You can only work hard. No wonder no one likes you.

You can only work hard. No wonder no one likes you.
What else can we do but complain?

it's time to write a mid-year summary again.

what did I do in the first half of the year?

are you all good at writing? am I the only one with no ideas?

such as the game that was still being played at the beginning of the year, such as the live broadcast of last season, such as the last game on the school basketball court.


the seniors who have worked for several years warned the interns who just came in because they saw the sentence he posted in the moments:

because he was a design major, he was required to have a high-configuration computer when he entered school. Later, when he played the game by chance, it got out of hand, so he was very good whether he was of the opposite sex or of the same sex.

I can see that he can't face it calmly, so that he sends out a circle of friends that is about equivalent to self-explosion.

if you want to go further, you must learn to solve the problem quietly.

work teaches them that time is limited and everyone will be uncomfortable, so don't leave the time you should spend to get used to complaining.

compared with boys who are extremely afraid of making mistakes, girls who are new to work seem less stressed than boys who are extremely afraid of making mistakes.

my sister is two years older than me. Her first job is as a customer service for takeout software. She is the kind of girl who handles complaint phone calls. She gets hundreds of calls every day, all of them are fierce and aggressive, and the failure to have a meal makes everyone very grumpy.

We have shared a Taobao account since we went to school, and I noticed a sharp rise in her shopping desire a few months ago, buying a lot of cosmetics, perfumes and clothes.

on the phone, her tone sounded high-spirited, completely unlike the clerk who had been scolded and wilted before. she answered me simply and horribly that took the time to dress up because she was busy with work.

whether in movies or TV series or in daily life, it seems that boys can easily throw themselves into their work and are as ignorant as ostriches.

but this is not the case. In fact, everyone will prefer people who have spare power to do everything. They can strike a balance between work and hobbies, and look light and reliable.

take dressing for example.

people often think that strength is the most important, while appearance, connotation, and feeling are just additional items. I agree with this point, but in practice, they will also be deducted points.

two programmers of similar strength, one can only work hard and has no expertise except coding; the other can calculate tarot card divination during lunch break while accomplishing the same task.

so the strength is good on the one hand, but if only the strength is good and the others are just ordinary, I will think it is a pity.

this is not a trade-off, but a waste of life.

when talking about my work, many people will cast an envious look.

every time I can only smile and swallow the pain in my stomach-you only see my figure at work at 10:30, but you can't see my hands that can't leave the keyboard until three in the morning.

instead of complaining, it's better to find something to divert attention.

in a workplace full of traps and difficulties, we can only find happiness by ourselves, such as the game we secretly open after work, the heart parallel imports that Mimi adds to the shopping cart, or so simple that we only need a set of emojis.

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