A father wrote 10 sentences of advice to his child, which pierced the heart. When I saw the third sentence, I forwarded it!

A father wrote 10 sentences of advice to his child, which pierced the heart. When I saw the third sentence, I forwarded it!
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raising children is a spiritual practice, not only to raise children, but also to guide them to grow up.

among them, the role of father is particularly crucial.

Spencer, a famous psychologist, once said: father is the guide for children to the outside world.

A good father can play a positive role in the growth of his children.

I believe that most fathers want to accompany their children's growth and give them the best education.

but may be because of poor expression, do not know how to communicate with the child;

may be because of the father's dignity, do not know how to correctly express love for the child.

perhaps the 10 sentences that the father wrote to his children can bring reference and thinking to us as parents.


A man must be true to his word

Confucius once said, "if a man has no faith, he does not know what he can do."

that is to say, it is absolutely impossible for a person without credit.

honesty is a person's best card, and it is also a principle that parents must teach their children.

A person who is honest and true to his word will have good popularity.

once you lose your integrity, no one will trust you again, and the road of life will be difficult.

if you want your child to be a good person, you must first teach him to keep his promise.

it's actually very simple. Parents start by keeping their word.

teach children by deeds and deeds: if you promise, you will do it; keep your word and keep your promise.


exercise is not only a strong body

but also a strong mind

many children have these bad habits: they can never stand when they can sit and never sit when they can lie down.

over time, the physical strength becomes worse and worse, and when you walk a few steps out of the house, you will be out of breath.

eating without exercise will not only make your health worse and worse, but also form the habit of laziness.

exercise and non-exercise lead two lives.

exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also help children to dispel their emotions and become positive and optimistic.

in the process of exercise, children can also learn to persist and forge a stronger heart.

help children develop the good habit of loving exercise, which will benefit them all their lives.


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you can cry and lose

, but you can't give up

on the way of life, children will encounter a lot of hurdles that they can't get through.

when you are helpless, you can vent your emotions by crying.

even for boys, it's okay to cry.

in the growth track, it is inevitable to lose, and no one can win all the time.

it is also a victory to face defeat calmly.

the most important thing is that when you encounter difficulties, never give up easily.

you can be defeated temporarily, but you can't fall down forever, let alone give up completely.

as long as you don't give up, there is always hope of winning in life.


apologize for doing something wrong

you also have the right to ask others to apologize

it is basic politeness to teach children to apologize for doing wrong since childhood.

is also taught to children, to learn to take responsibility.

it is not terrible to make mistakes, as long as you have the courage to admit them and correct them in time.

at the same time, we should also teach our children that if it is someone else's fault, they can ask them to say they are sorry.

parents should not only teach their children to reflect on their mistakes, but also teach them to defend their rights.


Don't eat the pain of learning now

it will only be more bitter in the future

often children complain that "they don't want to go to school, it's too hard to study."

Learning is never an easy task.

if you do not suffer the hardships of learning now, you will only suffer more in the future, and all the laziness you have stolen will be rewarded in the future.

studying hard now is to have more choices in the future, not to be forced to make a living.

only knowledge is the inexhaustible wealth of a lifetime.


you may not be good

but not uneducated

A person's ability determines how high he can fly;

A person's upbringing determines how far he can go.

when you grow up, you will understand that the final competition between people is not education or financial resources, but character.

an uneducated person cannot walk on the road of life;

A cultured person, even if ordinary or ordinary, will be liked by many people.

excellence is not the only measure of a person, upbringing is the best pass.


you can compare

but with knowledge and vision

life is full of comparison behavior.

when you are young, it may be clothes or shoes; when you grow up, it may become a car or a house.

these blind comparisons will only make you look for trouble and fall into the abyss of desire.

if you feel inferior because of these comparisons, it is totally unnecessary.

the really advanced comparison is compared with ability, knowledge, vision, and the world.

having these is true affluence.


parents can't stay with you for a lifetime

you should learn to be independent as soon as possible

parents are the eternal backing of their children, but they can only accompany one journey.

there is a long way to go, only the child can walk alone;

growing up with rain, snow, wind and frost, falling and rolling injuries, can only be faced alone.

No one can be your crutch all the time. You must learn to walk alone.

this is a necessary practice for children to grow up.

but remember:

Mom and Dad, always stand where you can see it as soon as you look back.

although you bravely run to the sea of life.


not everyone likes you

Don't deny yourself

this world, there are many people, but not all of them will like you.

some people may not like you because of their appearance;

some people may not like you because of your character;

others may not like you because of nothing;

this is by no means your fault, nor do you care too much about it, let alone deny yourself.

insist on being the best you can be, and people who like you will naturally be attracted.


there is only one life

you must cherish yourself

the last point and the most important thing, you must let the child keep it in mind forever.

when we were growing up, everyone had thoughts of committing suicide, even when my parents were young.

it may be criticized and misunderstood, it may be emotional problems, it may be family conflicts.

apart from life and death, these are all trivial matters.

you think it's an abyss, but when you walk through it, you have a long way to go.

you only live once, and when it's over, you can never start all over again.

however, no matter how big a thing or setback you encounter, it is not worth the price of your life.

if you can't get over it, be sure to talk to your parents.

always be in awe of life, love life, protect and cherish yourself.


there is a saying that no success in career can make up for the failure of educating poor children.

many fathers only focus on career success, but are absent from their children's growth.

do not realize that educating good children is the greatest cause of being a parent.

the sooner you understand this, the broader your child's future will be.

Dads, no matter how busy they are at work, these 10 sentences must be taught to their children.