All relationships fade like this.

All relationships fade like this.
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

many people have had such powerless moments:

A friend who talks to each other very much becomes a stranger when he has not been in touch for a long time;

A close lover becomes difficult to maintain after a few quarrels;

No matter how good the relationship is, no matter how precious the friendship is, it cannot afford to be consumed again and again.

once, I attributed all this to time and distance, making simple and pure relationships obscure and complex.

later, I really realized that nothing in the world is immutable.

there is a process for all relationships to fade.


one does not hear, one does not ask

has read such a sentence: adults do not have to say, silently do not contact, slowly stay away.

No matter how good a friend is, you have to admit that your relationship has faded after you haven't been in touch for a long time.

I received a message on Wechat the other day from a high school classmate who had been out of touch for a long time.

"I have an appointment with some classmates on the 24th. Would you like to come?"

it happened to be my cousin's engagement day, so I couldn't get away, so I had to decline it politely.

but after replying to the message, I felt relieved.

in fact, we used to be friends who talked about everything. We went to the bathroom hand in hand and went to the canteen to do recess exercises.

later, she went to college, she was busy with all kinds of part-time jobs and striving for all kinds of job opportunities, I was busy developing new interests and hobbies; she had a new bosom friend, and I met a good best friend.

We occasionally share interesting stories on Wechat, but because we haven't been in touch for too long, it takes more than half a day to explain the causes and consequences, and the excitement is long gone.

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and she doesn't want to ask those unimportant people or things, the two people have been silent for a long time, and it takes courage to open their mouth.

later, we can only guess how each other has been and where we have been through our moments.

the last piece of news remained half a year ago, because of the emotional and dull conversation.

in fact, there are such people in everyone's life.

there is no contradiction, no collapse, and nothing bad happens, but we all know in our hearts that we have different circles and different ways.

so you don't hear, I don't ask; if you don't talk, I don't speak; if you don't come, I won't go.

walk silently and break up.

No relationship remains the same in a person's life.

We all go through many stages and know a lot of people, but there are too few people who can spend the rest of our lives together.

they come into our lives, accompany us for a long walk, give us a lesson, teach us to grow, and then turn away.

so please cherish the person who has been contacting you actively.

if you don't care, who will waste time trying to maintain your relationship.


one refuses to bow, and the other refuses to give in.

without a relationship, it disappears for no reason, but it is the most regrettable to go in the opposite direction after the quarrel.

in any relationship, quarrels are inevitable, but if two people refuse to give way to each other and refuse to take a step back, the best relationship is irreparable.

once, a reader left me a message in the background.

she misses her ex, but she never gets a chance to say she's sorry.

at that time, we were so young that we could pass every time we quarreled with a few soft words.

but we would rather have a cold war than bow our heads first. everyone wants to prove that they love more or are more right. Feelings fade in a quarrel and go far away.

I miss him very much, but we have deleted all contact information for each other.

it's a bit of a pity to think about it.

in this world, the sweetest thing is love, but the most bitter is also love.

how many deeply in love with each other, finally in the young too proud, so separated.

two stubborn people are destined to be together.

in my memory, my aunt and uncle quarreled all their lives.

small to how to put the vase, the water in the bowl is not wiped clean, big enough to buy what furniture, and lend money to whom …...

other people have long worn out their love and patience, but it is strange that they will never give up, nor will they criticize or even turn over each other loudly.

every time a quarrel reaches a tipping point, someone changes the subject first, gives it a step, and soon makes up again.

in fact, there is no reason to argue in a relationship.

just like there are no suitable two people in this world, many times they give in to each other and take a step back in order to avoid passing each other.

the one who admits defeat first is not necessarily a pussy, but he must love more deeply.


A person who thinks about old love and takes it for granted

always puts his relationship with others in such a high position that he regards it as a bargaining chip that can be unscrupulous.

but the best relationship will eventually die as a matter of course.

in the early years, a relative in the family failed in his business and was heavily in debt.

Father felt that he often gave us lucky money for the younger generation, and would send some food to home during the Spring Festival, so he thought he could help us a little bit.

but who knows, he turned to his father for help more and more, and said to others, "We have known each other for so many years and are relatives again. He will certainly help me with this small favor."

Mother watched her father busy.Many times I was angry and depressed, but I thought about my old love for many years, so I had to hold back again and again.

later, he came again to make an unreasonable request. His mother was furious and lost her temper, so he had to walk away.

the father also blamed his mother for this. It is said that the relative has not visited my door since then.

in fact, there is no shortage of such unaware relatives and friends in life.

but no matter how deep the friendship is, it is not a blood relative after all.

No one takes what they give for granted, and no one can enjoy what others give comfortably.

No matter how you think about the old love, you should stop the loss in time for those who do not know how to cherish it.

whether it is affection, friendship or love, the relationship of giving unilaterally will fade sooner or later.

it is better to break when it is broken, and it is not a pity to lose it.

the relationship between people must be mutual, come and go, the relationship can be long-term and stable.


birth, aging, sickness and death is a natural law, and it is also natural for feelings to fade.

We will meet a lot of people in our life, and we are destined to meet and separate from many people.

some relationships are destined to be accompanied by a journey, so that we can become better ourselves;

some relationships, we will not regret until we lose them, and we will never come back if we miss them;

some relationships are not a pity, but let us see through life.

but whether it is kinship or friendship, whether it is because of the widening gap in social resources and status, or because of differences in values and interests.

after all, I can't help but feel sad.