Autumn, 16 things that make you happy

Autumn, 16 things that make you happy
Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

before you know it, the End of Heat has passed. At

, the summer heat is over, and autumn is coming.

if you want to have a good fall, here are 16 little things you need to know to make your life happy.


take a sip of sweet-scented osmanthus wine

Autumn begins with a sip of wine. The sweet-scented osmanthus grains collected carefully last year were washed, dried, fermented and ripe.

after the trek in winter, spring and summer, we come to our own season.

No one knows more about autumn than sweet-scented osmanthus wine.

take a sip, and it reverberates in your body all autumn.


look up at the clouds in the sky

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the clouds in spring are shy, the clouds in summer are warm, the clouds in winter are gloomy, only the clouds in autumn are light and far away.

like a mature wise man, like a philosophical poem of the sky.

in autumn, on the way to work and on the way home, remember to look at the clouds in the sky and see them gather and drift away.

like the ups and downs of the world, some things make you feel relieved.


go to the suburbs to see the fallen leaves

the big trees in the city. As soon as the leaves fall, the cleaners quickly put autumn in their boxes.

autumn is coming, but autumn doesn't seem to be coming again.

you might as well take a tram to the outskirts of the city on the weekend. Autumn is coming before the station.

look up, look at the forest, look at the mountains far away and near the mountains.

listening presumptuously to the sound of fallen leaves, it is like a lively autumn concerto.


soak in a hot spring

each season has its own sense of ritual.

see the mountain cherry in spring, listen to the cicadas in summer, watch the snow fall in winter, and soak in hot springs in autumn.

find a sunny day, pick a hot spring, and feel the gift of nature.

at night, in the starry mountains, there is a slight coolness in the wind, but the whole body is soaked in steaming heat, relieving fatigue and filling the breath.


eat lake crabs once

rivers of the four seas are all favors.

late autumn and early winter is the time when lake crabs are fat and beautiful. Hold a handful of water, wash the crabs, spring onions, ginger and garlic seasoning, all on the court.

Water, fire, ingredients, steaming, waiting for the wind to mature;

turn off the fire, load the plate, dip, peel, and the crab roe is thick and greasy.

dig up a spoon, put it into your mouth, and taste it carefully, all of which are satisfied by autumn.


go to the park

when you have nothing to do, go for a walk in the park.

the rose bid farewell to its florescence, the chrysanthemum fairy appeared on the stage, the tall ginkgo could not wait to change into a game, the sunflower was silently seeding, while the pine tree smiled silently in a heavy sweater.

the old man playing the trombone is rehearsing an old song, and the young man who gets up in the morning is sweating and running.

steaming hot and full of energy.

every time I go to the park, I experience a lively feast.

every time I go to the park, any gloom of life is washed away.


read a good book

how long has it been since you finished reading a book?

Autumn is a good season for thinking.

an hour before going to bed every night, find a good book to read, dance with a deep thinker, and sing with strange and alternative life experiences.

maybe everyone can only live a lifetime, but the more books they read, the more they can experience life.


meet a new friend

the older we are, the fewer occasions we have to meet new friends.

it's not a lack of opportunity, it's a lack of initiative.

when you meet like-minded people, don't hesitate, don't hesitate, be generous and tell TA openly that you are very good. I want to know you.

find a cafe to chat with each other and chat with each other.

with different people, flipping through each other's lives, you will find that life is so rich and miraculous.


go to a new restaurant

on my way home from work, I found a new style restaurant.

pick a special day, or not pick a day, make an appointment with one or two friends, go in and have a few drinks.

taste exotic dishes, different cooking methods, bring fresh tip of the tongue experience.

those troubles or interesting things in life need to be shared before they can be diluted or doubled. This is the meaning of friends.

good friends should keep in touch with each other so as not to snub and accumulate dust.


tidy up the room

find a good day and take in the whole room.

put away the things you don't use gently, and put the items you should use neatly.

bask in the quilt in the sun and put on pure white sheets to let the warm autumn sun invade your dreams at night.

take advantage of the changing seasons, by the way, give yourself a break.

throw away what should be lost, throw what should be thrown away, and clear the room so that new good things can flow in.


cook your own meal

find an early morning, go to the morning market and buy fresh ingredients.

crisp radish, fat mushroom, green pepper just picked, tomato still dripping, buy a few spareribs and beat 2 jin of lean meat.

the process of washing vegetables, making soup, cooking, and other food aroma is also the process of ordinary fireworks rising.

in front of delicious foodAll the troubles are left behind. Only by enjoying them well can we live up to them.

cook a meal by hand when you are free.

cooking can relieve all troubles, and good food can cure all tiredness.


buy yourself a bouquet of flowers

have you ever bought flowers for yourself this season?

Flowers are not necessities of life, but they are necessities of a good life.

flowers do not have to wait for others to send, you can also send yourself a bunch of flowers.

No matter how depressed the mood is, the mood can be lit up at the moment of collecting the flowers.

Life also becomes gentle and romantic because of this beautiful and useless thing.


go to a concert

go to a concert if you can.

No matter how exquisite the CD is, it is not as shocking as a live performance.

the frequency of life is also driven by the passion of live performance.

go to a concert. After listening to it, you will find that there is no trough you can't get over.


call an old friend once

autumn is a season to miss.

give a phone call to an old friend who has not been in touch for a long time, simply say hello and share happily.

although they don't usually get in touch with each other, they are there every time they need it.

this is the best friend.

I never disturb you when you're doing well; when you need help, they come forward.


say "I love you" to your lover

how long has it been since you said "I love you"?

although love is deeply rooted in your heart, you should always express it.

before going to work, remember to say "you are so beautiful" to your loved ones; every time you get home, remember to say "I love you" to your loved ones.

the most worthwhile life is the day when love flows.


remember to love yourself

while loving others, don't forget that the person you should love most is yourself.

Love yourself, don't get angry at will, don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes;

Love yourself often, don't hurt yourself with useless obsession;

Love yourself is to smile every day, eat healthy food, give yourself positive cues, and live a life of love and being loved.

the cool breeze is coming, and the autumn is bleak.

the seasons are staggered, and what remains unchanged is the heart that loves life and is positive and beautiful.