Your attitude towards your wife is your most authentic character.

Your attitude towards your wife is your most authentic character.
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there is a saying: "Home is the best ashram for spiritual practice."

Home is a place where you can look directly at the hearts of the people, ugly or beautiful at a glance.

in the attitude towards his wife, it often determines a man's most authentic character and affects the success or failure of his life.



on the journey of life, many people are drifting away.

wife is often the one who accompanies us to the end.

No blood relationship, but silently accompanied, no matter how late, will leave a lamp for you.

there is no interest relationship, but quietly pay, day after day, prepare a meal for you.

I have heard such an explanation for the word "bride"-the new mother.

there are countless examples worthy of this explanation in life.

many men think that marrying a wife is used to have children and do housework, and completely ignores the word responsibility.

if you treat your wife as a second mother, you will never grow up.

No one knows that this will chill the wife's heart and break the marriage to pieces.

there is a saying in the Book of songs: "A wife is like a drum lute."

the aftersound of the melody of life is inseparable from the joint efforts of husband and wife.

Marriage is a protracted war between everyone and life, and it is an ambush.

only by clenching his wife's hand to compete with the world can he be a winner in life.

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tolerance is not a debt, tolerance is not cowardice

the wife is the one who can tolerate and tolerate us most except our parents.

but tolerance is not a debt, but a treasure; tolerance is not cowardice, but love.

in a relationship, people who are willing to give in tend to invest more in the relationship.

refused to give up and forged a compromise.

in life, many men seize the weakness of their wives' tolerance and gain an inch.

turn a blind eye to his wife's efforts and magnify his own hard work infinitely.

take my wife's good interpretation of herself for granted. She flies into a rage if she is not in place, but forgets that it is not her responsibility.

some people say:

"if you treat your wife as a queen, you are the emperor; if you treat your wife as a servant girl, you are an eunuch."

I think so.

A man who is incompetent makes his wife listen to him to show his masculinity, and is proud of his wife's tolerance and tolerance.

everyone knows that a man who treats his wife badly usually comes to a bad end.

A real man will love his wife and return his wife with equal or more love in exchange for a happy marriage and a prosperous family.


he who is good to his wife is happy all his life

as the saying goes, "there are few misfortunes for a good wife and a good husband."

A wife cannot be virtuous without the efforts of her husband, and a castle with a happy marriage cannot be built without the joint construction of husband and wife.

I have watched the TV series "parents' Love". In the play, Jiang Defu and Anjie are a couple with a big gap, but they lead a prosperous life.

when his wife Angie is in trouble, husband Jiang Defu always uses his future to protect his wife from the wind and rain.

wife Anjie has always regarded her husband's affection and righteousness in her eyes, kept in mind, rewarded him with actions, managed their family attentively, made their children grow up, and made the marriage happy.

Marriage is a matter for two people. People's hearts are mutual. Only by giving can you get a response.

there is a difference between men and women. In many cases, the husband treats his wife first and the marriage is more successful.

some people say, "you give your wife three feelings, and the wife gives you seven percent love."

give your wife some ingredients, she will return you delicious food; give your wife a house, she will return you a home.