Why are you flirting with me if you don't like me?

Why are you flirting with me if you don't like me?
Stay with me if you can.

one night a little after one o'clock, I suddenly said to the eel whale, "good night." I swear I said it with enthusiasm and sincerity, but the eel whale replied to me in a second: "routine".

I replied several ellipses to show that I was speechless and angry at her lack of get and my low EQ behavior of "saying good night only to serious people". I was extremely disappointed with her and planned not to talk to her at all in the future.

Ten minutes later, the eel whale who let me down appeared again, "good night, I have to cut the film, you go to sleep," and sent an expression of love.

even eel whales can be seductive, and the world is full of tricks.

but I don't blame her, because I like it more and more.

for example, when my roommate discussed something with me, I gave me the wrong answer. She said, "tell me when you think about it." I immediately picked her up. "I'm not thinking clearly. I'm thinking about you."

for example, when chatting with a friend in Taiwan, he said, "go to bed early." I said, "We'll go to bed early when you get back here."

for example, Wukong in the editorial group said "good night" at night, and I said, "I don't want to say good night to you, I just want to cover you with a sheet."

for example, a friend says, "I want everyone around me to be happy." I say, "No, you can only want me to be happy."


I used to be really serious and simple. Since I have heard too many of these voluptuous words, I have found that the behavior that used to be easily stirred up by other people's words is not called "simple" but "stupid". In the past, if someone said to me that he was "thinking about you", "sleeping together", "I want to cover you with sheets", and so on, I must have thought he was interested in me. But when I said these deliberately voluptuous words, I found that it was very untrue. I could say it to anyone. I didn't care more and more whether it was true or false, and I didn't care whether the other person cared about it or not.

if someone is picked up and tells each other, "Hey, it's your sweet talk that makes me like you." I want to tell TA, "Why are you so serious? you're getting married."

if you flirt too much, it really becomes cheaper and cheaper, and you can't tell whether it's a love word or a lie.

Last week, I told a friend who was also a writer that I wanted to write an article about flirting recently, and when I talked about my thoughts, I said, "it's because I don't have to be responsible and don't care if the other person is serious about me, so I will do it at will. Being lifted up is your own business. Anyway, I won't really like you." He said very seriously, "it's not good for you to go on like this. You won't be able to love it."

although he was serious, I replied, "good, then I can't love it. I don't want to be serious."

you who are no longer looking forward to love are cool; you who can't think of a sweetheart's face are cool when you see them.

at that time, the inner BGM was a song. "many people said that I didn't understand boys, didn't take orders or a worst name, and laughed at me, a wild boy who had no control, and didn't mind having no happiness."

it is precisely because of this "long live single, voluptuous innocence" mentality that it is distressing for boys and girls who leave messages in the cluttered background "about how to deal with each other's ambiguity and it is difficult to judge whether it is true or false." Because the reality is that you think too much, and the person who makes it difficult for you to judge whether it is true or not can have the same romantic relationship with several people at the same time, and you are just one of them who is happy and confused.

Xiaoxiao is my good friend. She has always liked a boy she has known since primary school. Xiao Xiao, who is deeply in love and loves wholeheartedly, can jump up happily with her cell phone and want to hug the world for the other person's "I'm happy, I'm happy". She can also stay up at night all week because the other person asks her to go to the movies during Qixi Festival. You can also take a three-hour long-distance bus because of each other's saying, "We are not in the same city." And the boy even said things like "put your phone on your pillow and listen to your voice and feel that you are by my side."

however, the boy who has said so much ambiguity and specious has never expressed his love to my friend, and this guy who seems to like my friend, but I noticed that he was also commenting on some sweet words in different female friends' circles. Please, if you are not serious together, do not do the thing of "acting as a boyfriend as a best friend" ok?

of course, after such repeated routines and seeing the behavior that can be flirted with anyone, my friend finally saw that the so-called "concern" of this boy is only "unfaithful" to everyone, and the love words in an ambiguous time are extremely dangerous. Knowing that the other party is serious and the other side insists on ambiguity to strengthen the team for his own "back-up love group", I just want to ask, "take the emotions and serious feelings that others care about you as the chips in your hand." and then constantly let others into the quagmire so that the relationship is out of balance, so that the other party can not sleep day and night for your love words, do you think it is very funny and enjoyable to raise a prepared child? "

I am very contradictory. I hate people who deliberately keep an affair with each other, and I force people who are not easy to be tempted, so I try to be half-enthusiastic with everyone, because there is always a voice reminding me, "Don't be as serious as before, don't argue, don't ask, it's really ugly when you don't let go."

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that night, the friend who talked to me about "flirting" finally said to me, "settle down and wait, find a boy, seriously, and only flirt with him." I did not reply to him, because I do not want to take this sentence like a promise, I am so distracted of a person, how dare I promise you.

I don't want to be single-mindedI don't want anyone to know when I'm going to be serious. I won't let you know that I like you, because the bottom line is that there is no sense of security. Even if I like you, I will pretend that I don't like you.

how dare you dare to be single-minded in love? wait until that day when you say you miss me, you come and say it to me face to face instead of casually using the Wechat phone, wait until, as Song Xiaojun said, "Don't come to see me in two days. If you want to come, come tonight, with the breeze of the south, loose hair, only perfume, smile, and run."

but I've been determined to wait for a long time, and you don't have the same determination to love as I do, so my determination turns into patience, and after a long time, many people come and go, and my patience becomes unfaithful.

"knowing that you love this kind of boy, maybe it can only be so, but I will be the woman you care about most, making you wonder how to tame me day and night, if you hold me with your own hands, or you don't have to. Many people say that I don't understand boys, don't take orders or have the worst name, and laugh at me as an uncontrollable wild boy who doesn't even mind not being happy. "

this is my favorite Hong Kong music. Its name is "Wild Boy".