You were my teenager.

You were my teenager.
Ke Jingteng.

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hesitated, but decided to write it down. Write this story before I have a boyfriend, because we all owe that teenager an article.

I went to the classmate reunion that day. I had an appointment to go to KTV, but later, because the time was not up and the place was close, we went back to our alma mater and met our former English teacher at school. We talked and laughed about the current situation, knowing that she was going to be a mother again when she got married. We talked and laughed about the past, I said. The most common sentence I have said to you in the past three years is "what does the teacher do tonight?" Everyone laughed, because as a very strict teacher's class representative, she had to take into account the students' complaints about her and the teacher's various demands, but these are all bits and pieces in retrospect, and they have become a basis that can only be recalled. A fuse, as soon as lit, the past lit up in front of our eyes, extending to the end, like a sparkling long river.

how beautiful it is no matter how bright it is.

when I think of the poem I read in the sleepy poem in high school every morning, the thing of having fun in the world is really like a dream, and everything from ancient times is like running water to the east. I don't know when to say goodbye to you.

when my Girl was released, thorns wrote an article called "you are Lin and I am Xu Taiyu". At that time, I left a comment and talked about the people I liked in high school. Up to now, that comment is still at the highest level of praise. Of course, I actually regret saying these things to let others know, and I didn't know it would be known by many people at that time. Fortunately, everyone is very calm now, and no one mentioned it.

my math has always been very poor. Until the third year of high school, I could only take the exam from 40 to 70. Later, when I made up my mind to study hard, I did nothing every night but figure out every problem in today's math class. For a person who has basically given up math, God knows how difficult it is to ask people that they will be looked down upon with contempt. I could only admit it and ask and listen humbly. The only person who would never be like this was Y, who was sitting behind me at that time. Most of the time, I didn't even ask him. He came up to me and asked me why I didn't ask him. When the head teacher stared at the back door and was not allowed to speak, he sneaked to the other side to continue to tell me.

because I wanted to learn well, every problem was recorded in detail in the book. One Tuesday evening, I suddenly couldn't find one of the notes. At that time, I was nervous to death. Because it was very important information and hard work on a question, I rummaged through the cabinets, together with the desk drawers and bookcases. When I was so nervous, no one around me paid any attention to me. Continue to do his own questions and read his own book, Y poked me with a pen and said, I found it for you. Don't cry. I said thank you, but I didn't cry. He said nothing but handed over a bag of paper towels.

Y likes to hit me on the head very much. When I go back to my seat, I pass by me and type it. When I finish telling me a series of questions, when I look like I don't understand, I type it too. When I am flipping through a book in the box, I type again.

for a certain period of time, I don't know why I suddenly became very embarrassed. I didn't speak for a week, and I wouldn't ask others about the question, although every time I crouched at someone else's table and supported it with my chin while listening attentively. In fact, I can often use the afterlight to see Y looking at this side, and then I came back from eating out that Sunday. Because I was in a bad mood, I looked at the setting sun through the window at the back of the classroom. It just landed on his desk. I looked at the table in front of him, empty, with May Day in my headphones at that time. "one day we will all become yesterday, and you will accompany me through the hurried world of my life." That day was October 19, and I wrote in my diary, "thinking about the recent scenes of ignoring each other, I actually feel very depressed. I wonder if I will regret that I am so stubborn at this time after graduation. Will I miss high school so much?" That count is still early, a lot of people are still outside, Y came back, came in at the back door and passed by me, hit me on the head, and asked, you didn't eat.

this is the first thing he said to me after we hadn't spoken for a week.

you didn't eat.

my heart has softened.

