I don't think I dare to talk about "dream" anymore.

I don't think I dare to talk about "dream" anymore.
I'm afraid you'll break it.


when I was a child, people always asked, "what is your dream?"

it seems that it doesn't matter what the answer is for children of that age, as long as you can come up with a positive sentence loudly and without thinking, you will be praised by adults. I still remember writing English composition in primary school. My favorite sentence is "I have a dream." Because as long as this sentence appears in the article, it is sure to get a high score.

Get prepared to buy a fabulous formal dresses for juniors short and be the center of attention? Look at the catalogue to get the best fitting cloth.

growing up, I found that "dream" has gradually become a vulgar function word that symbolizes "false emptiness". Talking about dreams becomes a very risky thing. The dream you say will stand naked in the middle of the room and be examined by eyes from all directions. Some people say that you aim too high, some say you are impractical, some say you are a fool, and others say you are a dragon. You are full of enthusiasm, but you hear snickering and see evil eyes. They can't see your persistence, your seriousness, or the strength you use up when you talk about your dreams. They simply and rudely refer to you and all the other people who talk about dreams as: dream bitches.

therefore, I no longer dare to say the word "dream" to others.


A few days ago, I had breakfast with an upperclassman because of work.

after talking about business, he casually asked me, "what have you been up to recently?" I said, "prepare for the exam and write essay." By the way, I'm telling you, I'm working as a writer for an official account. " While dealing with the beef on his plate with a knife and fork, he casually asked me, "the kind of official account that writes chicken soup?"

with a heart full of joy, I wanted to tell him the cause and effect and share with him how I felt when I brought the article to the table for the first time. But at the moment of hearing the word "chicken soup", he stopped. I don't think he understands my words, nor can he understand my heart.

but he didn't notice the change in my mood, but continued to talk about the era of chicken soup, and finally came to the conclusion that what you did was meaningless.

I finished the whole meal in silence.

finally, before leaving, he approached me mysteriously and asked, 'Hey, how much did they pay you for writing this chicken soup?'

I think he's pushing my limits.


I have seen him do academic sharing in the auditorium of hundreds of people. At that time, I admired his professional ability and expertise so much that I thought he was out of reach. And now he's sitting right across from me, but I just think he's vulgar. I saw that he was completely stuck in the mud, but I still thought he was a high-ranking winner. I even felt that he was insulting me. I felt that his body smelled of copper, and even I was tainted with it.

I'm scared.

when I looked at him, I suddenly regretted telling him that he was disorganized, that I had shown him my article naked, and that I had honestly shared my true thoughts with him. Without even trying to understand me, he came to a conclusion with disdain and denied what I had done. He took every heartfelt emotion as chicken soup, his true feelings as hypocrisy, and every work with the label of money. he even brazenly asked, "how much is it for a word?"

I think he's raping my dream.

at that moment I was so angry that my muscles tightened all over my body. I only kept a cold face. "can you believe me if I post the money upside down?" And he smiled, "No money, no money to fart."

I think the act of sharing my dream with him is a mistake in itself.


my friend Joey is very fond of photography and likes to take pictures of still life of scenery. He is a little famous on Weibo.

once a man added him as a friend and asked him as soon as he came up, "I'll give you a model. How much is it?" Joey only thought he was looking for the wrong person and politely replied, "Sorry, I don't shoot characters." Unexpectedly, the man thought he was taking the class to raise the price, and said impolitely, "I'll ask you how much you want, and you can tell me the price and make my girlfriend happy."

later Joey told me that he wanted to swear back directly. After playing photography for so many years, I can be regarded as a somewhat famous senior in the circle. Most of the friends around me sincerely carry the SLR and just want to satisfy their personal interests, and they usually do odd jobs without paying special attention to the price. And the nouveau riche who didn't understand photography kept his mouth shut for money, so disgusting that Joey only replied, "how much do you think your girlfriend is worth to shoot for me?" I blocked and deleted my friends.

I teased him at that time, saying that he had missed the rare opportunity to take advantage of the robbery and eat the black sky to ask for a price. But he answered me solemnly: "he actually asked me to price my dream." It's funny that he thinks he's richer than me? "


this is the way it is.

there are people who don't care about your dreams, so they are indifferent; some people don't understand your dreams, so they speculate; others don't know what dreams are, so they ask you, 'give me a price'.

I said I had to write 100, 000 words before I was 20, but the upperclassman said he wanted to quadruple the stock this year. Joey said he wanted to save money for Niutou, but the client spent money just to make his girlfriend happy. We all stand in different dimensions and talk to ourselves, and no one should be wishful thinking and ask for the understanding of others.

just like the upperclassman who is different from me, our evaluation of each other is only dissatisfaction and doubt, but rarely appreciated. In his eyes, all articles with a little sadness are hypocritical, and all positive articles are chicken soup. He will never understand why you suddenly rise up and hold the computer and sit down to write when you are so busy; he will never believe that you will do something just because you like it.Even if you tell him that my article is all from the bottom of my heart, he won't seriously read the end. At the same time, you can't understand complex economic trends, stock trends, tedious C++ code, international relations and political situation.

so I think he is cheap, he thinks I am naive.


'If there\'s any kind of magic in this world,

it must be in the attempt of understanding someone or sharing something.'

this is a line from "before sunrise".  understanding and sharing is the greatest magic in the world. But before magic happens, few people can really understand what you say, let alone ask others to cherish it as much as you do.

so what is the dream?

is the only interesting thing I have ever done as a boring person. It is the only thing that I, as a quitter, has persisted for a long time. It is also the only thing that I, as a worthless person, can get a little sense of achievement.

if you are lucky enough, you will meet three or five friends, appreciate it, and look forward to your dreams come true with the same enthusiasm as you. But in most cases, others don't understand. Some people are indifferent, some people listen to it as a story, some people regard it as a tragedy, some people play it as a comedy, and some people watch you rise up tall buildings and wait for your tall buildings to collapse and talk about it as a joke.

We often make the same mistake of telling the wrong people about our dreams.

so if I don't meet someone who really understands me, I'd rather rot it in my stomach than tell you. I'm afraid you'll get it dirty, I'm afraid you'll break it, I'm afraid you'll wake it up.