As long as it is not good enough, the marketing number will always be easy 10W +.

As long as it is not good enough, the marketing number will always be easy 10W +.
I can't help hitting him in the face.

I have been asked to write a draft tonight, and I intend not to write it in a messy way. But I just saw a tweet on moments entitled "pretty girls born after 1995 fall in love with a 60-year-old man and shoot crazily for love". After reading it, I couldn't help but spray a sentence on WeChat moments:

"this official account really lowers the bottom line of all self-media, and it is not like this."

as an editor of an official account, I know that sometimes we will re-create around some photos and add some copywriting, so as to make it easier for readers to understand the mentality of the creator when shooting this work. But I have my own principle:

"if it is not my work and the author has not entrusted me to write it, I will never write that copy in the first person."

what does this mean? That is, if I did not take the photography, I would write according to my own understanding, but not from the photographer's point of view to fabricate some creative intentions that did not exist. But you can take a look at the tweet entitled "pretty girls born in 1995 fall in love with a 60-year-old man and shoot crazily for love." this is the article of the day before yesterday. The number of readers easily exceeded 10 times, and the number of likes reached 2355. The content is as follows:

eat, drink, play in Shanghai

"Hello BB, BB friends are all good"

"I feel so sad to have such a father!"

"BB said he would cooperate fully"

"someone on the bus asked me why I didn't give up my seat to Grandpa."

"this is my boyfriend!"

"so can his white hair!"

(note that "he" is used here)

that's about it. The whole tweet takes a picture of a young woman and an old man as a clue, coupled with a first-person narrative, and constantly uses words such as "BB" to make readers think they are very sweet. And in my opinion, it's a little too sweet, because the copywriting goes like this:

I like to wear a hat. BB said he should also wear

actually his hairstyle is not suitable for wearing

he wants to wear it, because he loves me!

the whole tweet, starting from the title, boasts the age difference between the two people. "the post-1995 pretty girl falls in love with the 60-year-old man." Then in the article, in a mean tone to say some seemingly sweet "confession". And most of the people who finished reading them either had the mentality of watching jokes or found them disgusting from the bottom of their hearts.

"Jinri Toutiao" the comment below

"as long as there is a tipping point, who care"

this kind of push is deeply liked by countless marketing accounts, because it has a "tipping point".

first of all, the operators of all these accounts know that fans will like these articles, because when they retweet them, they will attach the words "I believe in love again" or "come to abuse dogs again", which satisfies both fans' self-mockery and their curiosity.

second, it doesn't involve any sensitive topics, and they even think it doesn't involve the portrait rights of the protagonists in the picture. do you know why? Because the two protagonists are Taiwanese, all the pictures come from outside the wall.

so you understand why the post-1995 pretty girl falls in love with a 60-year-old man and makes crazy films for love. "I feel so sad to have such a father!" Is that a word like that? Because as the author of this tweet, I have already carefully read their news, and did not hesitate to climb the wall to find photos, and then write those words from the perspective of the girls in the picture.

the two protagonists are Taiwanese, and the word "he" is used in the push, which means "he" in Cantonese, indicating that the author of this push may be a Cantonese, but it cannot be verified. Because such Subscription account will never get the "original" function. So I spent a lot of time and still couldn't find Subscription account who first pushed this article.

13 years of news material was pushed in October 15, and the editor was tired enough.

Tonight I read all the news about the two protagonists on the Internet and found that there is really a big difference between "media" and those "self-media". The "media" will do some research before reporting it. And those "self-media" on the contrary, they do not care about authenticity, how can "detonate the amount of reading", they push.

after the media reported, it was deliberately distorted by the villagers' messages. Although she ignored and did not respond, it was always distressing and reluctant to give up.

"this is an era of speed."

I'll show you a joke. The following two pictures are my screenshots on Sogou at 19:00 and 19:30, respectively. You can take a closer look at the gray words.

nearly 20 Subscription account retweeted this tweet in just 30 minutes. As we all know, official account tweets are timely, and the survival time of an article is generally no more than 24 hours, unless it is very hard practical information. This one is different, it applies to marketing accounts all over China, as long as you are "tasteless", you can use it.

I haven't been so incoherent for a long time. I thought I was already past the age of "indignant youth", but as an operator with "principles", seeing these bottomless tweets, I really couldn't help writing such a meaningless article. Because those marketing accounts will still push tweets that have no bottom line, and their fans will continue to retweet tweets that have no bottom line.

in fact, in the final analysis, I wrote this article because I remembered the moments that eel whale posted the night before last:

"should I tell you that our editor tried to throw a theme at 11:30 in the evening for 20 minutes and then send it at 11:59?" Did I tell you that if you want to eat in class, you want to sleep, you want to climb in the middle of the night?When you get up and read less than 2000 all night, you will begin to suspect that you don't want to see people in your life. "

when we spend all day and night trying to figure out how to write an article, marketing accounts only move their fingers to reprint other people's articles into their own accounts, and then add the sentence "authorized by the author" to easily throw away from us in terms of reading volume, or use some vulgar headlines and unlimited content to increase 1000 followers a night.

but no matter how strong the ability of the marketing account to attract money, I hope we can stick to it, hold that bottom line, and do something really valuable. Even if we can only write chicken soup, we are not only a little better than the marketing number of "No Lower limit".

above, encourage each other.

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