My friend, you got off on the way.

My friend, you got off on the way.
Actually stepped into my universe.

"maybe you have such an experience. When you meet some people at a classmate or friend party in January, you try to greet each other and try your best to exchange information with each other kindly." All of a sudden you hear someone say, "I remember how good you two were."

Yes, we were fine then. You smile awkwardly, then think in a trance, and then what?

you climbed over the walls of the school together and had a crush on the same school straw; you studied together in the morning and evening, and listened to Zhang Xinzhe and Tsai Yilin together; you took the entrance exam together, and then wrote and texted each other after parting.

and then you drifted away.

on the day of life and death, I don't know

until you defected

Dafeng told me his story last night. The group of "brothers" who went to Internet cafes to play games together since primary school are so close that they are so rich that they want everyone to charge Internet fees together. Although the Internet fees of Internet cafes are not expensive, a brother who can help you pay Internet fees shows that in his mind you are a very important comrade-in-arms. After graduating from high school, Dafeng went to the best school in their city, while the brothers who said, "Oh, I have money, I helped you charge for the Internet", went to the ordinary school next door or next door. The days of a different school later made him realize that that kind of "deep love and righteousness, fighting side by side" can only exist in the game world.

when they returned to town for the Spring Festival this year, they got together again and played cards together. "it's fun to play cards, but we can't play cards every day. In fact, we don't go to the movies together now. Because when I said" old gun "is a must-see of the year, they still think" villain and angel "is better."

the chat paused for a long time. I looked at the dark blue curtains blocking all the light and darkness at night. He said, "in fact, I was really sad. I used to play so well, but the things I experienced were different. I'm not doomed to go on. I can't blame them or me for this."

the excuse I've been avoiding is not a big grudge

Why an old bosom friend doesn't end up becoming an old friend

I don't know if I'm too selfish and indifferent to maintain those old friendships. But I also burst into tears when I sang "Friendship Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling)." I also cried and moved when I watched the novels we chased together under the table. But this is only because at that time, you and I needed a person to accompany me to skip classes, go to the snack bar, go to the snack bar and be scolded. This is our common memory, and you are my common memory, but later, when I missed that period of green years, I missed the innocence and "us" at that time.

the summer before I went to college, I posted a lot of photos, bought my favorite transparent glass picture frame, packed it, and brought it in my suitcase. On the first day of school, my roommate pointed to the person in the picture frame and asked me, "Hey, is this your classmate?" I remember my introduction was "Oh, this is my best friend in high school."

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I didn't simply say "friend".

I said "good friend in high school".

I never mentioned that the glass picture frame was actually broken on the way to another city in the suitcase, and the glass slag was wrapped up and thrown away by me in a newspaper. I didn't say it was broken because I was afraid it was a hint.

what we think of as "life" does not include the days after graduation.

together to a certain intersection

position has changed

I don't know if you have ever seen "Hot Girl at the bottom", in fact, its theme is very simple, that is, personal self-redemption, sublimation to the redemption of everyone around you. Sha Yejia was originally a high school student with no junior high school knowledge, but in the end she was admitted to her dream university, a cliche inspirational story, but she moved me into a mess.

in the process, she influenced not only her family and her tutors, but also her good friends.

there are several scenes about friends in the movie. In order to maintain his relationship with good friends, Sha Yejia tries not to fall behind at every party, but in order not to leave behind his homework, he has to take his homework with him to do it every time. After the last party, a friend said to Shayega, "can we go to another house? we have something to say to you."

after arriving at that place, Sayega asked, "what do you want to say to me?"

A friend said, "We won't play with you anymore, because you've been pushing yourself."

Shayega froze for a moment and said, "do you hate me?"

"how is that possible? no matter what anyone says, you can continue to work hard. It's so handsome."

I almost cried when I saw this, because I remembered that every time I worked hard on my own, most of the feedback I got was confused and incomprehensible, either they didn't know why I did it, or they couldn't see the value of it at all.

I share my results with my friends, not because I want to show off, but because I think they understand me. What articles I wrote and what short poems I wrote, I almost never sent them to my moments, because I was always afraid that people would think that I was showing off my words. I only sent them to one friend, because I thought "she understood me". She even called my words "your child".

but we all have only a few friends who, like Shayega's friends, will say to me, "you go ahead. I don't know anything about it. I can only support you silently behind your back."

although they didn't give any substantive help, it was the first time I understood that they should understand in this way that "good friends should be your backing, not envy your glass heart everywhere."

once upon a time, it was not enough to pour wine all night with you.

have you ever

emotion is not a cell, it can't do the metabolism all the time, it can't come as soon as it's old and new. So when Zhang Jingzhi said to me, "you can start from the perspective of new friends", I naturally said to him, "but I don't have any new friends."

if I have to say that I met any friends after graduation, there may only be eel whales. The eel whale understands me because she talks to me every time I say "good night" to her, because she knows that I say "good night" not because I'm going to bed, but because "I need someone to talk to."

one night I talked to the eel whale about how to communicate with people at work, and she said, "I know it's necessary, but I don't like to get in touch with others on purpose." The eel whale was expected to be such a cold and indifferent person, so I always felt that she would expose my "good night" to chat with me until one or two o'clock. Chatting with me is like "I walked three blocks for a cup of milk lid" and "Mom Zhang Jing thorn is so annoying", which makes me feel very lucky, because it doesn't have a vigorous taste of youth, but the other person is a daily habit to me. This kind of friendship does not need to be deliberately done, and there is no need to feel guilty about being lost.

every eel whale is "eel whale, are you at school? go and eat roast immortal grass." eel whale, go to fake grass and drink coke tonight. Eel whale, let's go and watch the boys play ball. Such a casual and natural relationship always reminds me of what Zhang Zhaojie said, "as a friend, you don't have to go through fire and water for me, you don't have to go through fire and water for me, and you don't have to sacrifice for me, because I may not do it, but I'm willing to help and share. The phone and home are always open for you, even at three o'clock in the night."

I am surprised to accept that I have my own way to go

, but no one makes me cry behind my back.

it's like a couple talking about breaking up

. In the past, I always played back the sentence sung by Eason: "the strangest person in the coming year is the dearest one of yesterday." every time I think about it, I feel guilty and wonder if I lost my dearest so-and-so because of something I didn't do well.

it took me a long time to figure it out, and I found that the reason was actually very simple.

We didn't lose each other at all, but one of us got off early at some point in our lives. Because the road of life is so long, it is impossible to walk together all the time.

so there is no need for us to call each other ungrateful, like the new and hate the old, and we don't have to go back to the past. I will only tell you frankly that we can't go back, don't be sad, there's nothing wrong with us. I don't force you to stay with me, and don't deliberately accompany me to the dark. Let's wave goodbye and turn around and walk away.

Friends, the end between us doesn't mean I want to erase the past.

because you have actually stepped into my universe.

but cars don't wait for people, and neither do I.