Classmate, I'd like to ask you to watch Strawberry.

Classmate, I'd like to ask you to watch Strawberry.
I can't believe you asked me to ask you out.

"really asked me to ask you out."

the thing is

when the first strawberry music festival was held in Dongguan, I refused to forward this message. I was afraid it was an empty joy. According to my logic of thinking, it's not right. Why not go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, or Dongguan?

(2015 Xiamen Strawberry Music Festival)

going to see Strawberry is a dream in high school!

the classroom for evening study in the third year of senior high school is usually a low pressure, and people can be suffocated at any time without headphones. Under high pressure, they are madly in love with the music that is more "free". They like rock and roll. At that time, they have to resist countless times every night to buy a ticket and run away from the endless political principles, endless examination papers, and everyone's ultimate goal of the college entrance examination.

that year, strawberries happened to be held at the Shanghai World Expo, and I didn't have the opportunity and conditions to do such a thing willfully, so one day it became a wish to go to the north to see strawberries. I just wrote it down without saying much, and I didn't tell anyone about it.

Today, two years later, when I was so busy in college that I almost forgot this wish, strawberry came to my city. I don't know why I happened to study in this unexpected city. I don't know why strawberry happened to come to this unexpected city to be held. All I know is that it's coming, and I'm here, so I can't break my appointment.

(2015 Xiamen Strawberry Music Festival)

this kind of thing is fun only if you play with a group of fun people.

after the first wave of confirmed news came out, friends around me should know that I was the most inexplicably excited. I immediately found my closest friend

"are there any strawberries this season?" Why do you go to see strawberries for no reason? "

"who are the guests?"

"I don't know any of these people. What am I going to do?"

how much is the ticket? Oh no, it's too expensive. I don't have any money. "

" is there a seat? Come on, you have to stand even after giving the money. How tired you are! "

"go on. Wait a minute... About what time? twenty-eight? Forget it. "I don't have time."

was poured cold water on the Yangtze River, so I angrily posted a circle of friends: "come here!" I'll form a team! Don't say there's no money! Don't say there's no time! Don't make me swear! "

(2015 Southern Strawberry Music Festival guest performance information)

there are some things you can't do alone

I just want to be with you

I suddenly thought of asking a friend in Guangzhou whether I would like to get together every time, so why not take advantage of this time to call a group of high school classmates and get together. As a result, before I opened my mouth, the other party first said, "have fun, then take more pictures for me", and all the good ideas (watching music festivals, eating, chatting all night) were broken to pieces.

then I gave up. If you don't like it, I can't kidnap you to accompany me to do it.

until Zhang Jingshi said that he would form a team in disorder, we created a group, and many people who were not familiar with him took the initiative to join in, only to find that the people who had gone to do it together could not care whether they were familiar with it, but whether you wanted to do it or not. In fact, why not spend a fun and fun evening with a group of interesting and fun people?

so I'd like to invite you to see the "Southern Strawberry Music Festival"

in case you accidentally find your ideal friend, confidant or even lifelong partner

of course, the premise is that you want to come to this group for

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