You ask me why I hate you?

You ask me why I hate you?
That's a good question.

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I have two friends, a man and a woman, one named 7-up and the other Coke. What they both have in common is that they both asked me a question-"Why do you hate me?"

I used to appease them by saying, "No, it's just that I've been in a bad mood lately."

usually the hippy smile is over, but today I want to answer them seriously about "Why do I hate you?"

Coke is my high school roommate, probably every dormitory has such a "habitual" friend who eats, fetches water and goes shopping every day. But until the graduation day, we are the two deadliest in the class, what is the situation? In the graduation photo, she is the rightmost one in the first row, I am the leftmost one in the last row, and we are the furthest distance in the graduation photo.

at that time, I was often sick. Once everyone in the dormitory went to class. I called in sick and fainted in the dormitory. I forgot how long I had been lying on the cold tile before I regained consciousness. The first thing I thought of was how to climb to the bedside to get my cell phone, call Coke for help, and the only person who could save me in the first place was her. When she decided to skip class and come back, I felt "what a great thing friendship is" the moment she hung up the phone. I wanted to tell the world that she was my best friend, but I was caught in the face by reality.

Coke went back to the dormitory and didn't bring back any medicine. she sat by my bed playing with her cell phone, "get up, I'll take you to the infirmary."No, I'm completely unconscious. I can't move." After dawdling for a long time, I asked her, "well, could you buy me some medicine first?" After playing with her phone for five minutes, she asked me, "where do you put your money?" Well, then I found out that she bought herself a can of Cass milk and a box of cookies as well as medicine with my money.

this is just a trivial matter. In the following month, from fetching water and food for her, to asking me to do all the food for her, I was fine at first, and over time I would be unhappy, "can you not let me help you every time? is it so difficult to have a meal by yourself?" She said, "I can't believe you said that. Don't you think about the last time you were sick to death, who bought you the medicine and who gave you the meal!"

in the second year of high school, there was a change at home. I could not sleep a single night that week. During the day, I resisted going back to my dormitory, because no matter how shady I was, Coke was always the one who laughed loudest. She also asked me what had happened. After I detailed the whole incident, she glanced at me while brushing the entertainment gossip and said something I still remember. She said, "Oh, dear." This kind of thing is quite normal. "

when my father was in hospital for surgery, the doctor told us to prepare for the worst. She told me that it was normal.

later, after a week of insomnia, when I first fell asleep when I heard my father's message of "temporary safety", she ran to the bedside and woke me up and asked me another word that I still can't forget. She asked, "can I have your Coke?"

every time she says she wants to eat chicken chop rice, I don't want to eat it, but I will accompany her to eat. When she goes there, she says, "Oh, I actually want to eat porridge, and then you leave and run to eat porridge after swiping your meal card. Every time she says she wants to go to the movies, I don't want to see the one she wants to see, but I will accompany her to the gate of the cinema." well, actually, I'd rather go singing, and then leave and go to ktv after buying the ticket. Every time she said she wanted to skip geography class, in fact, I was very interested in geography class, but I still promised to accompany her to skip class and go to the basketball court to watch the male god play. as a result, she would throw her schoolbag back to my dormitory in order to seduce the male god.

I am neither an idiot nor a virgin, and over time I will begin to alienate this person, and then she innocently runs to talk to our mutual friends, even boys who don't know very well, after taking turns talking about all the "unreasonable alienation" I have done to her, finally came to me and asked, "do you hate me?" I never mean anything maliciously. why do you hate me? "

unlike Coke, 7-up is so kind to me that I even want to ask him, "can you not be so nice to me?"

strictly speaking, I don't know 7-up that well. One is that we don't get along very well, and the other is that even though I really regard him as a friend, it's really hard to like him.

there is a reason why I don't like him, because he likes to create some doggy plots of idol dramas so much that I even wonder if he always thinks of himself as the number one actor in Korean TV series. For example, he likes to sulk, he thinks I will comfort him if he sulks, and I will feel unhappy because he is unhappy; for example, he likes to show off as if nothing has happened, and he thinks I think he is rich and handsome when he talks like that.

for example, he likes to pick up food for me very much. I don't hate other people picking up food for me. I am grateful for this concern, but first we are not familiar with each other. Secondly, what he likes very much is that when there are many people, a large group of people pick up food for me alone when they go to dinner, and then everyone will jeer and say, "together." then he always smiles vaguely at me and then pretends to prevaricate. Every time I roll my eyes. If you do this, you will clearly tell the world, "Yes, we have a way, come and ask me!" Go and spread the gossip! "

this is not the point. The point is that the two most unacceptable foods in my life are spring onions and fat, which make me feel goose bumps and have no appetite or even vomit. Every time this lovely 7-up classmate brings me food, either with chopped onions or pork, or pork with scallions, I smiled and said "I don't eat chopped onions and fat meat" 800 times. He said in the tone of "the overbearing president fell in love with me": "be good, don't be picky about food." You're too skinny. You should eat more meat. "

"Excuse me???"

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my expression at that timeIt goes like this: "."

maybe it goes like this: "!"

once I couldn't stand it at the dinner table: "you guys eat first. I have work to do. I have to go." He chased me out like the hero of an idol drama and asked me, "do you hate me?" Why do you hate me when I'm so kind to you? "

you ask me why I hate you?

I won't say, you think I'm unreasonable.

you ask me why I hate you?

like I said, you think you still want to be yourself.

you ask me why I hate you?

all I can say is that my menopause is not your problem.

you ask me why I hate you?

actually I want to say, I don't hate you

I'm just a little disappointed that

I took the eight o'clock expected value for you as a friend

to ask for you who can only do less than three points.

I wonder why you come to me

"Why do you hate me"

but never know what's wrong with yourself

I wonder. When they feel that they don't have a problem

, they always come to me and ask me, "what's wrong with me?"

Don't you just want me to reply

No, you're fine, it's my problem?