I took a geometry problem and asked him to teach me how to verify the parallel faces. He turned his pen and then drew the auxiliary lines in the picture with a pencil. At that time, I looked at his side face, and the fine hairs next to his ears could be seen. After finishing the question, he looked up and asked me if I understood it, and knocked on my head. I suddenly knew why someone on Douban said that the front and back tables were the most beautiful distance in those years.

when the math results of a monthly exam came out, everyone flocked to look at the report card. I was very calm on the surface, but in fact I was afraid to look at it. He returned to his seat and asked me why I didn't look. I said there was no hurry. He said you were not in a hurry. I was in a hurry. I went to see it for you. When I came back, I asked him how he was. He looked serious and didn't tell me how much he scored in the exam. I thought I had failed the exam. At that moment, I was not thinking about how bad I was in the math exam, but that I failed his intention in teaching me. When I saw that I was depressed, he suddenly laughed and said, "I lied to you. You did well in the exam."

really, I miss it.

in fact, we haven't been together for a long time, and I have made slow progress. I seldom ask him math problems, and I don't know when I started. Even if I ask him, I don't ask him, and there is no special reason. It should be the same as everyone else in high school. After changing seats many times, I have other people who can teach me, and he has people who can eat snacks with him. It just changed. Drinking water, I also watched them fight like we did at that time, but what can we say, because there is nothing at all.

an enigmatic tacit understanding, you ignore me, I ignore you.

back, in the afternoon, a group of us walked around the playground to bask in the sun and blow water.When I went to the ladder where the referees and volunteers were sitting in every sports meeting, I forgot who suggested to sit in a row and take a group photo in the shape of a ladder. When I walked up the ladder, I sat right in front of him. When we were facing the camera and comparing the hands of scissors, I suddenly felt that there was a hand on top of my head. I was still stupefied at that time, because I felt so familiar. In a trance, I really thought that nothing had changed. We were all high school students in white shirts. I still asked him to tell me every problem. Every time he ate, he asked me if I ate. I hid my kettle or watch when I left my seat. I would aim at where he was every time I did morning exercises. I would still pay special attention to the familiar blue sneakers in front of me when walking on the stairs. When he dropped his pen on the ground, he would still be happy. Every time he changed his seat, he would be nervous for two days because he was afraid of being so far apart.

of course it's just a trance, what I thought.

near graduation, I once came back from the toilet. From the end of the corridor, I saw someone waving to me at the front door of the classroom. I didn't wear glasses at that time. I just thought that the man was a fool. I couldn't laugh or cry when I got closer and found it was him.

finally we kept in touch. He told me which girl I liked. I complained to him about which boy in the computer science department was annoying. Not long ago, I asked him on Wechat why you didn't think I was stupid. He said, whether I teach has nothing to do with your IQ.

guess what it has to do with.

"those years" is a movie that I have seen no less than four or five times. In fact, I didn't have any special feelings before. After graduation, I found that it was different. Even if I was familiar with the scene that made you think that you had traveled through time and space in that flash, I blinked and went back to this second in front of me. I know it's impossible to go back.

the past was really simple and beautiful, and I would like to remember and cherish it forever.

Today is the most common friend, and I regard it as the best ending.

I think, as for many years, there is a woman in my heart like Malena, who defines the initial restlessness and fantasy. It can never be mixed with anything but heart, and the young man in white shirt in my heart will always be you.

I wondered if it would have been different if we had not been so stubborn with each other before and would have let go of our self-esteem to talk back to each other first. Just missed is missed, no one is wrong, but everyone has passed.

"who do you miss most when you close your eyes, and who is beside you when you open your glasses?"

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when I was getting ready to get off on the bus, I looked at the back door and thought of the lyrics. I found that those days have passed, and you and I will never return. You and I both live in the most beautiful memories and let them stay there all the time.

before writing this article, I asked my friend. I said that there were some things I didn't know if it was good to write. I was afraid it would be embarrassing to write it out. 'it 's a thing of the past, 'she said. After I finished it, I asked the editor again, and he said that he had written the instructions and put them down.

when you can no longer have it, the only thing you can do is not to forget.

-- "Evil in the East and poison in the West"

then, in this way, it will be treasured for a lifetime.

you are good night.

good morning. I'll leave it to him.