Your problem is that you think too much and do too little.

Your problem is that you think too much and do too little.
Trade-offs and trade-offs.

Zhang Jingzhi talked to me the other day. On Wechat, he suddenly said to me solemnly, "I found a problem with you."

my heart sank and asked, "what's the problem?"

Your elegance and femininity will absolutely shine in our dark green long dress. They are classic and flawless for any occasion.

he said, "do you have a feeling that you always think too much and do too little?"

the screen glowed white and reflected on my face. I was silent for a moment.

as if I had been hit, I remembered the words I used to encourage myself: my depth is still not worthy of my breadth. My trade-off still failed to meet the focus I needed.

/I /

I have always been fond of painting. When I was a freshman, I was in a long-distance relationship. I wanted to draw my full feelings with cartoons and my yearning for my boyfriend who was far away at that time. Also draw the dream of not adhering to the road of painting. So with half a month's living expenses to buy a digital board, but also with two friends to create their own studio, want to draw their own series.

at first, it was very warm-blooded. On the day of the establishment of the studio, the three of us spoke in unison with great ambition: "We want to be popular all over China with comics!" To be the second great Annie! "

the words at that time look so arrogant and incredible now. But when we are still a freshman, we are firm and full, thinking that it is a dream that we must be able to achieve.

however, none of us have found that the dream that can be achieved by persistence is not the arrogant "must be achieved", but all the "persistence" that contains all the pain and boredom.

so the development of the story is the dog-tailed mink. Like a bad movie that is expected too much, it has a positive and bright beginning, but it has a very short and fruitless ending.

I want to run for vice president of the club. In almost all my spare time, I revise my speech, do ppt, communicate ideas with the chairman, and prepare for the election. Naturally, I gradually waste my energy, "I don't have time to paint." The other two friends in the studio, one was busy studying photography, constantly asking for pictures, revising pictures, traveling, and thinking about equipment, while the other was busy preparing for going abroad two years later, burying himself in the library with the impending IELTS exam. The second issue of the cartoon, thus postponed indefinitely, eventually became Mission Impossible.

when we are new to college, we are faced with more temptations and choices than we did in the previous 18 years. Can be young and vigorous where to give up, young play so that we are full of curiosity about everything, but also think that full of energy.

We have the ambition to participate in every temptation. I want to be an omnipotent person. I want to take care of everything I want to do. But the result is that I am busy with a lot of things, but I can't tell what I want the most.

I can't concentrate and stick to just one thing. Those warm blood at the beginning, and lofty blueprints, like a piece of waste paper thrown away, were simply abandoned.

and worst of all, I learned to use another "warm-blooded beginning" to cover up my abandoned dreams. I use the student union campaign to cover up the comics that I can't catch fire, I use IELTS scores to cover up my inability in the student union, and I hide my lack of self-confidence in love in my busyness.

We call that a "trade-off", and only we know that it is a real "escape".

as a result, we become people who think too much and do too little.

/2 /

Mr. Yang Jiang said, "your problem is that you read too little and think too much." What she emphasizes here is that the depth of thought does not match the breadth of thought. "think too much and do too little" is the pace of action, unable to keep up with the speed of ideas. We have goals and blueprints, but we are only self-motivated, and we simply can't settle down to stick to the distance and reject the scenery that distracts us.

I want everything, I want to try everything-I want to be a good comic book studio, but I can't let go of the school organization I want to join. I want to get an excellent IELTS score to apply to the school, but I want to have more internship experience to support my resume. I want to spend all day with my best friend, and I want to spend more time with my boyfriend. I want to eat the food I want without worry, and I want to be so thin that I can tuck in any small size clothes.

Yu Wenle, who has always been called a male god by me, describes himself with this sentence-"an ordinary person with too many hobbies and too little ability." And this sentence applies to all of us.

thinking too much is even a good thing-it's better than being so comfortable that you have nothing to pursue. But the key lies in the choice. If you take the path you want to adhere to, you will temporarily give up other things you want to do and stick to one direction. Only by doing less on many roads can you concentrate on "doing enough" on one road.

the most important thing to learn in life is to "break up". Our life is made up of choices one by one. Learning to weigh and be willing to give up is the maturity of our understanding.

/3 /

when I met Zhang Jingzhi, I was founded in disorder for almost half a year, but it was still lukewarm. His circle of friends can always make people feel distressed, because he doesn't know what readers want to see and why the amount of reading is always so low; he feels very thoughtless and doesn't know what to write; he is confused about the future and doesn't know how to make an official account.

I knew him two years ago and had a lot of doubts. I know he wants to make the mess better, but it is a great difficulty in itself.

I didn't really expect much from clutter at that time. Because the official account is already very difficult to walk, it is not difficult to achieve 60 points, but it is necessary to achieve 90 points.It's very demanding. Secondly, at that time, his article was really not very good, he needed too much accumulation and too much time.

but in the past two years, I have really witnessed his dedication and efforts.

in the days when I was full of thoughts and made my college life colorful, as every college student has experienced, Zhang Jingshi decided that he wanted to keep walking and had never changed. Chaos always comes first in his life and in the order of his time.

two years ago, he had less than a thousand fans. His article is very short and his style is still immature. He has only one person who is disorganized and has no original function after working for half a year. He was confused and not many people firmly supported him.

and his confusion is always shown in the article, he will tell the reader directly that he is at a loss as to what to do, and he will throw his questions on it, thinking that someone will come to help him. Later, he joked that the disorganized first year was his most humble time, but now it looks more like inferiority complex.

but now, two years later, his articles are beginning to be long and deep. He built a team, and everyone in it, including me, believed that chaos could go further. We have loyal fans, originality, reviews, and rewarding Vitasoy.

more than a month ago, he asked me, "do you want to join chaos?" Like me at that time, he described the blueprint of the disorganized future, with warm blood and hope.

but I don't think of him as a person who thinks too much and does too little. I've seen his trade-offs. I've seen his focus. It is precisely because he has been able to concentrate all the time, so I can firmly believe in him and achieve the blueprint he wants.

so I said, "OK."

and yesterday, we welcomed the 40,000 of you.

back to the Wechat message Zhang Jingshi sent me at the beginning of this article, in fact, I didn't reply to him in the end. There is no solution to the problem of "thinking too much and doing too little". Saying "I will try" verbally is the most useless promise.

I believe that smart people must know more about trade-offs and persistence than I do.