As long as you work hard, there's nothing you can't screw up.

As long as you work hard, there's nothing you can't screw up.
"you have to trust me."

I go to McDonald's

I go out to hand out flyers

I earn 500

I write a thousand

every day

Step into the ultra chic in our sleeved of the mother bride gowns. The available collection can go well with all occasion.

I think this is the only way to success


that day, I cried all night

I cried all night

by Ccc

in the third year of high school

sleep in class

it's really easy

to pick up girls after class

so I went to

by  sunspot  that's what he told me  I'm more garbage than you

if I'm not convinced, you earn more than me

the day of the college entrance examination, you ate with me

I said, "after the exam, we will go our separate ways." You gave me all the chicken on your plate and said, "well, who really doesn't do a big math problem in order to go to the same college?" I didn't say anything, because I know that the gap between us is more than just a math problem.


I am a "noodle bully" who is always brushed in every interview. I have been faced with organizing societies and taking part-time jobs

. Later, I became an interview book with all kinds of skills and assists. Countless people have successfully interviewed and tried again and again, and now I realize that it is not a question of skill or ability. It may be a question of "too ugly".  P>

by eel whale

I heard that high achiever can't even post on moments

Yes. And it's not just high achiever who doesn't post

GRE, program Daniel, big v

Jay Chou, Super Dan, Bill Gates

they all don't post, because you can't see

by JIM

she has a friend who makes official accounts for sign language clubs

. Her president

her president should be moved

because each post

plays a good night song

by GEE

he sits there listening to my sufferings all night

my tears flow dry, so I begin to listen to him


I eat rice noodle roll

in the morning

I eat soup powder

I eat rice noodle roll

in the evening because there is something wrong at home. I have calculated the amount of money I owe others

by Stenph

I thought you didn't like me

that's all because I didn't like you

so I started booing

to buy you a lot of beautiful gifts

and then I found

that the only thing I can do is to make it "very annoying"

by rabbit

. Recently, the flavor of chicken soup is too strong

I want to neutralize

by tonight's push

strangely, I am therefore full of strength

probably because the negative energy is left here

, so tonight you might as well leave your negative energy to me

cluttered and act as a garbage collector all night

or you can Forward this negative energy

what's sad recently

take it out and have fun

because nothing's going to be all right