What kind of tacit understanding can be called "understand you"?

What kind of tacit understanding can be called "understand you"?
What kind of tacit understanding can be called "understand you"?

A few days ago, I went to Wanjiang Taiku to take part in an art exhibition. The painter, named Xuan Ming, is a young artist from Dongguan.

because I have seen famous paintings in the event push, his paintings have more elements of "sexual organs", so I had a stereotype of him before I went. I thought he would be the kind of unruly artist with long hair, and then the style of dressing is so that people can recognize it from a distance.

when I went to the scene of the exhibition, I found that except for his long hair, he was no different from us young people in dress and speech.

curator ah Kang is my friend. He is a designer and comes from an art academy. After I took part in the activity, he took me around the exhibition and introduced me a little bit about the famous paintings.

A Kang said that what he likes most is the above pair, because it has something to do with geometry, and the famous colors are used very well. If you look carefully, none of the squares are repeated, and its strokes don't make you feel "hard". Very picturesque. From red to pink, and then to white, is a very natural transition, will not make you feel any sense of outburst. You can carefully observe the middle three proudly protruding breasts (should be) and other organs, while the other squares are flat and concave, as if the contradictory relationship between the public and the artist.

he mentioned that Xuan Ming is not an art major, so he is really talented to be able to do so.

the exhibition is very complete, with not only famous paintings, but also a book for him called deduction. I opened it and found that the words were gray and did not read so smoothly.

on this point, A Kang said to me:

"you know, Xuan Ming doesn't really want his family to come to this exhibition, because his family thinks that he paints too many things about sex with words. I think it's a dishonorable and embarrassing thing. We have only made 300 copies of this book. after showing the sample to the famous family, his mother said that she would buy all the books at the market price, tear out the pages she least liked, and sell them in her own store.

I don't think so. When I came back, I changed the color of the words to gray again. I deliberately create some reading obstacles, if you read this book for a long time, you will find that you are very tired. Because this is the state of fame creation, sex and organs for him is the source of experience of the world, inspiration, is young honesty. His family is the social person who is closest to him, and his creation is in contradiction with the whole society. He is very tangled in his heart. for himself, the state of his existence is confident and clear, but for others, it is like the words in a book. Because color is not the depth of public habits, he is given up reading. When others feel tired, he is actually more tired when he is unwilling to understand. Confident and contradictory, only those who see this can understand his works.

now, can you understand why an ordinary-looking person can draw these pictures? "

when Ah Kang told me this, I was completely stupid. Not because I couldn't understand what he said, but because I was moved by the detail that he "lightened the color of the font". If A Kang doesn't say it, maybe only A Kang and Xuan Ming know the meaning of this detail.

I found that the real sense of "understanding" is to understand a person's inner contradictions, rather than simply to understand a person's past and his present.

I asked Ah Kang, "isn't it painful to create like this?"

A Kang says that to create is to suffer.

when I posted this article to Xianming, he said "Thank you", because as an artist, it's really hard to find someone who really understands you.

but looking back at ourselves, it's also hard to find someone who really knows us in our lives.

I used to watch art exhibitions, but when I couldn't understand it, I would blame the painter for being too sophisticated. But I was wrong, painters are actually human beings, but painting is different from words, it hides the thinking process, and then presents the results directly. So what we see is actually the result of thinking. And if you want to try to understand a creator, you have to think about what he lacks in his heart, why he does it, or even dig up his deepest contradictions.

only in this way can you really understand why he did it.

in fact, everyone is the creator of his own life, and our words and deeds are our own works. So if we want to understand a person, we should not only think from his point of view, but also learn to deduce the reason from the result. Then use the reason as the basis for judgment to understand each other's behavior.

I asked a question in moments the other day:

what kind of tacit understanding can be called "understand you"?

most responses have the same meaning, that is, to know what the other person is going to say before they speak.

there is only one answer for me to remember now, and it was my teacher who said:

I really understand you, not by knowing what you are going to say, but by knowing why you are doing it.