Zhang Jingshi said he would contract for this month's deputy push.

Zhang Jingshi said he would contract for this month's deputy push.
Or there will be a fine.


I had dinner with my seniors last night. I called him Brother long.

after sitting down, Brother long's first sentence was: "Ah, I really want to strangle you."

I know why Brother long wants to strangle me, because he is in a disorganized internal group, so he knows that there have been a lot of problems in our team recently, such as the topic selection meeting is always delayed and the manuscript is always delayed. And every time there is a problem, I will put forward some solutions to the symptoms rather than the root of the problem. At that time, I felt that the problem had been solved.

but in fact, those problems have only been solved temporarily, and they will happen in another form soon, giving me a swollen nose and blue eyes in a different way.

really, if you have experienced this kind of thing, you will find that "uncomfortable" can also be used to. Because every time I call that difficult time the "bottleneck period", and then ignore the fundamental problem in front of me, slowly I get used to the bottleneck period and think that it should appear.

as a result, the bottleneck period became the norm, and the "bottleneck period" became an excuse for me to evade the problem.

so brother long tried to strangle me, because I knew exactly what the fundamental solution was, and I didn't do it.

the solution is simple: as editor-in-chief, I should write more diligently. How diligent is it? I have to write every day. When the people in the team can't hold up, I want to be able to stand up and stand up straight.

maybe you will think that Zhang Jingzhi is a diligent person, but you are wrong. I used to be much more diligent than I am now. Now I am a very lazy person, nearly a month, I will be lazy as: "this month only look at the absorption of ideas, less output, I will rise abruptly based on accumulated strength."

but in fact, it was my laziness that got the upper hand in April, because my friends in the team were able to hand in manuscripts every day, so I became reluctant to calm down and write a good article. Reading is just muddling along without taking notes and sharing. I even watch a lot less of my favorite movies, playing with LOL every day and fooling around about some meaningless things (such as going out to talk about cooperation with others).

the most abominable thing is that I have learned to comfort myself, hypnotize myself every day and say to myself, "now that my account is getting bigger, I am very busy. I want to talk about cooperation and do miscellaneous things. It's normal if I can't write."

but for a creator, not continuing to create is suicide.

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(in fact, my status in April is as follows)


so I made a decision this afternoon:

I'm going to contract out the messy May deputy push by myself.

and when I announced this decision in the group, I added a punishment system to myself: "if I don't do it one day, I will send 50 yuan red packets to the group." After that, I calculated that if I were lazy two days a week, I would have to contribute 400 yuan to the carnivore (regretting).

well, so the position of editor-in-chief is really difficult.

then, someone must ask: what will be posted on the side tweets every day?

the answer is: undecided.

because it is a side push, there is no pressure on the amount of reading, so I hope to be able to write down what I think and think every day, sometimes my life feelings, sometimes my whimsical stories, more often it may be our disorganized internal stories.

but no matter what kind of content it is, I have the confidence to present it in words that I find interesting.

so if you're bored, you don't have to order the next day's tweets, but if you think it's not bad, you're welcome to pay attention to every day's tweets, of course, the headlines of each day must be the best and best content. The content of the side tweets will be more casual.

is it cool?

I suddenly found the momentum of deciding a thousand words a day a year ago, as if I hadn't been so passionate for a long time. Although I know it myself, this will be a difficult time again.

but isn't it the hardest time to make the fastest progress?


back to last night's dinner, I kept making excuses for myself at first, until Brother long looked at me and said, "Oh, I hate you."

hate that iron does not make steel.

the last person who said that to me was my biology teacher in high school. At that time, I was so angry that my head teacher kicked the office desk. After understanding the reason, the biology teacher also said these five words to me. I remember clearly that he shook his head and sighed, and then waved me to go back to class.

when I was in my third year of high school, I didn't know what "hate iron does not make steel" meant.

it wasn't until I became someone else's predecessor in some way that I slowly learned what it means to hate iron but not steel. It's not angry, it's not depressed, it's disappointment, downright disappointment.

is not only disappointed in people who cannot be "steel", but also disappointed in their own judgment.

you once believed that this person could do better and fly higher. But someone you trust hits you in the face with the truth and then tells you that you are wrong.

so don't be a piece of iron that can hit your face, but a steel that won't rust. I'm not asking you not to let everyone down. I just want to tell you, at the very least, don't let yourself down.

so, I'm going to contract for May's deputy tweet, and you guys hurry up to appreciate it, because I'm afraid I'll be punished so much that I can't afford to eat. At the moment, I am fantasizing that if only Vitasoy could be like Aladdin's lamp, if I touch it, it can satisfy my three wishes.

good night.

"really, I'm afraid of myself when I try."