people, forgetfulness is a master! (classic)
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forget the year

people always ask, when is the best age in life?

some people say that it is a carefree childhood, some say it is a youth that "wants to compete with heaven", while others say it is an old age that enjoys the happiness of the family and talks slowly in a rocking chair.

it seems that we all envy the age that has not yet arrived or passed away.

actually, there is no best age at all.

the past is irrevocable, and the past will not come back; life is full of ups and downs, and the future may not be anticipated. The only thing we can grasp is the present.

at ordinary times, think less about your age and always keep a "non-old heart".

Aging is a natural law, and no one can escape or violate it. But saying it every day will only make you age faster.

if the mentality is young, the immune function of the body will also be "younger", and the various organs of the body will be coordinated and stable. Forget the age, have a good attitude, the benefits are self-evident!

forgetting illness

forgetting illness does not mean not actively treating the disease, but not being overwhelmed by the disease, let alone losing the will to overcome the disease.

it is said that diseases caused by mental and psychological factors account for more than 80%.

even cancer is likely to disappear naturally. However, miracles can only happen to those whose spirits are not overwhelmed by illness.

Modern people are more and more likely to suffer from all kinds of diseases, is it because they don't pay attention to their health?


too many people spend their energy on health care, but the idea is to simply regard the body as a machine and forget the unity of body and mind.

only by truly accepting your body, accepting your soul, and not thinking too much, can you let yourself be calm and silent in the impetuous life!

get carried away

some people say that years do not forgive people, but even older people might as well dress up more beautifully and chic, others look energetic and feel comfortable.

eliminate the mentality of "people are old and yellow", the life is pleasant, and the body and mind are healthy.

you and I both know that change is always inevitable. But on the way to getting old, some people live tired and old, while others live easily and beautifully.

Beautiful, it is a long-distance race. It does not belong to a certain age stage, but the whole life.

Twenty years old live youth, thirty years old live charm, forty years old live wisdom, fifty years old live calmly, sixty years old live easily, 70 or 80 years old become priceless.

even if you are white-haired and dusk, you should still keep the beauty in the depths of your soul.

forget to fight

people of a certain age have long lost their sense of difference and jealousy, and their days pass calmly through their fingertips, undisturbed and insipid.

Life is a short life, what is there to argue about?

fight for fame and wealth, desire will expand; fight for life, add to the burden; fight with relatives, the loss outweighs the gain.

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arguing with a loved one can only make life more trivial and less peaceful, while arguing with friends can only make feelings fade and alienate gradually.

Hemingway said: "being superior to others is not noble, and the real nobility should be better than who you used to be."

Don't worry about your efforts and gains. Life is not simple. Try to live it simply.

forget your worries

A lot of sorrows in life are actually brought to yourself.

when you complain that you don't have enough money, think of the patients lying in a hospital bed who don't know how to live in the future, and you will understand that health is the greatest wealth.

when you worry about a little bit of trifles, think of the souls who have left this world. Now we are still alive and can perceive the beauty of the world. Isn't this the greatest possession?

money, fame and fortune, if life does not bring death with you, troubles and worries will eventually become a thing of the past, and in the end you will just laugh it off.

who doesn't come alone and walk alone, during this limited life, can please themselves, why ask for trouble?

forget breath

how can there be no ups and downs in the journey of life? if you are bitter about it, often sulking or "angry", is there still time to enjoy it?