A good family education is to give these seven happiness packages to children.

A good family education is to give these seven happiness packages to children.
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Xie an said a classic saying: "good family education is for parents to be the best they can be."

the state of children is often a mirror image of the state of adults. A child is born with the ability to imitate, which will make him subconsciously imitate the behavior of the people around him.

every child is a copy of his parents, and their words and deeds are imitated by their children. So parents' words and deeds and every move will affect the growth of their children.

far-sighted parents never educate their children with their mouths, but influence their children with their own actions.

want children to read, they first pick up books;

want children to form good habits, they are strict with themselves first;

want children to be kind, they are willing to help others first.

behind every good child, there are better parents. To be a better self is the best education for children.

how do you want your child to grow up and what kind of life you want your child to have in the future, then how to educate and raise your child.

good parents are good at discovering their children's talents from the details of family life and guiding them at the right time. This is the way to achieve their children's education.

teach in school, raise in the family, every parent is the best teacher on the way of their children growing up.

in the face of the growing anxiety about family education, Zhu Yongxin, chairman of the Family Education Committee of the Chinese Education Association, believes that

the most fundamental thing is to improve the basic educational literacy of parents. Advocate the educational concept that "adults are more important than talent, happiness is more important than success." Parents should return happiness to their children.

what exactly should I do? Let's take a look at Zhu Yongxin's seven tricks of happiness education.


parents and children eat together, talk together, communicate and learn all the time.

parents often talk about politics, and their children may be interested in politics in the future; if parents complain, their children may have the mood to complain.

many parents think that there is no point in talking to their children. in fact, what parents say, even if the child does not understand it today, will become an important part of his brain.

more importantly, companionship and living together determine whether the whole family shares a common destiny.

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A father is a very famous local entrepreneur. He is very busy. He is either invited to dinner or invited to dinner. He does not have much contact with his daughter.

after the child is in primary school, because of taking part in the new education experiment, the teachers of the new education experiment will write to their parents regularly, once a week.

one of them is to require parents to read with their children, not only for mothers but also for fathers.

the father has read 184 books with his children in five years.

he said he didn't feel it at first. After reading for a month, he found that reading was much more interesting than drinking, so he actively refused to socialize and read with his children.

he said:

"in these five years, the children went to primary school and I went to college."

later he talked about everything with his children, and the medium was books.

parents should find ways to accompany their children no matter how busy they are, even if time is tight, even if they are pretentious.

back home, many parents play games and watch TV, which is normal, but if they want their children to walk better, they must restrain their behavior.


"you may have unlimited wealth, boxes of jewelry and cabinets of gold.

but you will never be richer than me. I have a mother who reads to me. "

Reading is an important source for children to have a rich spiritual life. The cultivation of reading ability, reading interest and reading habits starts from the family.

Children's books quietly hide the best things of human beings in the fate of individual characters and animals, so as to build up the values of children.

the first reading is parent-child co-reading, which is read by parents to their children, because children can't read, and reading starts with pictures.

Children first know the world through pictures.

in addition, children's books have not only the function of edifying value, but also the role of cure. Children have corresponding books to solve any problems, which are more useful than ten thousand words after reading them.

the most important thing is that once you have formed the habit of reading in childhood, you will take the initiative to look for books in the future.


Mr. Ye Shengtao said:

"Education is the cultivation of habits. Whether education is successful or not depends on the formation of good habits." Sports don't depend on how high you jump, how fast you run, how well you play, but whether you develop good fitness habits. "

the new education reform has an action called "one thing every month", which asks children to do one thing every month to develop good habits.

for example, learn to eat this month. There are many habits to cultivate in eating, not only etiquette but also a lot of things related to habits.

for example, learn to walk, there are also habits, of course, there are many standard things behind the habits, we say not to run a red light means to abide by the rules, obeying the rules is a habit.

Psychological studies have found that the formation of a good habit requires continuous training for 21 days, and families should help children develop good living habits.

Space: help the child and make him himself

We want all the children to be heroes, the only possibility is to help him and make him himself.

Family and school should be a place to help children find and achieve themselves, giving them as much space, stage and opportunities as possible, so that they can become him.Myself.

as parents, we must not require all children to be the same, and all children to be the same.

the most important thing is to help the child build up self-confidence and help the child find himself.

excessive care and care, resulting in a lot of small children. Excessive restrictions on interference also limit the release of children's potential.


for quite a long time in our human history, we did not regard children as human beings.

after the Renaissance, we began to see children, began to treat children as human beings, and began to respect children.

especially with the Charter for Children of the United Nations, we have to treat the child as a person, as an independent person, and respect his personality.

the understanding and understanding of children in the whole education is far from enough. We should consciously realize that we should respect childhood.

Childhood itself is the most magical stage. With a kind of respect for children's current life and respect for children themselves as human beings, many of our ways of education will naturally change.

so to a certain extent, education is a kind of belief, the establishment of some basic ideas, the basic understanding of children, or the correct view of children, is a starting point of our education, but also the starting point of our whole family education.


among the factors that affect lifelong development, score is not the most important. It is moral character, character, happiness, popularity and respect, rather than knowledge, that restricts it. The influence of

will lay a solid foundation for the sound development of personality.

too much attention is paid to a child's study and little attention is paid to his moral character, which is worrying.

my child also took things from home when he was a child, but we let him know that the punishment for making such a mistake was far better than the failure to learn knowledge in the exam, and let him know that his father and mother did not attach great importance to grades, but attached great importance to moral character, which made him a modest man.


every child is different. Parents should be good at discovering the bright spots of their children and help them become the best of themselves.

appreciation brings success, while complaining leads to failure.

if you want your children to behave, cherish their every opportunity to grow up, appreciate their growth, appreciate their words and deeds; if you can't, complain and blame them.

the potential of a child is always greater than what has been realized. Modern scientific research has long proved that human potential is huge.