Amazing social laws, the sooner you know, the better! (recommended collection)

Amazing social laws, the sooner you know, the better! (recommended collection)
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the world is rapidly changing, complex and subtle, and people can't figure it out.

but energy is conserved, and all changes can be traced as long as you understand the law behind it.

think about it, it is true.

everything that happens in life seems to be accidental, but in fact there are rules that can be seen.


the law of onions

people who think too much of themselves as onions tend to be especially good at pretending. This is the law of onions and garlic.

I can't help thinking of an interesting story about the English writer George Bernard Shaw.

that year, when George Bernard Shaw was traveling in Moscow, he met a congenial little girl and played with her for a long time.

when parting, George Bernard Shaw said to the little girl, "go back and tell your mother that you spent the afternoon with the celebrity Bernard Shaw."

the little girl followed Bernard Shaw's tone and replied, "go back and tell your mother that you played with the beautiful little girl Anina for a long time today."

when George Bernard Shaw heard this, he immediately realized that his attitude was too arrogant, and he couldn't help feeling ashamed.

later, when he recalled this incident, he would sigh:

people, don't take yourself too seriously.

as Mezner said, "Don't take yourself too seriously. Without you, the earth will turn around."

you think you are indispensable, but in the eyes of others, it doesn't matter;

you think you are unique, but in the eyes of others, you are mediocre.

as the saying goes, there are people outside people and days outside the sky.

if you stand high, you can see far, but only when you stand low can you see more clearly.

so, at any time, don't put yourself in a too high position;

know that only with humility can you go steady and far.


pie law

when pie falls on the same day, there is also a trap waiting for you. This is the pie law.

in this world, there is no such good thing as falling pie in the sky. Even if the pie is really dropped, it may not really be a blessing, but it may also be accompanied by misfortune.

is like fishing, using food as bait, once the fish is hooked, it will fall into a set trap and become the bag of the angler.

focusing on the pie in front of you, people often fail to see the trap behind it.

back in those years, it was precisely because of this that the ancient Shu Kingdom of the Spring and Autumn and warring States period perished.

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at that time, Qin became more and more powerful and wanted to annex the resource-rich ancient Shu, but the road to the ancient Shu was rugged, which was not conducive to sending troops.

I heard that the king of Shu was extremely greedy. After consultation with his courtiers, the king of Qin decided to carry out a strategy.

he ordered a man-made stone cow, put gold inside the cow, and then sent someone to spread the news that there were stone oxen who could pull gold in the State of Qin.

and shows that he wants to form an alliance with the ancient Shu, and if he wants to, he can give the stone cow to the ancient Shu.

the king of Shu was so happy that he immediately ordered people to build roads to greet Shiniu. The army of Qin marched along this road to Shu, and finally destroyed the ancient Shu.

because of his greed, the king of Shu led to the demise of ancient Shu.

as the saying goes: no effort, no gain.

in life, there has never been a good thing to enjoy its success and get something for nothing.

Don't forget that all the gifts of fate have been secretly priced;

behind all the gains without hard work, there is bound to be a deeper price to pay.

there is a saying that is true: the harder you work, the luckier you are.

only by making down-to-earth efforts and doing well in front of us can we be blessed by good luck.