Never put it off until Deadline to do something.

Never put it off until Deadline to do something.
DL is not the primary productivity

first of all, I have to clarify one thing. I wasn't lazy yesterday. I just didn't send a side tweet (actually, I went to see team 3, forgot to write, and strongly recommended team 3).

on Thursday afternoon, I was asked to write a draft for Mother's Day, because Mother's Day is less than three days away, so there is a bit of a hurry. I hope I can give them the first draft on Friday. And I am a procrastinating person, so I will never write the manuscript due on Friday on Thursday.

when I got up on Friday, it was already 9: 00 in the morning.

after breakfast, it is already 10:00.

then I began to conceive the ideas of the manuscript and looked at the hot spots on the Internet. It was 12:00.

watch a movie at dinner, and it's 2 o'clock after that.

then I went on sleepwalking, and in the evening I suddenly realized that DL was really coming and there was really no time.

and I am a punctual person at heart, so I told the other party that I would give you the manuscript by tomorrow morning. So I didn't finish the draft until 03:30 on Friday night, and because I was too sleepy and there were too many mosquitoes in the dormitory, the first draft was full of logic and grammatical errors, and I knew at the end that I was copying it mechanically.

but I can't help it. Who told me to believe that "Deadline is the first productive force"?

and put off doing things until the last minute, the results are often not satisfactory. Yesterday I looked back at the first draft and spent a few hours correcting the errors, then adding some highlights and rewriting the end of the draft. In the end, I changed it three times before the manuscript was finally passed.

because I put it off to Deadline, what I could have done in one afternoon took me two late nights and one evening.

moreover, staying up late for two days in a row left me in no mood to enjoy the weekend, and the bitterness of my eyes always existed.

my girlfriend just forwarded a Weibo message to me the day before yesterday, which says how bad it is to stay up late.

I said to him at that time, "I am not a person who likes to stay up late."

then I went to bed at 4 o'clock two nights in a row, which was really painful.

so don't put things off until Deadline, because that will be your real Deadline.

in fact, tweets are basically prepared in advance, because early submission has an advantage, so there is enough time to revise and polish it.

remember, there is no such thing as one step in this world.

in fact, people who write official accounts are miserable, when I met with the editor of WHATYOUNEED last week. The first thing he said to me was, "I have to revise it later. Would you mind waiting for me?"

then he revised the draft for nearly 40 minutes in Starbucks, and then we talked for about half an hour, and he said, "I'll take you back to school first, because I have another draft to revise later. I'm sorry."

Mimeng once said in her tweet that she was writing when she was given a hanging injection in the hospital. Although I don't like her article very much, I am not as hard-working and powerful as her.

well, that's all for today. I'm going to Guangzhou tomorrow. Don't ask me out unless you want to invite me to dinner.