As a medical student, I know how close death is.

As a medical student, I know how close death is.
A monologue from a medical student.

"you must have received countless gifts in your twenty years of life. You must still remember your favorite gifts, and there are many forgotten gifts." Today, there is such a teacher who gives you his body as a gift with courage and love, becoming the first patient under your scalpel and opening the way to medicine for you. No matter how high you are in your medical career in the future, this gift should be remembered and cherished for the rest of your life. "

this is the most beautiful lesson I have ever heard since I went to college.

every medical college student has two teachers, one is a medical teacher who spreads knowledge on the podium, and the other is called "general teacher". "general teachers" they lie quietly, although they do not speak, they use their own bodies to teach us the shape of the structure and blood vessels of the human body. they teach us how to respect life, how to treat life kindly, and how to assume the responsibility of medical students.

the first time I went to the anatomy laboratory, shortly after I came to Nanfang Medical University, the school organized to "visit" the anatomy laboratory in advance. I was a little late that day because I didn't know the way to the campus. When I hurried to the laboratory in my white coat, a senior sister already took everyone to take the oath. I looked at everyone's solemn expressions outside the door. The original tension, fear, or excitement and curiosity were all calm. I didn't dare to break the atmosphere. I stood at the door and said the oath with everyone.

"We are moved by your sincere heart, your silent dedication makes us cry, you are a speechless teacher, laying the foundation for our success. To this end, we hereby swear that I will give the general teacher enough respect. I will treat every class with a serious attitude. I will not do anything that has nothing to do with learning knowledge. I will not take pictures for the purpose of entertainment. In the name of medical students, do what you say. "

after taking the oath, I gently pushed the door open and went in. My first feeling was that the smell of formalin was so exciting that tears almost came out. It was only after getting used to it that I began to take a closer look at the anatomy lab. The first thing I saw was a pile of bones lying quietly on the table. The cabinets around were filled with all kinds of specimens, with brains and hearts, and the first thought at that time was, is it all true?

I pretended to hold a skull calmly. It was light, but it made my hands tremble.

when I saw the complete body, my heart seemed to lift to my throat. I thought a lot at that moment. How old is he? Why is he lying here? What made him want to donate the body? Did his family agree? I didn't hear my brother's introduction to organs. I was imagining his life. I asked myself to look away and calm myself down from thinking. Finally I stopped in front of a specimen, which was a specimen of a baby. I was in a mixed mood, so I left.

when I was leaving, my sister asked me what was wrong. I said it was all right. My eyes hurt from formalin.

I have been thinking about a question when I went back, and even now I have been asking myself this question, will I donate the body in the future?

I don't know, or I don't dare yet.

/II /

so I asked myself another question and asked someone else.

"if the person you love and your loved one dies accidentally in an accident, and it is up to you to decide at this time, will you donate your loved one's body or organ?"

many of us haven't thought about it, so if a loved one dies accidentally in an accident, someone asks us if we are willing to donate our organs. We said we didn't know. At that moment we are hit by great grief, we can't think, we really don't know what we think. When we are in shock, it is difficult to make a decision. But we need to make a decision immediately, because the organs and bodies are too fragile.

most human organs are extremely fragile, and a little improper preservation will cause irreparable functional damage. For example, for kidney transplantation, the kidney source is generally preserved for no more than 24 hours. In this short day, doctors have to do everything they can to try a variety of preservation solutions and perfusion frequencies in order to carefully support it to find a person and send it to the location of the patient, which can damage the organ with the slightest inadvertent.

Medical diagnosis of death is very difficult and very accurate, how to quickly judge brain death and how to ensure that organs can be collected within an effective time after diagnosis of brain death. At the critical point of death, doctors do not have the right to stop, they must wait for the patient's family to make a choice, and how many patients waiting for transplant are struggling during this period. There is a great demand for organs in this world, only a few people can get the organs they need, while thousands of people are waiting to die.

/3 /

I wonder if people who are willing to donate organs and bodies have no religious beliefs.

in the past, when Qingming went to visit tombs, cars were speeding along the highway, and tombstones appeared from time to time in the fields or mountains on both sides, and their descendants built the tombstones of the dead beautifully. At the Qingming Festival, everyone will pay tribute to the memorial ceremony, and will burn paper-bound houses and livestock, poultry, slaves, and beautiful families.

because they believe in reincarnation and believe that all the dead should be properly placed before they can be reborn. That's why there are so many tombstones and so few donors.

We may have a lot of time to discuss the value and meaning of life, but we seldom mention death, but death is included in survival.

the graves of Grandpa and Grandma were repaired a long time ago, and it was still a place that Grandpa saw by himself. at that time, because of feng shui, it was said that the tombs of Grandpa and Grandma could not be repaired together, but had to be repaired to another place, across the river.. But Grandpa's first reaction was, "when you get there, it's too troublesome for you to visit the grave by boat. Here is fine."

at that time, I was thinking, how high does one have to live before one can be so open-minded to life and death?

/four /

you ask me what the meaning of life is.

Tolstoy's Ivan Ilyich, who faced death in pain because of his despicable character, finally realized how bad his death was precisely because his life was so bad. This gives us a great inspiration to learn to live well, that is, to learn how to die well.

sometimes I am glad that I am a medical student. The learning thinking of medicine, especially in the face of life and death, seems to accelerate the process of my understanding of life, and I have more perspective on dealing with all kinds of things. It seems that no other major or profession can deal with life as directly as medicine.

this is a thorny road, which requires hard work and sweat, grievances and censure, and ten times more efforts than other industries. But there is no other industry where people will put their lives in your hands like this, and there is no other industry that is easier to give others a hand when they need it most.

now doctors are under pressure that should not belong to them, but only their glory remains. I believe that doctors will always be respected in the end of social development.

our common enemy is disease, not each other.

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when I walk on this thorny road, I find that it is not just because I love medicine, but because I love the world, so I want to save those who should not leave this world.

"Thank you, hang in there"