Your kindness, no one knows, God knows!

Your kindness, no one knows, God knows!
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there is a saying in the Buddhist sutra:

"if the mind is born, all kinds of dharma will be born; if the heart dies, all kinds of dharma will be destroyed."

how far a man can go is not determined by his legs, but by his heart.


in ancient times, there was a good man who was well rewarded, highly respected and full of children and grandchildren.

on his deathbed, people knelt in front of his bed and said:

"you are leaving us. Is there anything left for us to pursue for life?"

the good man said only four words:\ "learn to lose.

as the saying goes, losing is a blessing.

but in fact, kind people have nothing to lose at all.

Life is a big game of chess. If you make a detour here, you may accumulate strength elsewhere.

as the writer Thoreau said, "kindness is an investment."

those who love to return, and those who go back are blessed.

the character and kindness you have accumulated will inadvertently return your surprise and good luck.


sow the seeds of kindness in your heart, and one day, it will blossom and bear fruit.

heard a story:

A taxi driver sent a lonely old woman to a nursing home. On the way, the woman kept stroking the gold ring hanging on her chest, bemoaning that her time was running out.

A few days later, the driver received a call from the woman and went to see her.

as soon as she saw the driver, the woman cried:

my ring is missing. I haven't found it for a long time. It must be in your car. "

the driver remembers clearly that the ring was hanging around the woman's neck until she got out of the car and left.

he was about to retort, but the woman talked about the origin of the ring.

many years ago, an accident took away her daughter. That ring is a gift from her daughter. After her daughter left, she hung it on her body every day, just like her daughter was by his side.

after hearing this, the driver could not bear to tell the truth, so he lied that the ring was on his car. And asked the woman for a picture of a ring. Spent all her savings and customized an identical ring for her.

A year later, the driver received a letter and a list of inheritance.

it was left to him by the woman. The woman later found her ring. Moved by the driver's kindness, she gave the ring to the driver and gave him a villa.

A good heart is better than a temple; a good deed is better than a thousand messages.

be kind to others and be convenient to yourself. Love will flow. If you give to others, you will eventually benefit yourself.

A man is good, though happiness is not yet here, misfortune is far away; man is evil, and though misfortune is not yet here, blessing is far away.


"Fanghua" has such a line:

kindness is never for anything in return, but a choice from the heart.

as Liang Xiaosheng said:

kindness is not a thing to show others deliberately, it is a pleasant and natural thing.

goodness has its own knowledge, whether a person is good or not can not be seen for a while, and the truth will come out over a long period of time.

if people have good thoughts, God will bless them.

your kindness is unknown, God knows; if your kindness is not rewarded, heaven will be rewarded!

all you care about is kindness, and blessings are on the way;

you are magnanimous, and luck will appear;

if you keep giving, the harvest will come sooner or later!

but do good deeds, don't ask about the future, everything in the world has cause and effect. With all sincerity, there are echoes.

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