Clean character is the best reputation for life.

Clean character is the best reputation for life.
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the most important thing in one's heart is cleanliness.

the face can wear makeup, but the mind cannot disguise it.

hypocrisy may be fooled for a while, but only sincerity can win a lifetime.

like dewdrops, only through clarity can you refract the most beautiful light;

like sunlight, only by being magnanimous can you face the whole world.

as the old saying goes: "Pengsheng hemp, do not help themselves straight, white sand in nirvana, with it black."

in life, only a clean heart is the greatest respect for life!


the heart is pure, which is the best attitude to be a person.

the reason why there is pain in life is partly because the jumbled life often makes us impetuous.

there is a greater part of the reason, which comes from the heavy burden in the heart.

trapped by love, disturbed by desire, distressed by love, worried about money.

someone once said:

people who are pure in heart know how to choose.

No matter what the situation is, a person with a clean mind can always interpret the world from a positive point of view and from a good point of view.

when the mind is free, it is at ease; if the mind is free of distractions, it is pure.

in this world of mortals, keep a pure heart, not happy with things, not sad with yourself.

do not be shaken by the discussion around you; not impetuous by the fearless noise.

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Let nature take its course and live well in the present, this is an attitude and a realm.

the writer Yu Hua has a saying:

in this world, there is light, darkness, justice and sewers.

only by constantly clearing the inner thoughts and returning a pure sky to the soul, can we live with sunshine, chic freedom, comfort and happiness.


the mind is clean, and it is the best way to treat people

as the old saying goes, "the mouth is the door of the heart."

A person's inner thoughts will eventually be reflected in his own words.

if you have a clean mind, you can spit roses out of your mouth;

if your mind is not pure, you are bound to spit out diseases.

the news of a well-known director swearing at the airport two years ago has been unforgettable.

because of his dislike of the bad food, he scolded the service staff at the airport.

the scolding and dislike between words is difficult to accept.

even if the clerk ended up crying and apologizing, he wouldn't let it go.

there is no doubt about the self-restraint and moral character of treating people at that moment.

as the saying goes, "evil words are not spoken out, harsh words are not heard."

A truly cultured person will never speak ill of others easily.

because the heart is clean, it is full of kindness, so that it will not be self-righteous and will not say evil words to each other.

the world is full of troubles, chaos and chaos.

only by keeping the right path of "pure heart" can we make the right choice among thousands of people.

treat others innocently and do things magnanimously.

if you can do so, it is the most important accomplishment you should have in your life.


the character is clean, and it is the best word-of-mouth.

as the old saying goes, peace of mind means peace of mind.

if a person has a clean heart and no stain on his character, he will be approached no matter how ugly he is, and he will be welcome no matter how poor he is.

Mu Xin, a writer, has been jailed three times, his fingers are broken and his works are burned, but he lives clean and pure.

the people who locked him up thought he would climb out in rags.

but on the day he got out of prison, he was smiling, his waist was firm, his trousers were straight, and his shoes were polished, clean and elegant.

many years later, Liang Wendao was particularly surprised when he saw the picture of Mu Xin at the age of 50:

A person with a clean and clear heart and a pure and cautious personality must have enough courage to face heaven and earth.

they have a code of conduct, a standard of doing things, and a clear conscience before they dare to be open and magnanimous.

just as there is a saying in Caigen Tan: the heart of a gentleman is blue in the sky.

people with clean character will not be held hostage by material desires and will not fall into the abyss of desire.

therefore, the most important thing in one's life is to build a clean heart.

be clear and aboveboard, so that you can deal with the world calmly and happily for the rest of your life.